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  1. Recent moods??? We're top of the league and had my most enjoyable season ever watching Cas - I've been nothing but over the moon recently. incidentally this will be my 4th trip to Catalans and never seen us win so hopeful of a positive outcome for once
  2. Oh aye - proper bandwagoner me. Only ever watch us when we're top of the league
  3. Yep - Everybody heads to lloret then buses up and down for the game
  4. Not when you leave it to the last minute and have to get to Gatwick!
  5. Over 1200 Cas fans there (including me) to see the lads finish the regular rounds in style! 14 coaches going from Lloret alone!
  6. now do the same exercise with the forwards
  7. Very little by way of injuries?? Don't be fooled by the Sky commentators thinking it is only Wigan who have had injuries
  8. How much experience does this specific Saints side have in big games?
  9. Wigan are 5 points off 4th place - that is a heck of a margin to pull back with only 16 points available and all the top 8 taking points off each other. Agree on both Leeds and Saints - as a Cas fan I'm in unchartered territory so know no other emotion than "no way we'll win the GF"
  10. Thought we got lucky on a couple of calls last night but no doubting who the nest team were.. Didn't like the thuggish tactics from some of Salfords players
  11. Genuinely can't see us winning this one - too much firepower missing against a very strong a physical Salford side
  12. One of the best players in the Super league era without question – good luck to him
  13. I guess the line 'what do you say when words are not enough' is at its most appropriate here. Goodnight, God bless