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  1. standouts for my club and performed better than any f the so called superstars - not biased at all
  2. What do you mean by Superstars? Which superstars have chosen Catalans over let's say Cas, Leeds, Warrington or Hull? Arguably, Grant Millington and Junior Moors have been two absolute stand outs rom the NRL - how do you know they didn't chose Cas over Catalans?
  3. can't wait!
  4. so has the old forum "retired" or was it "out of contract?"
  5. These guys are incredible athletes without doubt but hey are trained to work in very very very short bursts - to adapt to RL will be a heck of an eye opener for them. i take my hat off to any that make it
  6. top post!
  7. Hope it's not too late but do not even engage with them - do not offer anything to them at all. I had one in Milton Keynes (my employee pass had fallen off the windscreen) and got letter after letter which I ignored - never heard form them again. The clue is in the wording "our client have advised us....." means they are just chasing a hopeful cause IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE - however threatening their letters may appear
  8. She's obviously very lucky as well Phil
  9. so no no news good news do we think?
  10. If anybody votes for you know who, you should be ashamed!
  11. I enjoy the programme - as someone who watches all sorts of sports it's a great catalogue of the previous 12 months memories. I had no expectations that RL would get any prominence (why would it?) so wasn't disappointed. looking back, the Olympic and Paralympic achievements were outstanding and nobody can realistically argue with Murray winning. Anyway, is this really the forum for this thread - hardly RL related and if anybody tuned it on the premise of being an RL fan and wanting to se highlights of the year then they must be mad Oh and the montage at the end of those that have sadly passed away this year was very moving
  12. If I had the spare cash I would use it to support my own team to ensure we don't end up like Bradford
  13. Never been the same since he dislocated his elbow in the cup semi v Widnes - he was absolutely at his prime at that point
  14. Always had a soft for Chubs, one of the nicest fellas you could ever wish to meet and wish him well