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  1. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    I think I must be the only RL fan who finds the bloke incredibly irritating, I’ve never know anybody love themselves as much as he does.
  2. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    I don't think his brother Josh has covered himself in glory in all this

    Conversely I picked my son up from tennis last week and on the way home managed to catch some rah rah programme on Radio 5 and they were discussing the RL World Cup final and both of them (no idea who they were) said what a fantastic game it was and that some of the hits were absolutely brutal. They couldn't have bigged it up more if they tried They're not ll out to get us
  4. premier sports infected

    agreed and there is no way I'm setting up a betting account the comparisons with other sports is unreal
  5. premier sports infected

    So just to be clear, if you live in the UK there is absolutely no way of watching this Rugby League World Cup game live at all? This is why our international game is sooooooooooo pathetic
  6. odds for sl top try scorer 2018

    And this worries me!!
  7. Come on Hannibal, you can do better than that xxx
  8. Once again People calling for Gale to be replaced - how Widdop seems to be completely immune to criticism is beyond me.
  9. Coventry Bears 20th Season

    so did I - come on own up, who are you.....:)
  10. Book thread: what are you reading?

    It wouldn't normally be something I'd have chosen but I had forgotten my book for the train journey and this was the only one that had any appeal at the book exchange at Hook (Hampshire) Station. read it in 3 sittings which is unusual for me!
  11. Can any of the Wigan fans on here tell me how many games Bateman played at centre last year please? Can any of the Saints fans on here tell me how many games Percival played at centre last year please?
  12. Book thread: what are you reading?

    I've just finished "Stasi Child" set in early 70's Eastern Germany - absolutely brilliant!