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  1. Do bigger stadium means bigger crowds?

    ANZ is proposed to have a similar system with tarps/LED bands over top decks meaning several different capacities depending on the event. This makes you wonder why the SFS needs to be anything more then 30k as the Roosters, Waratahs and Sydney FC don't need it and any 30-45k union or football internationals could be held at ANZ.
  2. If the new regime can promote and organise it well then France could easily get over 20k. They got 17,500 sellout v NZ in 2013 so have that fixture again in either Toulouse or Montpellier 30,000 stadiums. For their other WC matches in the heartlands they got 10k v Tonga, 8k v South Africa & 11.5k v Samoa so hold the other 2021 games in 15-20k stadiums in or near the heartlands. I would much prefer it to be held entirely in England but I think a reduction in games might actually see a higher average attendance over here and bring the RFL's workload down.
  3. Your ideal GB tour 2019

    Weekend 1 v Auckland origin at MT Smart Wearing the classic blue jersey the ARL team had a 7-1 winning record against Lions tourists. Get all Auckland junior NZ, TON & SAM internationals together for an opening matchup with historic value. Weekend 2 v New Zealand at Hamilton. Got good WC crowds not far from Auckland for tourists & 'heartland' fans. Weekend 3 v Indigenous All Stars at new Townsville stadium opening a few months ahead of schedule with JT stand naming ceremony. Weekend 4 v Australia at new Parramatta stadium. Usual excuses of 'I'll get wet, it's not in western suburbs, it's too big and it's not rectangular' don't apply 30,000 sellout! Weekend 5 v Australia at Suncorp. Weekend 6 v Australia at Melbourne rectangular.
  4. World Cup 2021

    The NFL has never used a premier league stadium when they eventually do Spurs will have a second artificial pitch just so they don't have to mark their grass.
  5. Sx Nations with England Knights

    While a World Cup is daft the Aussies want to take years off and seemingly never play anyone except Eng/GB and NZ so I would actually be happy with some indigenous/PMXIII against tier 2 in 2019 & 2020. The most important thing is developing strong national teams for 2021.
  6. Maybe that's the issue though. Because the final sold out in 2008 and they got more then 30,000 to Eng v Oz they just assumed it would happen again and did nothing to promote these events. It might be a lesson for 2021 that we can't take an Old Trafford final sell for granted and need to push all the way.
  7. I can't find the article now but I read somewhere years ago that on his first carry in a trial game he ran the ball out of play to stop the clock and was surprised at his teammates less then pleased reaction.
  8. Good news. We need to have some test events in the US to check how good this Moore chap is and see the publics reaction before signing off the 2025 WC. Whats the worst that could happen? Even if no one shows up the Kiwis and us get paid.
  9. They don't play often in the islands. In 2015 Samoa hosted the All Blacks in front of a sell out crowd and lost half a million quid.
  10. Tonga - What now for them?

    If the Ashes is in 2019 then surely that's the time for a NZ, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and maybe PNG tournament in NZ. They have just proved they can pull a crowd and I can't see any other way the Kiwis are going to make money that year.
  11. If it takes off they may be trapped though. I think pretty much all the Eastern European countries they have on their website can only get government funding for Olympic approved sports bodies.
  12. 2018 Series v NZ

    I guess if It sells out with a few weeks to go it's going to increase demand for the latter two.
  13. Maybe. I guess the fact that the Lebanese moved because of war rather then economic reasons might be a factor. Regional tourneys don't have the same ooopmth as a World Cup though do they? If you look at Georgia in the dark side they started to get huge government funding after appearing in a World Cup in Australia purely because it was the only World Cup they are going to get in and it was perceived as being great for the nation.
  14. Lebanon don't qualify for World Cup's in other sports so it doesn't surprise me. They could grow considerably with gov and corporate support. The issue for the other heritage nations is they do qualify in other sports with born and bred players.