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  1. I agree they need to stay in Ealing or nearby in West London for years and build roots and grow You are never going to get a single London side with large regular attendances from the internationals fans/other club supporters. From my house in south east London it would take me 3 hour 40 mins round trip to Ealing during which I would pass near to: Charlton Athletic FC - The O2 - West Ham United FC/Olympic Park- Lords- Oval - Chelsea FC - Fulham FC - QPRFC Pretty much every major London landmark, park/Gardens , museum, concert venue, cinema and theatre. And Westfield east- Oxford Street- Westfield West.
  2. On top of the cost Leyton is a three hour round trip from Ealing on public transport so any fans they have picked up there would probably be lost and they would have to start over again.
  3. I mean the Stade municipal. The French finals get around 10,000 anyway, TO should be able to promote a French RL day locally outside of football/union season and there must be Catalans fans who don't go to finals.
  4. If Toulouse get in Super league then having them play Catalans in the summer as the headline of a triple header with Lord Derby/Elite final & junior final at Toulouse FC would probably be the best attempt at an annual big French RL event.
  5. 1) Until the Baskerville shield was introduced in 2002 you didn't get a trophy in RL either. 2) In the absence of a national governing body they were as near as possible.
  6. Oh for the love of God The England football team had a two game New Zealand tour in 1991 and as I previously mentioned US national baseball teams (one including Babe Ruth) have toured Japan. I'm sure if you dig into handball and basketball they have had national teams tour too.
  7. Basketball was popularised around the world (in particular Southern Europe) by Harlem Globetrotters tours. Baseball became Japan's national sport off the back of regular US teams tours.
  8. Yes very much it's similar to the way all the various competition, origin, state league etc logos in Australia were rebranded in to be similar with room for title sponsors a few years ago. The Americans are by far the best at this as has been mentioned everyone knows the MLB, NBA and NFL logos even if they know nothing about the sport. My own personal recent favourite is the MLS logo which is changed in to each teams colours on the jersey and individual clubs marketing.
  9. It might be worth getting script coverage then a professional can give you a good idea of what's going right or wrong, the cost is usually around a oner. There aren't many UK companies that accept spec scripts but I can send you the links if you want?
  10. Yep another missed opportunity 73,631 WC Final 1992 Wembley 66,540 WC Final 1995 Wembley 57,034 Ashes 1994 Wembley 54,569 Ashes 1990 Wembley 50,583 Ashes 1986 Old Trafford 46,615 Ashes 1990 Old Trafford 43,390 Ashes 1994 Old Trafford 41,271 WC Opener 1995 Wembley 41,135 SL series 1997 Wembley 40,324 SL series 1997 Old Trafford 39,468 Ashes 1994 Elland Road 39,337 SL series 1997 Elland Road 39,120 Tri Nations 2004 Elland Road 38,572 Tri Nations 2004 Etihad 36,348 Ashes 1948-49 Station Road 36,294 Ashes 1948-49 Odsal 35,619 4N 2016 Olympic Park 35,224 Ashes 1959-60 Station Road 34,709 Ashes 1929-30 Station Road 33,758 WC Opener 2000 Twickenha 33,024 WC Group 1960 Odsal
  11. There are about 43,000 on sale and a lot of availability, I reckon high 30,000's.
  12. Last year there was no advertising in London, this year the tube advertising has been very impressive in Stratford and there are posters at various busy stations. Yet we are probably going to get a smaller crowd at OP then last year purely because of having it on a Sunday and not getting as many travelling fans. I'm not sure how much more they could have spent on advertising (considering all the discounts) and made a profit. I think scheduling and the business model are the real things that need to be addressed.
  13. Capacity is 57,000 in the future if needed (not sure by whom) with a few toilets added they could un tarp the seats right at the back for 66,000
  14. Wembley capacity too big Old Trafford pitch too small Olympic Park pitch too big St James no hotel rooms Elland Road no leg room Any regular SL stadia capacity too small We are buggered for the World Cup
  15. It would take smart planning because if we just throw games all over the country in big stadia then it could be 2000 x 10. An opening weekend could be England v Oz and opening ceremony 4.00 on Saturday at Wembley a game in somewhere like Wigan 8.00 Saturday so people who don't travel down can watch on TV before going. On the Sunday a game at OP at 1pm for those who have stayed over (tube marketing could feature both games saving costs) and games in or near the heartlands at 5 and 8. This kind of strategy could be repeated for games at villa park and Coventry for example.