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  1. It’s not an arbitrary standard it’s common sense if you want the reserve league to be a higher standard than the lower leagues you will at least have to match there spending. Unless you think loads of players will hang around at SL clubs on next to nothing.
  2. So you want SL teams to just play their old u23 team but this is the genius bit if we call them reserves instead the standard will shoot up.
  3. bobbruce

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Is it not just a 6 month difference due to the different school years.
  4. The problem with this is the money that clubs are talking about spending on reserves means it isn’t going to be a full time environment. For reserves to work clubs would need to be out spending Championship clubs on their reserve team.
  5. 1/ Blake Austin 2/ Josh Charnley 3/ Wire
  6. bobbruce

    Reserve league

    If it’s only costing £30k and at least £10k of that will be spent on running it and travel. So that would leave £20k to spend on players do you think the quality will be of a sufficient standard to cover injuries inthe first team. Or is this just for show to keep the fans quiet.
  7. bobbruce

    Golden Point

    It’s covered in the new rules. 1. Injured players will have to leave the pitch and not return until their team gain possession. 2. Luck of the draw if you’ll pardon the pun. 3- teams can through the ball away as much as they want but if they haven’t taken the drop out when the times up it will be a penalty.
  8. bobbruce


    No they must play alternate home and away even though no other club in the pyramid will be expected to do the same. They are new so we must make it as hard as possible for them.
  9. bobbruce


    No but I would like to be allowed to speak
  10. bobbruce


    Remind me never to go to one of your parties Harry.
  11. bobbruce

    Featherstone searching for a new coach

    Surely that isn’t allowed unless you are suggesting he owns one of the clubs through a third party.
  12. If we are going to play a trial match I would go with possibles v probables. So allow Bennett to pick his squad then appoint a coach to select a team from the remaining players. I think with the depth England now have it would be a very competitive game/series. Also if this was in season or before any end of season games there would be plenty of motivation for the teams.
  13. bobbruce

    9s World Championship

    It’s true that specialist 9s players will come through. My guess is though that we will go into the 9s WC with our players having never actually played the game.
  14. How come he’s checking this restart but not the one at the other end
  15. bobbruce

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    The way the 4 nations were set up Tonga would only qualify every other tournament.