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  1. We've invited Toronto to the party made him pay for the food. Complained he shouldn't dance because he's too good a dancer. Which is unfair because it makes everyone else look stupid. Then we give him a bill for everyone's taxi to and from the party. He'd better not moan though as it's our party.
  2. That is absolutely ridiculous. I think most people involved in amateur RL aren't season ticket holders at pro clubs. Does that mean they aren't putting as much into the game as one paying spectator. What about all the people on this forum who are involved in starting up clubs around the country/world. Are they not putting as much into the game as someone spending £20 at a turnstile.
  3. Playoffs

    Think Hull will beat Leeds. The only way I can see Saints getting past Cas is if Cas get a bit nervy as the semi final can sometimes have pressure on it than the final.
  4. Who'd be happy to cut you adrift.
  5. Your right the sooner the Aussies stop ruining the game the better.
  6. The people now disappointed by Catalans possible relegation are not the same people you refer to in the threads concerning last years £m game. Nor are they the posters who have been kicking Bradford while they are down.
  7. Do you think HKR could've kept the same squad together with the additional expense of sending a squad and staff to the south of France every other game. I hope they stay up if they do go down I'd hope they could put a squad together that can get them back up. I would understand though if they went down and realised the extra cost made it impossible to retain a SL squad.
  8. Not just Bird Catalans have too many experienced/older players and it shows in the fitness of the team as a whole. They are desperately in need of some energy being injected into the team/squad. Unfortunately this is part of the problem they face in this important game. I doubt it's escaped a lot of these players that even if they did win they won't be around to see the benefits.
  9. To be fair to Wigan they could argue it's still in their hands.
  10. Once games are arranged and coaches booked it's very difficult to change them no matter what level. I'm not sure it being in London makes any difference we've had Heartland teams struggle to work round weddings.
  11. It's irrelevant whether the RU season had started or not. Their fixtures had been announced a couple of months before we'd decide on our end to the season. So when they came out trailfinders was available. We then get our fixtures sorted and obviously the grounds been booked. Are you suggesting the RU team should be forced to move.
  12. It will be nothing to do with giving way this is what happens when you release fixtures 2 weeks before they are due to start.