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  1. VAR

    The problem with the VAR system that they are using is the way they are doing it with too much emphasis on protecting the ref. I think the wording they are using is “clear and obvious error”. I don’t watch loads of football but I’ve seen 3 no penalty decision go up from the ref. Two of them were nailed on penalties that were turned down because he got caught but it wasn’t a clear and obvious error.
  2. rfl block minga

    Thanks for that. If I’m reading that right it’s possible that if Minga had spent the last two years at Hull KR or Halifax and played the same number of games. He still wouldn’t have qualified to re new his visa.
  3. rfl block minga

    Not necessarily it’s possible that when he initially signed for Toulouse he could’ve met qualifying standards of both France and England.
  4. Reserve and Academy teams

    Probably because a part time A time for Hemel is worthwhile and will produce good back up. A part A team for a SL team is pretty much pointless
  5. rfl block minga

    Because that would be incredibly limiting to any overseas team. You would be allowing English teams to sign any player that met English visa conditions. Yet players that French teams wanted to sign would have to meet both English and French visa conditions. Seriously limiting players available to them.
  6. rfl block minga

    Maybe that’s the figure the RFL has agreed with immigration. Maybe the RFL know that if they gave him the GBE it would be declined anyway as he hasn’t reached 75%.
  7. VAR

    It is covered in the laws just Stevo could never explain it very well. Basically it says you shouldn’t judge a pass forward in relation to the pitch but in relation to the players involved.
  8. VAR

    This again really. The simple fact is an offside in football is a simple line decision. Were a forward pass isn’t.
  9. New name/ number font

    Absolute farce. The RFL have gone too far this time.
  10. I think they’ll have a poor season (for them) league position wise the 6/7 or 8th spot. They’ll probably go on to beat Saints 2/3 times and have a good dig in the CC.
  11. WCC Scheduling

    It depends how you look at it. It could be argued Wigan and Hull organising games has killed the WCS stone dead. Now I was never a massive fan of the series I think the WCC is the only one that matters but it does highlight that if you put club chairmen in charge they will do what’s best for their club.
  12. Bobsleigh

    We have a better record than all of them put together. We will always lag behind the likes of Germany,Switzerland and Italy though.
  13. Only if Sky have exclusive rights if they only have rights to 17 championship games which it looks like. Then it’s the RFL who they need an agreement with. Do people seriously think Sky would sit back and watch PS advertise they are showing championship games without it being legit.
  14. No he says that PS don’t have an agreement with Leigh to cover the game. He hasn’t said but does he now accept they don’t need one.
  15. Let the vitriol begin

    What’s the problem here exactly. Well apart from Wiganers attention seeking