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  1. Stevie Ward is probably favourite but I'd add Whitehead. Who really impressed when he was moved to loose forward for Canberra last year.
  2. 2018 Series v NZ

    Could you imagine that only the RFL could finally win the WC after 45 years. Then drop England the following year.
  3. I thought he was ruled out because if you fail a head test you can't play again for 7 days. Even if you pass a later one.
  4. Lo & Behold!

    Is there only me that thinks he may be a long term replacement for Webster rather than signing him as another winger. Obviously that would be a bit of a gamble but I doubt he's eating up much cap.
  5. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    No because Watts and McMeeken will be with the England squad playing NZ. Plus Amor and Mcllorum are just as likely to play for England A as they are Ireland.
  6. Pretty sure if England get through to the final both games we will get refs that I don't want. The Semi we will get Bentham when it should be Checcin. Then in the final we will get an Aussie ref without a doubt.
  7. England up to now have achieved what we all hoped they would by reaching the semi they've done that without putting together a decent 80 minutes. The key for getting any further is improving their completion rate. For me Hodgson Bateman and S Burgess have contributed most to our poor completion. So their position is most at risk Hodgson I rate but he's been hot and cold this season which he's taken into the tournament. Personally I'd start him to give Roby more impact but I'd be bringing Roby on earlier. Bateman needs to go it's an experiment that hasn't worked it's time to recognise that and get him out of there and bring Percival in. What highlighted it was Halls try Widdop ended up in the centres ran a little in and out to get the winger interested giving Hall enough room to squeeze. In four games Bateman hasn't created that much space for Hall. Then there's S Burgess I think he needs to simplify it. He needs to get the ball early as he's making too many errors taking the crash ball. He keeps his spot for me and I'd give him the instruction to smash Taumalolo every time he gets the ball. He might not win every tackle but hopefully it would be enough to lessen his influence
  8. Disagree with nominating as people change and you would be tying someone into a decision they make at 16/17 without any idea how his career will go. I think we should stick to once you've played for a country as that will have a two fold benefit. Firstly it will tie players in once they've played and secondly it will force countries to play more games as that will give them the chance to play more players and locking them in. Absolutely understand your feelings about born and bred Aussies choosing to play for other countries but each individual is different and it has to be their decision if they qualify for multiple teams. Obviously based on their loyalties and how their career is panning out.
  9. Heritage players are fine but we need to take out the safety net that means if they miss a big player. The big 3 (mainly Australia as as you say most of the players are Aussie) can get that player back time to tie players into the country they play for.
  10. Great result and I can understand NZlanders getting worried. I'm pretty certain that if last years Scotland game plus this years games against Tonga and Fiji had happened to England we'd be talking about the death of English RL/SL. All that's happened though is we've changed the rules to strengthen the "Lesser" teams to make them more competitive. We can't now moan that they are getting surprise results. That Kiwi team should be beating Tonga and Fiji though not sure Kidwell is up to the job time to move on and rebuild.
  11. Yeah that's him cheers. That makes it even more impressive as it looks like he isn't even a centre.
  12. Thought the left centre for Lebanon had a good game and tournament. Who does he play for would be a good pick up for a SL team.
  13. 2018 Kits

    The problem there is Hull FCs home kit is pretty much 50/50 black and white as Wigans is 50/50 cherry and white. So the Hull one would clash with any variation Widnes could wear. Whilst Wigan would clash with any kit Saints,Leigh or Hull KR wear. I would actually go the opposite and I wouldn't allow any club to use any colour they have in their home kit in their away one.
  14. 2018 Kits

    That doesn't make any sense what would happen when say Widnes play Hull or Saints play Wigan.