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  1. bobbruce

    If money was no object...

    Right you win now who was keeping hold of the money.
  2. bobbruce

    WCC v All Stars Game

    One word control.
  3. bobbruce

    Nou Camp

    I thought it’d held 120k in the past
  4. bobbruce

    Nou Camp

    Isn’t it about 90k without the top tier. I think that should be enough.
  5. bobbruce

    Brits in the NRL

    Thanks. That’s a great story will look out for him in future.
  6. bobbruce

    Brits in the NRL

    Never heard of Farnworth what’s the story with him how old was he when he went?. Did he ever play for a club over here or has he come through the Aussie system?.
  7. So people jumping of 200m cliffs is rare because we realise the likelihood is it won’t go well. You even state yourself the rarity of countries leaving the EU. Now if you could just merge those two things together.....
  8. I’ve no idea but then I’m not the one stating how much it’s cost him. I’m just wondering how you are getting to this figure. How much are they bringing in in ticket sales or sponsorship?. What is the accommodation costing them or travel?. How much is having games televised costing/making them?. Is it beyond the realms of possibility if they can get a sponsor to fly players to Canada and back that they could also get sponsorship for the coach and accommodations.
  9. No they don’t but you just seem to be picking figures out of thin air.
  10. How are you getting to that figure.
  11. Not sure it was sold in that way. It was more a condition of Whelan selling him the club was he would hand over the Wigan FC name.
  12. Wigan were actually Wigan FC like Hull FC but when Leneghan took over he sold the rights to Wigan FC to Whelan/Wigan Athletic.
  13. bobbruce

    Humberside police want us to carry knives.

    When they obtained it doesn’t really matter. I’m sure they obtained thousands of hrs of cctv. It’s when the person/persons watching this cctv footage actually got to it.
  14. bobbruce

    Humberside police want us to carry knives.

    Do you know for certain that they had this cctv footage on day one. Or is there a chance they’ve found it during their investigation and then released it when they’ve come to a dead end.
  15. I don’t know if it’s just me getting older but I’m starting to think he might be right.