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  1. A bit annoying that they all started off by Bringing Corbyn up over and over. The mans irrelevant the only way he’ll get in is if they completely cock the country up. Oh hand on .....
  2. Gove too false I know they all are but virtually every answer from Gove has me cringing.
  3. Not really in the NRL players are allowed to steal the ball with more than one in the tackle if players are attempting to offload or to score a try. That hasn’t killed offloading over there.
  4. Spot on as an example Inglis is 6” taller and over a stone heavier than Meninga.
  5. Because a knock on is a line decision like offside and a forward pass isn’t. Not sure why we can’t add a line to the picture at the point the ball was touched like they do in football for offside.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FR9Gc-7IsKo&feature=youtu.be#menu
  7. The difference is probably just that when the Tomkins incident happened Wigan he’d to buy themselves some time to let the heat die down. Where as with the drink drive incidents they can go with the old letting the police conclude their investigation first
  8. I’d of gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids.
  9. Standing your ground whilst being flexible it must be a nuance. I’m starting to see where RU get it from.
  10. I’d choose Rory Stewart as out of that list he seems the one to have a grasp on the position we are in. The problem is when he comes back with Mays deal he’ll be written off as a remainder plant out to scupper Brexit. For that reason it needs to go to one of the hardcore bexitiers. Then they will either fail to deliver any Brexit other than Mays deal or drag us out with no deal. Either because they stand to make a fortune on the back of it or they would rather take us out no deal than accept they were wrong.
  11. I doubt it there are probably players in the RU championship earning more than he’ll get in RL. It’s probably to see whether he could’ve made it in RL so he’ll have no regrets when he finishes.
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