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  1. Just don’t think Spurs have the squad city do to be able to back that up but we’ll see.
  2. I thought that but later they showed a super zoom shot that seemed to show it missed has arm. Either way though I didn’t think it was a clear and obvious error. As for away goals I think it’s to prevent the team being at home in the second leg getting extra time to play at home which is obviously an advantage. I doesn’t cut it out but it reduces the number of times it happens.
  3. Yeah I think that’s right I wanted City to stay in the CL as long as possible. I also think Spurs will roll over now on Saturday so that only leaves United and possibly Burnley away to stop them and United aren’t exactly playing well.
  4. I think both VAR decisions were right but the second one to disallow Sterling’s goal didn’t half suck the life out of the stadium.
  5. It’s a poor tackle but I don’t think it’s late he still deserved a red for it.
  6. I think we’d all agree that was very honest of him at the time. What’s your opinion of how he’s dealt with the current situation in comparison to that?.
  7. I thought with the right people around him Edwards could’ve been a superb coach. If he thinks the game is the same to coach as when he played he’s seriously kidding himself though. I’d wager NCL teams go into more detail coaching wise than pro teams did in the 80s.
  8. I like the Wigan shirt but with that v in the middle does that mean the Wigan wannabes are playing in a red v shirt. Joking aside great effort from Wigan.Wire and Hull on their magic shirts. Here’s hoping that Catalans turn up at magic in their Barca shirts.
  9. If only you’d said that on your visit to Notra Dame you might’ve got in.
  10. You are the scarlet pimpernel and I claim my £5.
  11. Was it the one on Fifita. I didn’t think it was him when the video was posted on here.
  12. for the televised games obviously Warrington v Wigan as one. The other one I’d like to see Bradford v Leeds hopefully it would attract a good crowd.
  13. Prolong the life of your carpets by rolling them up at night and storing them in the shed until morning.
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