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  1. There's only 12 badgers there has one been sent off.
  2. Unless Canberra pick up injuries I can't see Turner getting much game time at centre.
  3. Strangely this is now turning into the story line from Team America. Durka durka.
  4. The NHS negotiated amount can be a scarily large figure for some medicines. Even running into millions of £ per person.
  5. Leigh miners v st pats and west hull v hull dockers look like the ties of the round.
  6. Any rights to claim money back surely went with the old company any newco that chooses to honour season tickets will purely be as a goodwill gesture.
  7. Absolutely and Liverpool got all the same jokes about it being the Capitol of culture. As you say the city used it as a way to get funding and also to think differently on how it gets people into the city.
  8. Well you can take the boy out of Warrington but.....
  9. GF winners Warrington LLS Hull CC Saints Championship HKR League 1 Toronto NRL Storm WC NZ
  10. No but I don't think Futtocks should be allowed to do it. Think of the poor celebrities ....oh sod it let him do it.
  11. To be fair when your opinion is the RFL will fix the league and the Toronto backers will pull out after a year I'd expect that opinion to be challenged.
  12. You can also get an international membership at some clubs. Were you don't get any games but get a members pack and a magazine throughout the year. Which I think is something the English clubs miss out on as there will be lots of fans who just can't get to the ground but still want to support the club.
  13. This is why this is such a difficult job there are no easy solutions. if you ban pro RL teams from signing players until they are 19 aren't you in danger of allowing RU to sign up all RLs best juniors without any competition.
  14. Could you make out the "ghost" player.
  15. So out of the 22 original clubs only Batley,Bradford,Halifax,Hull,Leeds,Oldham,St Helens,Wakefield and Wigan have competed in every season. That's 9 teams with Brighouse,Broughton,Liversedge,Manningham,Runcorn,Stockport and Tydelsley no longer involved in the game. Leaving 6 teams Huddersfield,Hunslet,Warrington,Leigh,Rochdale and Widnes who I'm guessing have only missed seasons due to war years.