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  1. Did they make it clear they couldn't or did they change the rules to stop it in the future.
  2. Big game for both teams. For Leigh to stop their slide and get a bit of confidence back. As for Saints I think if we lose this we are almost certainly going to end up in the middle 8s. My worry is that if they do this squad will really struggle.
  3. Hooper used to be the worst for it when he played at Saints. Even as a Saints fan I would've had no problem seeing him penalised or even binned for doing it.
  4. Personally I'd have no problem with Blake Austin as he's actually good enough to get in the team. I'm not convinced these two are.
  5. Plus they'd be great for the after match sing song.
  6. I think it is a very Ryan Bailey reaction he wouldn't fancy going one on one with Carney. Hed be more likely to wait a few tackles and drop the knees in or an elbow third man in.
  7. I'd go with Salford ending Wigans run I remember listening to it and being stunned Wigan were finally knocked out.
  8. I think they are but are they recorded.
  9. I can't see that but you never know. My money would be on Fairleigh but we'll see.
  10. Do you know why?.
  11. That's certainly an option I suppose it's down to were as a game we choose to draw the line. At the minute everyone (well 90% of people) accept that racist or homophobic abuse is unacceptable. Where as 20 yrs ago that probably wouldn't be the case. As this for me is a much lower scale I'd be happy for this sort of abuse to receive a verbal warning or even a penalty.
  12. Toms been better than George this year but apart from last week neither have been great. Can't for the life of me see how McQueen and Heighinton get into this team. In fact if I was picking a 24 man squad I don't think they'd get in.
  13. Looks like both teams are starting to get frustrated with the ref.