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  1. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    As WADA doesn’t punish cocaine use out of competition. If he’d failed the test under WADA at the time he did he wouldn’t of served a ban at all.
  2. They don’t need to get an agreement from other clubs. They just needed to get the RFL onside with their plans then the other clubs have to play ball.
  3. Yeah stick with my earlier prediction. Cheers
  4. How would you improve the game

    Have always thought the best games are when the ref takes teams back a skinny 10. So would definitely try the short one it doesn’t have to be much either.
  5. Oliver Gildart to West Tigers?

    Like a hole in the head. 😉 Your taking me back to that happy year in the early eighties. Who new then what was to come.
  6. Perez.

    Don’t forget to log in under a different name Oxford when you quote yourself.
  7. How would you improve the game

    What you’d need to do is get teams to be less fit and to forget how to defend.
  8. Perez.

    When you get paid from work is it your money or is it still the company that’s paid you money?.
  9. The future of RL's TV rights

    Sky aren’t looking at how much they make selling sky sports to RL fans. Like a lot of modern businesses they are selling us lots of products boxes,broadband,phones and movies. What they need to find if the one product that hooks us in. For me that’s RL we spend about £1200 a year with sky if it didn’t have RL I wouldn’t need it. What Sky have to work out is how many people are the same as me.
  10. If I were an NRL player I’d have some serious questions that the players union would need to answer. As they clearly haven’t been working in the players interests and instead have been towing the NRL party line.
  11. Perez.

    They always have.
  12. The future of RL's TV rights

    They have exclusive rights to SL but they don’t have the rights to show all SL games.
  13. Yeah well done Wakefield. Saints have found it hard to get anything away at Wakey for a good few years.