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  1. That's what happens when you only get the fixtures a week and a half before they are due to start.
  2. That's not how I remember it I thought the clubs/RFL got no money from PS. I don't think they left because they couldn't bid for SL either. I thought it was simply that Sky picked up the rights to the championship.
  3. Has anybody at any point been prepared to pay money for a stand alone championship coverage.
  4. I'd just disagree that they are playing any kind of retro game. The games moved on it's just that Cas have been quicker and sharper with their plays. Added to that they have a couple of players Gale and McShane who see the gaps and as a team react quicker than other teams
  5. That is suggesting a fullback coming out of his in goal and diving at the defenders feet/knees is a soft option. 90% of the time It isn't he could either run the ball dead or stand more upright and take the tackle. What he's actually doing is not an easy way out it's more akin to him diving on a loose ball as the tacklers get there. Granted players doing it well before the defensive line doesn't look great but they are rare.
  6. I'd argue they are rarely the same player. The slowest player in your team will tend to have a high work rate.
  7. I think Kevin Ward would get in both Cas and Saints all time team. As well as Yorkshire and GB teams. Not sure about Manly's team doubt he spent long enough there.
  8. I thought they were lucky the previous week when Papalli put a direct shoulder charge to Dugans head and didn't go.
  9. Massive for Saints if we have any thoughts of getting into the top 4. It would go along way to stopping the top 4 from getting to far away.
  10. If the defender could get his foot in that corner of the in goal then I think the attacking winger would be flying into the crowd. I wouldn't be worrying about him getting the ball down.
  11. Salfords form will give a few teams hope they can still get into the top 4.
  12. You keep saying this but fail to mention Flower effectively cost Wigan the Grand Final. Then was banned right through any internationals and pre season. Before finally missing those 11 games.
  13. Have to agree very clever signing by Leeds.
  14. No worries mate it's all opinions. Everyone of those teams look great if I'm honest.