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  1. What happened to players playing to the whistle.
  2. Yeah well done Catalans and McNamara. I certainly didn’t expect that after the start they made to the season.
  3. bobbruce

    Saints - Play the ball

    Closest I can find to an answer is early 90s. That’s from Tony Collins but he isn’t more specific than that.
  4. bobbruce

    Saints - Play the ball

    I remember it still being in when I was at senior school but it was defo gone once I started open age. So I’ll say mid to late 80s.
  5. bobbruce

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    They also aernt going to change their immigration laws for RL. Clubs just need to improve how they are going about applying. I’ve no sympathy for any Pro team who are struggling with this bar the League one clubs last year.
  6. bobbruce

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Up to know Toronto always play away in the cup no matter where they are drawn.
  7. bobbruce

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Hasn’t this already been covered it costs about £10 a person and lasts 5 years according to a previous thread.
  8. bobbruce

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    You think Canada will alter their immigration laws because they are only going for a few days.
  9. That pales into insignificance as Wigan had Joe Bretherton out.
  10. bobbruce

    Saints - Play the ball

    The rules state you should place or drop the ball to ptb. There’s no way platers would get away with dropping the ball into the ruck. For me we all know what the defenders have to do at the ruck. What gets ignored though are the attackers responsibilities they should regain their feet place the ball then roll it back with the foot. It just gives the defender a fair crack. How many times have we all seen an attacker with one hand/knee on the floor place the ball down then win a penalty because the defenders in the way.
  11. bobbruce

    Saints - Play the ball

    The way it’s reffed in SL is as long as the player makes an attempt to ptb then it’s ok. The sooner we go back to having to ptb with the foot the better. Having said that it’s only been back in the NRL this year and possibly last so it shouldn’t really be something new for an NRL fan.
  12. I think Leeds will win. What I would say is if Widnes do manage a win it could signal that Leeds are in a lot more trouble than most of us think.
  13. Toronto by 50 Dewsbury v Batley-Draw London by 10 Toulouse by 12 Leigh by 40 barrow by 8
  14. bobbruce


    In the off season?. If SL clubs had anything about them the should all of done it last pre season in case they ended up in the middle 8s. Then all they should need to do for next year is to apply for any new signings.