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  1. The 50% of income was scrapped years ago so it doesn’t really matter as long as they are still paying players.
  2. bobbruce

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    Top five loose forwards I’d give you but top five players?. I’m not even sure he’d get in Wigan’s top five SL players.
  3. bobbruce

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    That’s out of order why would you do that.
  4. I’ve a lot of time for Wane. He did a sportsman’s dinner at Pilks a few years ago and one of the players had just broke his leg in a cup final and Wane didn’t take his fee so the lad could have it.
  5. Austin will make a big difference to that team next year. You just need someone to play along side him. Drinkwater?.
  6. Obviously not made up with Wigan winning but welll deserved. I am though pleased for Shaun Wane great way for him to sign out.
  7. I’m just trying to convince myself my bets got a chance.
  8. Wigan just too solid in defence for Wires tactics.
  9. Get Patton on he can’t be any worse than Roberts.
  10. Shocking forward pass from Tomkins gets awigan off the hook.
  11. That’s a let off for wire if they want to win this they need to be braver.
  12. To be fair to him he didn’t have an option where was the support.