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  1. Is it time to resurrect the PSG "brand"

    While I'm certainly not averse to efforts being made to push the game in Paris, I'm not convinced that operating under the name of one of these gigantic soccer clubs will provide any significant sort of piggyback. FC Barcelona have a Union arm to the club, and they play in front of two men and a dog. While Barcelona seem quite happy to facilitate people playing Union, the sport doesn't seem to be getting any great push from being under the umbrella of one of the world's most famous soccer clubs. I think that a Rugby League club trying to carve out its own identity may be a better long term prospect.
  2. From the GAA website, Hogan Stand:
  3. Hayne Quits 49ers

    That disqualifies him from potentially playing Union for Australia for a few years. Of course, that's presuming playing Union for Australia suddenly becomes something that he's always dreamed of doing.
  4. And Super League clubs were dominant from 2001 to, you guessed it, 2008...
  5. Eastmond not coming back

    I very much doubt he would have been signed to play halfback anyway. Even before he left, he was a stepper, but never an organiser. I suspect he was bracketed as a halfback because of his size more than anything else!
  6. Kevin Sinfield

    The hardest bit seems to be not turning into a primadonna tool.
  7. Kevin Sinfield

    It's going to be hard to go past Lewis Hamilton. His down-to-Earth, folksy charm makes him so damned likeable!
  8. 2016 Shirts

    That's cool. I had no idea that Surridge made anything other than cricket bats...
  9. 2016 Shirts

    Nice to see that a former TRL poster has stepped up with some sponsorship cash.
  10. 2016 Shirts

    Just noticed it was ISC as well. You can imagine the scene in their offices: "Where is Barrow? Can someone Google how far away it is from Wigan? I mean, is it reeealy likely they're going to notice?"
  11. 2016 Shirts

    Dyed 2014 Wigan kits?
  12. Fair play. Was thinking that it should be posted on every Trekkie web site possible.
  13. Play the Ball

    Check YouTube for any game from the 1997 Australian Super League season to see how idiotic the game gets when everything is sacrificed at the altar of fast play the balls.
  14. Brett Ferres

    The press seems to have deemed it a lesser issue, but he apparently cleaned Huby's pantry out of tagliatelle as well.
  15. Dave Taylor for England?

    "I've shown only intermittent form for a number of seasons now, and I'd love to bring that to the England set-up."