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  1. Wanderer

    Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    is there a rugby union club operating on the same site? very odd for salford but at least the oval ball survives in some shape or other
  2. I thought they received an advance of sky moneys to help them through financial difficulties and it was this that was subsequently with-held. So they got the same money as every one else but just at different times I am remembering incorrectly?
  3. This figure of 3328 (in an outdated facility) would probably represent nearly a 100% improvement in attendances for leigh compared to their 2013 CC average (don't have exact figure at my finger-tips) so I am sure they would be pleased if they got that again or even topped it
  4. Wanderer

    Isa staying put

    surprised this story is generating so much interest
  5. is it taking place this year? Anyone know? Cheers
  6. Wanderer

    Long lost amateur clubs

    Bootle Rangers from just outside Liverpool competed in the North West Counties in the early years I think (mid seventies)