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  1. Gene Ormsby

    Gene Ormsby is from Audenshaw, went to Audenshaw high(big union school) and was introduced to league when they started playing it as well, liked the game, started playing for St Annes and was snapped up pretty quick by Warringon academy.
  2. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    I cancelled my Premier sports subscription today and the girl at the call centre confirmed they no longer had the NRL and the rights had gone to Sky.
  3. Just watched the sports report on BBC breakfast and again not a mention of the Final on Saturday,no team news, no interviews with players, nothing the way they are ignoring it is a disgrace, you wouldn't know they had the rights to the final or even that it is on in Three days if the BBC had their way. But there was a story about a bunch of fat hooligans wearing hooped shirts breaking a set of rugby posts😡!
  4. Why is DG called "FG" in RL?

    Only by Australians and Kiwis incEngland it's a drop goal.
  5. Championship Rugby League on Free TV

    i want half my premier subscription back i signed up as it was live and exclusive:(
  6. Bradford at home

    Realistically if they can't beat a relegated and probably totally demoralised Bradford side then I don't think there will be another win this season and we will be back in championship 1 playing the likes of Hemel, Oxford and South Wales in front of 3/400 crowds?
  7. Although Cas have only got £200k ish it will have cost Sale close to the £500 grand with the tigers and their own legal costs ☺
  8. Academy RL

    Steve Molloy was at Oldham College around 18 months ago setting up a "rugby" course but everything has seemed to go quiet on that front , last I heard he is coaching Manchester Rangers.
  9. Toulouse

    Not going very well, just looked on and Toulouse are winning 36-0 ☹️
  10. Wigan linked with Eastmond

    Is this an early April fools? Eastmond is no longer a Bath player, and is out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon!
  11. weather

    Any updates ?
  12. New Stadium for Stalybridge Celtic?

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I heard the Celtic Owner Rob Gorski on Radio Manchester on Thursday talking about this. If it happens it won't be complete for a couple of years but with no concrete plans for a stadium suitable for championship rugby in Oldham how will it affect the Roughyeds?
  13. just seen a report on that Barba has signed for Toulon RU in France for 2017 !
  14. Can we get a translation please?