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  1. Although Cas have only got £200k ish it will have cost Sale close to the £500 grand with the tigers and their own legal costs ☺
  2. Oldham Council, bought the land from latics after the fiasco of trying to build a new stadium on Trust land, then sold it to a developer, just search OMBC website for planing permission at Lancaster club site.
  3. Desperate to get AVRO moved out as they have already sold it and given planning permission for a GARDEN VILLAGE on the site. should be fun trying to get out if there, left turn only and 100 or so yards from the A62/A663 junction,one of the busiest in town!
  4. He is keen to sort out the homelessness problem in the region so hopefully that will mean shiny new stadiums for Oldham and Swinton
  5. Steve Molloy was at Oldham College around 18 months ago setting up a "rugby" course but everything has seemed to go quiet on that front , last I heard he is coaching Manchester Rangers.
  6. Not going very well, just looked on and Toulouse are winning 36-0 ☹️
  7. Is this an early April fools? Eastmond is no longer a Bath player, and is out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon!
  8. Any updates ?
  9. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I heard the Celtic Owner Rob Gorski on Radio Manchester on Thursday talking about this. If it happens it won't be complete for a couple of years but with no concrete plans for a stadium suitable for championship rugby in Oldham how will it affect the Roughyeds?
  10. just seen a report on that Barba has signed for Toulon RU in France for 2017 !
  11. Can we get a translation please?
  12. This is not the place to open your heart, maybe you should save these revelations for your weekly sessions with your designated mental health professional 😜😜
  13. There is nothing on their website to suggest it but they do seem to have some excellent people on their board of directors It looks act the moment the only link between then is Rangers playing at the regional athletics arena.
  14. Odsal is owned by Bradford council, but there is a 900 year lease on the stadium which is owned by the RFL. They paid a total of £1.5m to the Bulls in loans and took the lease as collateral. The RFL will want all or a significant chunk of that back if they decide to sell amd will also have to get approval of the member clubs to dispose of such a significant asset.
  15. Don't you mean the side of a lorry