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  1. This is not the place to open your heart, maybe you should save these revelations for your weekly sessions with your designated mental health professional 😜😜
  2. There is nothing on their website to suggest it but they do seem to have some excellent people on their board of directors It looks act the moment the only link between then is Rangers playing at the regional athletics arena.
  3. Odsal is owned by Bradford council, but there is a 900 year lease on the stadium which is owned by the RFL. They paid a total of £1.5m to the Bulls in loans and took the lease as collateral. The RFL will want all or a significant chunk of that back if they decide to sell amd will also have to get approval of the member clubs to dispose of such a significant asset.
  4. Don't you mean the side of a lorry
  5. Looks big and strong but would he be able to get a work permit?, Serbia is not part of the EU and i dont think he would qualify as an elite player to get one.
  6. Brett drank them copiously
  7. Did you promise him unlimited bottles of Budweiser
  8. It takes you to the RFL Eticket site which is rubbish I spent 20 mins trying to buy tickets for Eng v NZ and kept getting kicked out when trying to pay, eventually had to ring the dedicated ticketline to buy them, as well as the transaction fee it cost me an extra £3.50 on my mobile bill for ringing them
  9. Salford are losing at home to London so they look the more likely to come down
  10. If it's an Aviva Premiership game then it will be BT Sports cameras at the ground !
  11. Quell suprise!!! its not as if he has a history of not paying landlords has he?