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  1. RLX111

    French Scene

    Any news on fundraising to cover the 150,000 euros?
  2. RLX111

    Vive la France

    Are you sure you have the right simon de montfort who was stoned to death by the women of TOlouse?
  3. Chance to vote for rugby a X111 in L'Equipe- performance of the weekend https://www.lequipe.fr/Tous-sports/Actu ... end/934171
  4. RLX111

    North Catalonia

    In 2007 Dragons at half-time in Barcelona match walked around the ground .I would expect an invite with the cup shortly.
  5. RLX111

    Wembley Crowd

    What's wrong with bicester north(20 mins by car) to wembley stadium 57 mins!
  6. Rugby League would be silly to get rid of the Grand Final at Old Trafford.Therefore, it has to have a qualifying system. (In reality first past the post should be enough at the end of the regular season!!) Straight relegation and promotion should operate each season. The problem is x this is what kind of qualifying system -we have used top 14,16,8,4 etc The problem is y how many up down- yoyo etc Simple is normal -top 4 - winners of first(1 v4), second(2v3) games contest grand final Simple is normal 2 up 2 down-yoyo so be it! gives the expanding world league a chance to make it or break it Not wanting to go to superleague? then goes to the next club in the end of season final table ladder
  7. In the last world cup new zealand were an exhausted team in the final, and England would have put up a better fight. An easy passage tomorrow would create a more even final for either England or Tonga- England preferred!
  8. Strangely,Australia always look bigger than every other team when lined up. Also seem to radiate a sense of being full of beans and spring before kicking off compared to opposition! Last week only player that paniced Australia and treated them like skittles was macgillvry x13 players like him would be interesting