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  1. In the last world cup new zealand were an exhausted team in the final, and England would have put up a better fight. An easy passage tomorrow would create a more even final for either England or Tonga- England preferred!
  2. Strangely,Australia always look bigger than every other team when lined up. Also seem to radiate a sense of being full of beans and spring before kicking off compared to opposition! Last week only player that paniced Australia and treated them like skittles was macgillvry x13 players like him would be interesting
  3. I think there is a better "ambience" about the French team for sure.This world cup was never going to be easy for France. Hopefully some stars will emerge in the next couple of years!
  4. French Federation

    as on the similar thread- set up a go fund me -I would send 10 euros !
  5. French - black hole.

    Cannot see why they should not open a go fund me-10 euros from me if they did!
  6. Lezignan v carcassonne

    These are great photos ,make sure they get facebooked and re- twitted.
  7. Did you go in the Fanzone at Coventry?-Lots of merchendise everything except Australian !
  8. Wayne Bennett 'A disgrace'

    The players lost the game against NZ not the coach.
  9. World Cup Final old trafford 2013?-world record .1992 wembley then world record, world cup 1995, 3/4 nations games finals ,olympic stadium last year etc.
  10. so...who's going to Coventry?

    X2 from Milton Keynes