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  1. as on the similar thread- set up a go fund me -I would send 10 euros !
  2. Cannot see why they should not open a go fund me-10 euros from me if they did!
  3. These are great photos ,make sure they get facebooked and re- twitted.
  4. Did you go in the Fanzone at Coventry?-Lots of merchendise everything except Australian !
  5. The players lost the game against NZ not the coach.
  6. World Cup Final old trafford 2013?-world record .1992 wembley then world record, world cup 1995, 3/4 nations games finals ,olympic stadium last year etc.
  7. X2 from Milton Keynes
  8. Met up with son who lves in Bedfordshire keeps in touch with Superleague via BBC sports website but has lost interest and can not be bothered since start of" Super 8"-drags on too long repeat fixtures.Sees top team should win league.Straight Play-offs top 4 -justify a grand final maybe. OK about going to Coventry and Liverpool for 4 nations!
  9. Toulouse were placed in the wrong league in the first place BY the RFL.
  10. With the fede- at least 300.000 euro deficit to clear(which is not a lot in terms of the price of houses)-this may be a casualty -when licence fees for juniors with not be collected this year to try and boost playing numbers.No doubt funding will hopefully change for the better in the future!-could have tried go fund me in the short term!
  11. Well done Leigh!-this shows that the game is popular!Lesson for the other clubs -chance to sell some pies,shirts,programmes ,souvenirs,and draw tickets!
  12. check the return to wembley final crowd 2007
  13. The RFL have always posted out a week before the games
  14. Just been asked by a polling company for a response to this Rugby question! ticked opposed other reason!