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  1. RLX111


    Transition- would see a gradual introduction of lineouts,rolling mauls etc and rfu reunification,.Every moan and problem on this forum over many years would be solved.Happy?
  2. RLX111

    Travelling to Perpignan

    Sometimes do !-stopped once from france to spanish border in 2010.
  3. RLX111

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    My feeling is that by posting I am alerting people to gaps and giving them a better option-it would be better if they removed the sold out from the 2 bays.
  4. RLX111

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    If you want seats closer to the action-Hovering over the sold outs in the john charles stand 2 bays have 20 odd and 30 odd seats available close to front.
  5. Yes, not including the base is constantly, annoying, Has been to Barcelona,Paris business conference,all parts of perpignan and up the coast to st cyprien. Pictures from the Herve Guiraud tournment at Limoux 700 kids according ladepeche newspaper. Catlans managed also to get DVD Sang and Or(before, wembley, after)out into club shop and a Ladbrokes DVD of the final also in club shop.
  6. RLX111

    PLease sign this petition

    Robust response,I hope that the other schools in the Academy group are given an equal opportunity to partake in RL alongside RU . Up to kids to then choose the right path to progress .
  7. RLX111

    PLease sign this petition

    That sounds a familiar strategy down south as well !
  8. RLX111

    PLease sign this petition

    This will be difficult for the head to reverse as the same ru job has been done at the other schools in this academy group already.Iwould expect some of the parents that signed the petition at the other schools to challenge the head of the trust ,
  9. RLX111

    PLease sign this petition

    Good to see petition is now over 1200 and rising
  10. RLX111

    PLease sign this petition

    Strangely a visit to the school web site shows link to featherstone rovers in the PE dept guide.I guess it is out of date! Parent power maybe answer-a bad local press is a headteacher 's nightmare also.
  11. RLX111

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Google our league sign up, ticket choose seats follow instructions for £5 pound discount- you will get 50% off kids 2 seats
  12. RLX111

    Anfield parking

    Parked at everton's ground and walked through stanley park -short walk, pleasant for 4 nations final even booked on line,simple!
  13. Just googled to find out who mulhern is!
  14. RLX111

    French Scene

    Any news on fundraising to cover the 150,000 euros?