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  1. I fail to see how such a childish statement has any relevance to JJB's media career.
  2. The JJB incident bares no relation to the Carney incident but it lets the ABL's tug themselves stupid. How Carney has got two games is ludicrous given the the ref walked into him!
  3. As a STEM ambassador,these bottle rockets are brilliant.
  4. Yeah,that'll teach 'em.
  5. Nope,keep trying.
  6. Featherstone have Aston on DR from Leeds.The Leeds players are at the Bulls for a month. Posters seem to be forgetting the Bulls are short of players.Maybe clubs shouldn't loan them players and leave the Bulls to rot.
  7. Bulls are short of players.Leeds give them players on loan deal. Salford also rumoured to be sending the Bulls some players,does that also make the Bulls Salfords feeder team?
  8. Have you considered the gun ended up in the foot well after he'd flashed it at the police which then lead to him being shot. We'll have to wait for the results of the investigation.
  9. You know that for certain then?
  10. Planted there by the police, obviously!
  11. Yes, slap them on the wrist and tell them not to be naughty boys again. Meanwhile other gun toting drug dealers carry on. Dead easy and when one is shot, he's treated as a role model and people wring their hands and ask "what's to be done".
  12. Some utter Shiite posted on here. He was part of a targeted operation. So the police knew about him and his "activities". Doesn't strike me as the Angel his family are making him out to be. If he was a drug dealer then death is the best thing for him and his pondlife ilk.
  13. Great quote on Look North tonight from a woman with a Hull accent. "It's like being in a foreign city, people are smiling and being friendly".
  14. Hopefully it'll do for Hull what it's done for Liverpool.
  15. ????