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  1. terrywebbisgod

    Injury updates

    One adult,unlimited u16's.Which means for example a rugby team coach could take all their squad into the game with them for free.
  2. terrywebbisgod


    TBF a lot of teams don't have fixtures on the website. If true it's a shame the club has finished like this.
  3. terrywebbisgod


    Someone "reported" they'd folded in November.Is this a definite this time?
  4. Dewsbury 20 - Fev 14. Results from twitter.
  5. 1. STOP 2. TRYING 3. TO 4. PREDICT 5. THE 6. LEAGUE 7. TABLE 8. IT 9. IS 10. ONLY 11. JANUARY 12. HULL FC
  6. terrywebbisgod

    2 refs for 2020 by looks

    From the people who moan about the standard of refereeing.They are all going on refereeing courses and will be that good they'll be fast tracked to SL.
  7. Like you're hiding behind a pseudonym on a forum to slate him?
  8. terrywebbisgod

    Leeds South Stand opening

    Oh,sorry, you are correct.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "No room at the inn" signs up after 5 Wiganers get in the new stand. What a waste of time it's been,demolish it at once!
  9. terrywebbisgod

    Leeds South Stand opening

    Still the South Stand No history is being lost because a few seats are being put in.
  10. terrywebbisgod

    Best and Worst Presents

    Chocolate coated stem ginger my wife bought at a Christmas market in Dublin. It was made in Heckmondwike!
  11. terrywebbisgod

    Championship players average salary

    Offered a contract at a club and seeing if it's a good deal?
  12. terrywebbisgod

    Oledzki Signs 4 Year Deal

    Calm down dear,it's a response to Kirmonds Pouch.