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  1. How dare the RFL let an expansion team win the Challenge Cup. Absolutely disgraceful. ALLEZ CATALAN. C'EST MAGNIFIQUE.
  2. Sorry,they have the use of a 4G pitch.They use it preseason or in bad weather but also train on a natural grass pitch.
  3. Which is what I can't understand. Leeds train on a 4G pitch!
  4. Refs (like everyone else) make mistakes. What I find comical is that when certain teams win,it's down to the ref having a poor game.
  5. Looks like there won't be a shortage of refs in the game next season judging by all the comments from the top flight refs on here today!
  6. Yes,I've said that before. From what I've been hearing Leeds are struggling financially and are unlikely to spend much on new players.
  7. Yes. Leeds Rhinos;Champions 2017,relegated 2018.
  8. IF Leeds survive this season I can see them being a bottom 4 team for the next few seasons.
  9. Simple,the "old guard" kept on for too long,poor players given long deals and a general lack of on field leadership.
  10. According to the forum "experts" Sinfield takes all the training anyway!
  11. As most Leeds supporters have been saying for a while. Even qualifying for the MPG could be a struggle.
  12. More than he did at Warrington to be fair.
  13. I won't mention Old Trafford then. Enjoy wembley,congratulations.
  14. And that's the best you can come up with is it? Oh dear,no one has mentioned injuries for a while,just you. Most have mentioned how badly Leeds are playing whilst only really having Watkins missing,not the reams of players you allude to.