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  1. Leeds always cheat, according to everyone else that follows RL. I may take the defence you used in the Acton thread! As you were.
  2. With a team containing five 18 year olds and two 17 year olds. It's hardly surprising. The only surprising thing is Wigan only scored 34.
  3. Having spoken to someone who's known him from his junior rugby days, that's absolutely spot on.
  4. And both sets of supporters claiming an RFL conspiracy against them.
  5. Not Ratchford or Russell though?
  6. If he's gone to Warrington,it's for the money. Certainly not the number 1 jersey(two players in front of him in the que at least)
  7. It wasn't deliberate ,FFS. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Even Skippy the Bush Kangaroo couldn't save you from the hole you've dug for yourself.
  8. Ettingshausen instead of Webb but yeah,I'd go with that.
  9. Nurse,the screens.
  10. That's Leigh and Salford,anymore for anymore?
  11. Does this mean no one from cas will have a full-time job from October? 😂😂😂 Good to see him staying at Leeds. He has the talent to become a very good coach after a successful stint as the u16's coach a few years ago.
  12. Bring back boots with nailed on studs, leather rugby balls that weighed a ton and unlimited tackles.
  13. Are you taking the pi**?
  14. Yep, mostly using decorators brushes. His seascapes are fantastic.
  15. Anything by Bob Ross.