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  1. Please don't feed the troll.
  2. I'll take that. Well played Cas. Not the battering some were hoping for.. Having watched a Danny Orr coached junior side this morning, it's obvious he has a big input at Cas. Can't complain when you lose to some fantastic rugby as shown in this game.
  3. Nothing wrong with hull today. They were outplayed, pure and simple. I remember Man Utd blaming the kit on a shocking performance against Southampton once. That was ridiculous as well. As long as we don't get nilled I'm not bothered. Cas are the top team this year, losing to them is no disgrace.
  4. Trouble at magic weekend with hull fc fans climbing over turnstiles, police intervened and told em to get back in and watch the game 😀😀
  5. It would appear you haven't.People believe in the Loch Ness Monster,it doesn't mean they're right either.
  6. Are you sure about that? The ref missed half a dozen during my sons game on Sunday. Both sets of supporters saw them, he didn't. Time you grew up. Anyway, back on topic. Not going this year. As JB said, found other things to do.
  7. Indeed it is.Holds the largest Carnival in Europe.
  8. Well it certainly won't be Saints.
  9. Passport check. Most Cumbrians, like Humbersiders rarely venture out of their little ghetto.
  10. No, it was rigged. Leeds run the RFL, etc.
  11. The point that Salford should have wrapped the game up against Leeds but didn't was the problem.Not "that" pass.
  12. Have Salford never benefitted from dubious decisions in a game then.You'd be unhappy if they won a game from such a decision. It must be long drop from the high horse you own.
  13. Salford fans bitter?No!Never.
  14. Salford lost it because they couldn't finish tries off.
  15. Great win for Leeds,good fightback.That'll do.