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  1. Can only echo what's been said. A fantastic defensive player but needed to work a bit more on his attacking play. If he'd been born a generation earlier he'd have been one of the greats but as had been stated the hooking role in the modern game is about being almost a third halfback.
  2. I'll be by the pool with a long cool drink. Enjoying a relaxing holiday. You fail to mention Hull haven't beaten Leeds this season. Whilst they may have performed against cas, they haven't against Leeds. Like I said, this year is a bonus after last and the next few years will see Leeds having a bumpy ride with the last of the "Golden Generation" retiring or moving on and new faces stepping into their shoes.
  3. An articulate response. Bravo sir.
  4. Just the pathetic use of language. I really don't give a monkey's if Leeds win, after last season, it's a bonus.
  5. Just as your original post is. It's a squad game, squad players played. They lost. No big deal.
  6. The Hull-Cas love in continues. Not bothered if we win or not. As long as a Lancashire team is the loser at Wembley.
  7. Looking forward to visiting the Lawrence Alma-Tadema exhibition in London in a few weeks time.
  8. I can answer some questions for you. No, not all the players are wheelchair bound, some are able bodied. Wheelchair RL is fantastic but I'm biased, my nephew plays. I think the coverage is done by a company called spidery or something like that. Google it, you might find something.
  9. Leeds always cheat, according to everyone else that follows RL. I may take the defence you used in the Acton thread! As you were.
  10. With a team containing five 18 year olds and two 17 year olds. It's hardly surprising. The only surprising thing is Wigan only scored 34.
  11. Having spoken to someone who's known him from his junior rugby days, that's absolutely spot on.
  12. And both sets of supporters claiming an RFL conspiracy against them.
  13. Not Ratchford or Russell though?
  14. If he's gone to Warrington,it's for the money. Certainly not the number 1 jersey(two players in front of him in the que at least)