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  1. Yes but blinkered fools always moan they get drawn at home for every cup round.
  2. Just as it used to be funny when Cas fans would get giddy when Cas beat Leeds in their prime.It works both ways.It's part of the nature of local rivalries I suppose.
  3. Both teams were poor.To blow a 20-4 lead is inexcusable.A lot of work still to do for both sides.
  4. All the times you've posted things about Leeds,I've asked you questions regarding them and you've failed to reply. Not sad about anything,Leeds are in a period of rebuilding and I expect more defeats than victories. Leeds have had a few poor games but have played some of the top teams (and Saints ?) and have not played as badly as last season. It takes time for new players to fit into teams and it's early days. Hull but not by many.
  5. My lad hasn't played for a month,two challenge cup rounds (he's only 16 and none of the young lads were in the CC squads) and two postponements.Couldn't play today because he's playing for 18's tomorrow and club won't let them play Saturday and Sunday. The season would have just about finished if teams hadn't have postponed games. That's the problem,not local cup games.
  6. Just quoting the score on the Pennine website.
  7. Rebuilding,the future looks good,with a fantastic crop of young players in the 19's and 16's. Realistically I think Leeds will be mid-table and trophy-less for a few seasons but strong foundations are being built. Well done Wakey, a thoroughly deserved victory.
  8. A great coach but more importantly a great man. R.I.P Peter.
  9. I know it was a close game and I asked a genuine question and expected the Leeds cheated response.So Salford gave up after being robbed by the ref,is that it in a nutshell (again,a genuine question) Enjoy your moment in the sun.
  10. Leeds scored two when Salford where down a man,how about the others when it was 13 a side?
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