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  1. SKY's crystal ball.

    It's "Super Greed " so you shouldn't be that bothered.👍
  2. Great Names of RL Players

    Rex Terp
  3. Whatever the scoreline,Salford fans will act like they've been badly done to.The RFL have it in for them (allegedly).
  4. Great Names of RL Players

    Nick Du Toit,again,as pronounced by Ray French.
  5. Great Names of RL Players

    Max Wiper
  6. Great Names of RL Players

    Tracy Lazenby
  7. Grand Final Entertainment announced...

    2006 called. They want their bog standard indie band back.
  8. Tony Smith leaving Wolves (merged threads)

    Agar's not getting the job. He's heading off to Australia (allegedly)
  9. How do I get FreeSports?

    Surely the obvious solution is to buy a freeview HD box.
  10. Nope,just less tedious. People complaining about the sky commentary team banging on about negative aspects of the game,then do the same thing on here.Constantly sniping against refs and highlighting their mistakes etc .
  11. TRL Helpdesk

    Tried it.Unfortunately I seem to have been sent the wrong files! CPI files don't carry any data.😠
  12. God bless armchair coaches and referees.
  13. TRL Helpdesk

    I have just been sent an email with video attachments of a game in .CPI format. Can anyone offer advice on how to convert these files into a format that could be burned to DVD Thank you.
  14. England Youth Squad

    Yes . it's school years.