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  1. Teams cater for every size, shape and build. You won't be turned away for being too small or for lacking potential.
  2. No it doesn't. The post was aimed at BB for calling Bailey a cheap shot player whilst his post was itself a cheap shot. Sledging is part of most sports but racial and homophobic abuse has no part in ANY walk of life. "Heat of the battle" or not.
  3. Whilst others do the equivalent from behind the safety of a keyboard.
  4. The Bailey of old. Given his well publicised mental health problems, he could have learned to mellow and not react. Only those on the field know what happened.
  5. I suspect he's had the alleged comment thrown at him for most of his life. He'll have blanked it.
  6. Neck fracture. Toronto’s James Laithwaite has been re-admitted to hospital with a neck fracture. Laithwaite was stretchered off the pitch with his neck in a brace after being hurt during the Wolfpack’s 29-22 Challenge Cup fifth-round defeat by Salford at the AJ Bell Stadium on Sunday. Toronto boss Paul Rowley said Laithwaite was taken to hospital after complaining of feeling pins and needles in his arms and legs and he has now been diagnosed with a fracture. “He got released but a closer review discovered a fractured neck so he returned for hospital for further tests,” said Rowley. “Knowing James and his luck with injuries, he will be very worried about further damage.” Laithwaite broke his ankle four years ago and missed the entire 2016 Super League season after breaking a leg playing for the Wolves in June 2015.
  7. Come of it old chap,you take every opportunity to put the man down. Like you I will avoid naming names. As I said earlier,he's a recognisable name,just because he's not acting like an American used car salesman,doesn't make him the wrong man for the job.
  8. As per you avoid answering the question.As for advances to KS, nope, not me pal but you act like a scorned lover.I just use a simple thing called "respect" and that's for ANY RL player ,not just KS. I doubt you'd have started this thread if it wasn't Sinfield in the video but someone else with an equal delivery. Any opportunity for armchair "experts" to slate someone when they wouldn't say anything in a face to face meeting.
  9. FT Leeds 42-Widnes 22
  10. Widnes fighting back 30-22
  11. HT Leeds 30 - Widnes 6
  12. Given that Sinfield is still a name that people from outside RL know,he seems a reasonable choice. Who would you choose?
  13. Sinfield spurned GaryO's and Wellsy's advances,so they now take every opportunity to have a pop at him.
  14. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.