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  1. Reserve and Academy teams

    Some would say that with DR in place they are already.
  2. Carillion - gone?

  3. Embed the Pathway

    Bloody immigrants.
  4. Malcolm Alker on trial for KFC robbery

    "Rugby star" has now been changed to "Rugby League Captain" on the BBBC sport website. Normal service has been resumed.
  5. Embed the Pathway

    Really,never noticed that before! TBF it was originally called Embed the Pathway. Yep,the aim is to provide a pathway from Junior RL to England international and it's producing those results. (At junior level at least)
  6. Embed the Pathway

    ETP is great,with schools from Cornwall to Cumbria involved.Also links with most pro clubs. My youngest son has been involved from the beginning and has loved every minute of it.
  7. The Fall

    Best Fall song,eat y'self fitter.
  8. 2018 Kits

    Hull F.C would naturally be Mickey Mouse
  9. The 1970's called. They want their ideas back!
  10. Slipping through the net

    Most kids are written off around the age of 14,when they are deemed not good enough for scholarship/academy rugby. Not many get the chance as late developers.
  11. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    Crikey, shows how long it was since I last shopped in the city centre. The important thing is to try a few to find one find one that feels right for you.
  12. Canada RL partners up with Keighley Cougars

    Are you Parrappa the Rapper?
  13. TRL Help Desk: Chef's Knife

    I got a set of Sabatier knives as a wedding gift (from a mate,who's a chef) 23 years ago.Great balance (which is important) and still razor sharp (get a decent steel to keep them sharp). You live in Leeds,Maturis is the best place to get a quality chef's knife.
  14. Ryan Bailey

    You've posted on this thread twice insinuating cocaine use. So you know nothing. Just snide comments. I thought so.
  15. Ryan Bailey

    Do you know something others don't, if you do ,show proof instead of pathetic little comments.