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  1. I would agree, but wouldn't be surprised to see Lilley in on DR, along with a prop or two.
  2. Wasn't Day already cup tied from the Bradford game or am I making that up?
  3. If your going to be in the same hotel for a few days see if the hotel will allow the club to post it there for you
  4. We got 8 points from 4 pens - had we taken 4 taps I'm not convinced that we would have score 2 try, but each to there own. Personally I'd have liked to see us take the other pen at 18-18.
  5. MM, Who is this Chris that you talk about?
  6. Mark, Interesting note about Dave Hartley IIRC, he was the first substitute to score at Wembley in a CC final.
  7. So the 16 teams that are in the bag for Tuesdays draw are: Dewsbury Toronto Oldham Batley Swinton Featherstone Doncaster Halifax York Whitehaven/Oxford Hull KR Barrow Leeds Salford Leigh Huddersfield So who do you fancy?
  8. Yes it is the very same
  9. From the Fev web site The 19-Man Squad: Andy Bostock, Anthony Thackeray, Brad Tagg, Chris Ulugia, Darrell Griffin, Frankie Mariano, Ian Hardman, James Duckworth, James Lockwood, Jason Walton, John Davies, Josh Hardcastle, Keal Carlile, Kyle Briggs, Luke Cooper, Matty Wildie, Richard Moore, Sam Day, Scott Turner.
  10. If by playing the DR players it means that players are fresher for the end of the season then why would we not go with it? When we got to the middle 8 last year in the main we looked burnt out. Maybe JS is trying to keep the squad fresh for the whole campaign this year.
  11. Oxey, I honestly don't get this at all, you say Fev where blowing after 30 minutes and had a lack of fitness in the Fax v Fev game. If that was the case why was it in the last 20 minutes or so was it it that Fev were able to hit back? You could even argue that it was the superior fitness that got Fev home, but like you have posted on the Fax forum it was due to "... few of the other crucial decisions went against us ..." that Fax lost. That's not to say that it was great watching from a Fev perspective and I did have my heart in my mouth a few times during the game. It was what you would have expected 1st game of the season a competitive game between 2 evenly match sides trying really hard. To draw much conclusion for the season from that game or from the games last weekend that where played in awful conditions I think is very naive in the extreme. If Fev had played at Batley last weekend I would have expected a very similar one to the one Fax managed. However this coming weekend, with what looks like being a dryer Thurs-Sun and warmer weather (likely to be 10 degrees C) then I am expecting a very similar game to the Fax v Fev one with maybe one score in it either way. Feel free to back Batley at something like -4 (which is what I expect from the bookies based on the scores from the first 2 rounds), but please don't be too disappointed if you lose your money.
  12. We had a similar situation at Fev with Feisal, which almost cost us our club, so just beware what you wish for. he promised the earth then delivered nothing, we have been very lucky that Mark Campbell was willing to pick the rains back up (IMO).
  13. I notice that there is no designated north stand for us this year, which personally I think is a good thing. Link from the Fev website:
  14. Phantom, I think you can add Jack O to the back row options, since it looks to me that JS likes having 3 props on the pitch all the time, with Jack O at loose it would fit this bill. Without the Leeds DR lads (Jordan or Jack) I think we still look light at prop, especially when injuries hit us. Also I would like to see a McNally type player that could cover the halves or fullback (Mendeka anyone? Now where is my tongue) . However you are spot on it is really hard to call the way we will line up at Halifax.
  15. No problem Roger