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  1. PH, Like you I think Walton would work well in the second row. However with us having James Lockwood, John Davies, Frankie Mariano, Connor Farrell and Brad Tagg plus depending on how Duffy wants to play maybe a prop to play at loose with probably Leeds DR Ormondroyd/Walters/etc to play in the back 3 of the pack how do you think Walton compares? Personally I’d play Davies, Mariano and Ormondroyd/Farrell as my starting back 3.
  2. Fixtures 2018

    According to this link it is ground improvements:
  3. Fixtures 2018

    It looks like Toronto are having stadium improvements, which means that their fixture format consists of their first 11 games away then 11 games at home ending with us.
  4. 2018 Squad.

    I agree would still like to see another back ideally one that can cover FB, McNally would be ideal for me. Plus another prop (or even 2) given the props we have, I think that the likes of Moore and Griffin could be prone to injury.

    Phil, Reading between the lines this was a done deal prior to the million pound game based on the quote from Beaumont below. That is not to say that he wouldn't had stayed at Leigh if they had maintained SL status Quote: Beaumont added: "Once I was aware that Bryson had strong interest from a safe Super League club and would take that option should we get relegated, I took the decision to accept a very strong and lucrative offer from Warrington. "I appreciate the straight and direct way in which (Warrington owner) Simon Moran dealt with this and I acted in what I believe were the best interests of all parties even if we had stayed up."
  6. Bostock

    I can see that there is a perception that Bozzy has missed a lot of games, however I'd be interested in seeing the stats (one for MLP - how many games has bozzy played per season and how many has he missed either by injury or being left out of the team). I suspect that he will have played in about 75% of the games that he could have. For me I'd keep Bozzy next year.
  7. £83.33 per month?

    BP, That's my point in doing the above estimates. The £83.33 a month isn't increasing the clubs revinue stream by £83.33 a month, it is paying for things that people are already paying for. And therefore in truth the club would not be £83.33 a month better off. in terms of revenue to the club your suggestion has merit, and it is more revenue than the club currently get. However to get the extra £1,000,000 revenue that you suggest then the 1000 supporters would have to hand over an extra 83.33 a month and get nothing for it, which as you say no one in the right mind would do. ho to have a 100 people that would...
  8. £83.33 per month?

    Yes FRISA is still going, but not been very active for the last couple of years, but has put over about 8k to the club in the last 12 months IIRC. The difference here is that we are talking about getting something back from the club for your investment, the £5 or £10 to FRISA every month comes with nothing back in return. So if I get the idea here correctly what we are saying is that an individual pays say £100 per month (just to round the value), i.e. £1,200 a year and gets a package back from the club, let’s say this consists of: - 2 x Season ticket (@£140 league + £35 playoffs) = £350 - VIP tickets (does this mean 2 meals before the game? Which would be @£20 per home game x 14 games) = £280 - 2 replica shirts (@90 per year) - 2 Pints per game (@£6.60 x 14 games) = £92.40 - Free parking I assume (@ £4 x 14 games) = £56 Total benefit = £868.40 Giving total extra income to the club = £332 (i.e. £1,200 - £868) and at £83.33 @£1,000 a year the extra income is £132 per year for what in essence is two individuals. So even if we got 1000 extra people signed up to this (assuming they go the games already) it would only generate and extra £166,000 (or £66,000) not to be sneezed at, but a way short of the £1,000,000 mark. Having done that analysis I still feel that there is mileage in a scheme of this sort. and is worthwhile looking into by the club. PS just as a throw away comment: If 1,000 extra people joined FRISA and paid £5 per month this would generate and extra £60,000 per year and if they all paid £10 per month this would generate and extra £120,000 per year. Food for thought.....
  9. Congratulations

    I choose my words specifically, anyway it was all down to that half time charity event.....honest......
  10. Congratulations

    Oxy, I'm surprised you haven't suggested a convenient draw, which just about guarantees Fax 4th and Fev 3rd.
  11. Yes I missed the word "NOT"
  12. Mark, The 3 DR's being in the Leeds 19 is not a surprise, since IIRC a DR player can only play for one club in any week, withe the RL starting on a Tuesday. I was hoping that Ash Handley might miss out and be available for us on Sunday. Though I guess this is still possible it is not very likely.
  13. Phil, I'm normally the optimistic one, so we must be having some role reversal. For this game I am going to be there more in hope than expectation, but hope I'm wrong.
  14. Is Kendall a cheat?

    Ox, I tend to agree there seems to be a unwritten rule with the refs that they have to "even up" the penalty count in a game.
  15. Swinton game

    We should note that any alternative date would have meant 3 games in 8 days. Noting that the games either side could have been relatively easier.