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  1. link here:
  2. From reading the threads on the Bradford forum, it would appear that would only be the case if the value is over 20% of the holding, so as to be an "influential" investor. And below this point you don't even have to pass the "proper persons" test (can't remember the correct name of the top of my head).
  3. Missing Baldwinson and Ormondroyd?
  4. All the best to every RL fan hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.
  5. Mark, As I understand it gate receipts/program/hospitality sales will go to Fax, which will need to cover ground hire, players wages, stewarding, Fev's costs. However beer money, etc. goes the the company that runs the Shay, in theory Fax get some of this back in terms of lest rent, but suspect it doesn't compensate Fax that much.
  6. I suspect it will be settled out of court, neither Sale or the RFU will want to risk the outcome going against them.
  7. Robin, How does the fact that London Welsh have just gone into liquidation (link here: who are at our equivalent level with crowds of 400 match up with you experiences? Especially when it is very recently that they where in the premiership (equivalent of SL). Strikes me that in Union there are some big clubs (as there are in League) that can manage 10k+ crowds and then there are the rest. Therefore at club level there does not appear to be much difference. However at international level we are worlds apart. This for me is in part because of the media and the associated bigotry, but has a lot to do with the inability of the RFL to promote it's self.
  8. You beat me to it Robin
  9. Thx bigbaldnmad
  10. Not that it really matters that much, but for my curiosity, so that I can read the quote in context, can you point me at the link for this quote, since I can't find it. PS I assume you mean "hindle xiii" not "handle xiii" since I can't find a "handle xiii"
  11. Bazzer, That's not how I read it, I believe they we're implying that it was the Bradford players' fault for losing at Fev.
  12. My sentiments exactly.
  13. While posting in the other thread about what other signings we should look at, got me thinking about Pick, I know that there has been talk about Lockwood rejoining the club, but I have not heard anything about Pick. Does anyone know what has happened to him, since I thought he had the makings of a good player? PS for me both players have done there time (as it were) and therefore should be given a second chance, though I understand others may not agree with my point of view.
  14. If people want a tread to debate the rights and wrongs of DR can someone please create a new one? Mark, To go back to the topic, yes we do need another prop IMO, I also think that we need cover for center and cover at halfback. I guess that JS see Duckworth, Briscoe or Tagg as cover for center (none are ideal for different reasons, though I think that Duckworth will make a center going forwards). And Wildie as cover for halfback Personally while we are using DR I'd like to see Mullally given an extended run in Fev colours if possible. Therefore for me we need a Prop, Halfback and Center (or maybe second rower). Though the later may be covered by Locky if he comes back in March.
  15. Don't trust anything you read on Wikipedia...