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  1. I choose my words specifically, anyway it was all down to that half time charity event.....honest......
  2. Oxy, I'm surprised you haven't suggested a convenient draw, which just about guarantees Fax 4th and Fev 3rd.
  3. Yes I missed the word "NOT"
  4. Mark, The 3 DR's being in the Leeds 19 is not a surprise, since IIRC a DR player can only play for one club in any week, withe the RL starting on a Tuesday. I was hoping that Ash Handley might miss out and be available for us on Sunday. Though I guess this is still possible it is not very likely.
  5. Phil, I'm normally the optimistic one, so we must be having some role reversal. For this game I am going to be there more in hope than expectation, but hope I'm wrong.
  6. Phil, I have to agree and I bet you 99% of the Bulls fans would also agree. In fact I'd go further and suggest that 99% of the Bulls fans believe that they should have started in Champ 1 and the RFL royally turned them over. The rules at the start of the season should be the ones applied at the end of the season. However this has always been the RFL way as far as I can see changing things at the last minute. Just remember when SL was set up at the last minute stuffing a number of clubs including Keighley and ourselves. I wonder what would have happened if we had finished 10th that season rather than 11th......
  7. Ox, I tend to agree there seems to be a unwritten rule with the refs that they have to "even up" the penalty count in a game.
  8. We should note that any alternative date would have meant 3 games in 8 days. Noting that the games either side could have been relatively easier.
  9. Only issue you might have is that you may not get a ticket for the South stand due to us sharing it with Hull KR
  10. I would agree, but wouldn't be surprised to see Lilley in on DR, along with a prop or two.
  11. Wasn't Day already cup tied from the Bradford game or am I making that up?
  12. If your going to be in the same hotel for a few days see if the hotel will allow the club to post it there for you
  13. We got 8 points from 4 pens - had we taken 4 taps I'm not convinced that we would have score 2 try, but each to there own. Personally I'd have liked to see us take the other pen at 18-18.
  14. MM, Who is this Chris that you talk about?
  15. Mark, Interesting note about Dave Hartley IIRC, he was the first substitute to score at Wembley in a CC final.