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  1. Keith T


    Yes all the best Les. Every time I meet Les we spend ages reminiscing ...... ahh the good old days
  2. Keith T


    Just a word of warning here. I recall going to Keighley and winning then one week later (or was it two weeks) we played them again at Warrington to decide who got promoted and we lost. Obviously I hope this isn’t going to happen again but we need to not get carried away if we win!!!!!!
  3. Keith T

    Newcastle away

    Make that 40 - 16. Game over
  4. Keith T

    Newcastle away

    We know how to shoot ourselves in the foot if nothing else!!!!!
  5. Keith T

    Bradford Predictions

    You only have to watch the last 20 seconds of John Kear’s interview and his reply re Town to see how classy he is under pressure
  6. Keith T

    Town 1st win at Bradford....poppyco*k

    We also had RL Cup semi final win at Odsal against Fev in 1958
  7. Keith T

    Bradford Predictions

    The referee for this game was abysmal and shouldn’t be reffing at this level. Bradford scored two decent tries, one by the winger in the corner and the other an interception. Their other try was a barge over the line which was given by the ref and yet we had three such occurrences which the referee disallowed. We also had a clear try missed when two of our players managed to drop the ball two yards from their line with no markers so in my book they were well beaten at rugby league. They also came a poor second in the fought stuff and for any Bradford fans reading this watch the game again and see how many times a Town player throws a punch compared to Bradford players doing it. The problem was that their players are not used to being bossed by another team especially at their own ground and lost it again big time.
  8. Keith T

    Bradford Predictions

    I am on Facebook
  9. Keith T

    Bradford Predictions

    Is it on Proper Sport and has anyone a link if it is? Thanks
  10. Let’s hope someone puts a hole in that b****y drum during half-time
  11. Keith T

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    This was a chance to build up our points difference but I don’t think anyone told the players
  12. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    Okay it must have altered as it is double jeopardy.
  13. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    Maybe he could have spoken for a couple of minutes but to be honest what exactly would we all want him to say. He couldn’t do a thing in the last 5 minutes and we have heard him saying more or less in the past that players are not listening until it’s too late.
  14. Keith T

    Haven reaction

    I thought once he got sin-binned he couldn’t then be further punished later!!
  15. Keith T

    Town v jam part 2

    I think we need to decide if we want to play rugby and win or show how tough we are. Come on Town beat them with rugby