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  1. I think it’s obvious from today’s performance and result that we have some players just going through the motions and picking up good money for their efforts. This sort of result hasn’t just happened it’s been coming for a number of games as our defence has been terrible. How many times have we got 12 points up and then fallen behind. Some we’ve managed to claw back but as happened today the visitors were too good and didn’t let this happen. The coach has to take the blame as he has brought in some players often no better than we have local but they always get game time. Some of the players must be costing the club a small fortune and before we hit the financial buffers we need it sorting.
  2. What capacity is York’s new ground and what is it costing?
  3. Go to the Harry King entry on Radio Cumbria and click on the button to open it and you get RL commentaries. Only on Radio Cumbria could you get such as this.
  4. Thatto Heath Crusaders 16 v. North Wales Crusaders 14. Apart from the last 10 minutes THC were the better team and deserved their win.
  5. The new stadium for Town and the Reds is long overdue and I am sure that once built and in use will be a great asset to the West Cumbria area. Like all new projects you will get people who object to it for their own reasons and to hell with the consequences. Borough Park is owned by the council and they rent it out to the Reds. Derwent Park stands on land owned by the council and Town still have 87 years remaining on the lease which should be taken into consideration in any future plans. The first plans for the new stadium as I recall were for a stadium that was basic with seating on one side and the other three sides terracing that could be adapted for seating if required in the future. The cost of this stadium was £15 million. It was then learned that the NHS were interested in having doctors surgeries, etc, on one floor of the building and that Sellafield were also interested in having offices on another floor. Because of these interests it was decided to extend one side of the ground to three floors to cater for them which pushed up the cost to £25 million. Once built then Allerdale recoup all the land that is Derwent Park as we know it and it could be worth a fair price to any business or to setup a shopping park etc. The council would also have regular rentals from the NHS, Sellafield and both clubs as well as obtaining grants, lottery, etc, towards the building costs. Carlisle Utd have a 25,000 capacity stadium but only get a regular 3,500 - 4,000 attendance for their matches but no-one shouts about the empty spaces when they are at home. You could bet though that if they drew, say, Manchester Utd or Liverpool in the cup they would get close to maximum crowd which would bring in millions. Likewise, on a smaller scale, a good cup run for both our clubs could bring in bigger crowds such as we will see for the RL World Cup matches all three of them.
  6. Keith T


    Wow. Not good for the old ticker. Those last few seconds nearly saw me off.
  7. Newcastle 26 Doncaster 32 final score. Newcastle playing with the strong wind in first half were 22 - 4 up at halftime and Doncaster’s defence inte last 10 minutes of that half was rubbish. In the second half Newcastle never turned up and their defence was abysmal and Donny were just the opposite to their first half performance.
  8. Newcastle Thunder v Doncaster almost ready for kick off on Ourleague
  9. Sad news indeed. RIP John
  10. The same message to you and yours bomber. All the best over the festive period
  11. How do you know it is a man cos he sounds more like a 12 year old dimwit. In fact no dimwit is too good for this annoying person.
  12. It’s on Radio Cumbria David I’m listening to it
  13. King of Leon you should know by now that teams often put 17 names on their team sheet for matches in order that they don’t get a fine from the RFL. That doesn’t mean they have 17 players. Our neighbours Whitehaven have used that several times this season to keep the RFL off their backs.
  14. Good luck to the lads wearing the Town colours today. It has not been an easy journey this season made so much more difficult by the RFL and their late dash to pacify their SL paymasters and introduce new procedures so late in the season. After watching this game of ours for 70 years I just cannot believe that the people in charge have shown so little regard for the lower echelons outside of SL. Has anyone heard any comments from the new Cumbrian Leader of the RFL, Mr Rimmer on this latest escapade? No, I thought not, he will do well for his new “bosses”. Good luck Town and come home safe.
  15. How can it be the same for both teams when one has only played one game in the three week period and the other will have played three tough games.
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