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  1. Whatever the truth behind this Town performance is is not good enough and it makes you wonder about this coach. Is he really up to the job?
  2. I remember going to York and losing 70 - nil and it sounds very ominous again!!!!
  3. I don't get this crack that Border are short on equipment, etc, because they always find the resources to cover rugby union in Scotland during their season and plenty of it. They also cover any area close to the M6 motorway but don't seem to care much for coming down the west coast. There hasn't been any highlights of Town or Haven games since the start of the season.
  4. Hi everyone, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I was getting fed up with listening to all the Scottish and Carlisle news on Border Television so I complained to ITV Viewer Services that there wasn't much news from around Cumbria. It took a couple of messages before we started to get more items from around Cumbria and less from southern Scotland. Perhaps if two or three people complained about the lack of coverage of regional sport other than Carlisle United we might get a bit more coverage. Border have not shown any coverage of rugby league since the start of the season but we get many minutes of Scottish rugby union in their season. Maybe the clubs should take this up more with Border.
  5. From 22 - 0 up.
  6. Do Town do any defensive work in training?
  7. We wonder why people are turning away from our game and then we get sub-standard reffingas we have tonight. I couldn't care less who wins but this ref made sure Leeds were always on the front foot. It was as if he had been told to make sure Leeds win.
  8. Thanks unicorn 106 for your comments. I listened to the comments on the radio and at 24 all and only seconds to go I had settled for a draw. Buffer had other ideas and put over a drop goal to give us the win which, after our poor start, I was highly delighted with. We all said at the season start that this was huge learning season and not one that we expected too much from so let's wait and see how this season pans out and hopefully we will be much stronger next season. Good win Town.
  9. Thanks The Voodooguru for your comments. i haven't seen Town play since the first home last season (Sheffield) due to my illness so I don't think I should be commenting on the team or any individual player. However I do listen to commentaries on Radio Cumbria every Sunday and I get the impression from there that our defence is not what it should be. In a close tight game I always feel that the other team will score by hook or by crook and beat us. Either that or we have given ourselves too much ground to make up to get a win. i might be miles off but the first thing I would have my players doing would be their defence and tackling. If we still were to lose games then it would seem we don't have the right personnel in positions.
  10. I know we have young lads in the backs and they have to learn but I'm sure 16 and 17 year olds could learn faster than some of these we have at the moment. The coach is a good talker but from what has been served up week after week it doesn't seem like he can get the message over. We seem to make the same mistakes over and over again and yet he still says the same things after each game. This is my first post since I had a stroke in February 2016 but I have listened in to every match and at no time have I ever felt confident against the established teams. We may be a work in progress but I'm afraid there will be no supporters left if we ever do reach dizzy heights again.
  11. How do people know how much a player is on?
  12. I have just read the comments of Seaton Sandy and first of all my sincere condolences to Carl Forber for the sad loss of his grand-father and well done for pulling on the shirt in the circumstances, which I don't think many people were aware of. My comments unlike Seaton Sandy's about me and others were meant as constructive criticism of the manner of his play. They were not personal abuse about him and many others get constructive criticism about their performances throughout a season. I also believe that Carl plays better with Sammut alongside him so let's put this to bed there is no personal vendetta, certainly by me, against Carl Forber.
  13. We lack unpredictability when JS isn't in the team as both Forber and Doran are so predictable in their plays.
  14. No it was said it was for "personal" reasons!!!
  15. Did Sheffield have 14 men on the field just before half-time and I don't mean Keith Senior? Doran was making a kick from hands and he was tackled late and high by the Sheffield number 9 who then got up and ran right off the field in to the dug-out. I never saw another player come on and counted their players and there was 13 on the field!!!!