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  1. How do people know how much a player is on?
  2. I have just read the comments of Seaton Sandy and first of all my sincere condolences to Carl Forber for the sad loss of his grand-father and well done for pulling on the shirt in the circumstances, which I don't think many people were aware of. My comments unlike Seaton Sandy's about me and others were meant as constructive criticism of the manner of his play. They were not personal abuse about him and many others get constructive criticism about their performances throughout a season. I also believe that Carl plays better with Sammut alongside him so let's put this to bed there is no personal vendetta, certainly by me, against Carl Forber.
  3. We lack unpredictability when JS isn't in the team as both Forber and Doran are so predictable in their plays.
  4. No it was said it was for "personal" reasons!!!
  5. Did Sheffield have 14 men on the field just before half-time and I don't mean Keith Senior? Doran was making a kick from hands and he was tackled late and high by the Sheffield number 9 who then got up and ran right off the field in to the dug-out. I never saw another player come on and counted their players and there was 13 on the field!!!!
  6. I have to agree with PV in that Town were very disappointing and if we have been doing work on our defence then we need to double it this week because some of our players today were only half-hearted in making some tackles. Today showed how much we miss the other 7 who were out of commission. We can make as many excuses as we want but the bottom line is on today's performance some of these players are not up to the task. Sheffield looked good in parts but no way were they 30 points better than us and we gifted them a couple of tries plus one gifted by the referee right on our try-line. He just seemed to be playing to two different sets of rules at times. Whilst Whiteley was good going forward there was still one or two very weak tackles from him and he blew 6 points with his brain fart when we had a 3 to 1 advantage and then they went up the other end and scored - a 12 point difference in a couple of minutes. I thought Olstrum was out top worker today and Rhino put in a good shift for a newcomer as did Gordon. We lacked guidance at half-back and I was shouting most of the game for Forber to have a go and try and make a break instead of just passing or kicking and the first time he did this we scored through Murphy. I didn't hear what the crowd was today but once again if we want to build attendances up we have to do a lot better than we did today.
  7. Workington will have 7 genuine first team players missing today but the bare bones of what is left of the squad will see how strong our 25 man squad really is. I hope the Sheffield team are as cocky as some of the people posting their predictions,
  8. Nothing but best wishes to all the lads who are pulling the shirt on today. I suppose one way of looking at it is that these lads have to go out and show that we don't need DR players and hopefully they do just that.
  9. Is it a mistake on the official lists with RFL and should Verlinden be in and B Ritson out????
  10. Both squads announced for Sunday :- Things is hard as we've got B(rian) Ritson named in the squad as well as Thee Ritson, lol. No Verlinden!!!
  11. Not sure that Baz is ready for a comeback just yet, haha
  12. Official verdict of the incident :-
  13. Taylor pleaded not guilty and made personal appearance with his coach. He said he was trying to be a peacemaker and that the other player (Brett) was the aggressor and struck him several times. Taylor said he threw a punch but only at the arm of the aggressor. Panel couldn't tell clearly from DVD and gave not guilty verdict.
  14. If Matty isn't fit enough to play we will have 8 players missing out of our 25 man squad (I'm not including Chris Murphy) which means we are down to the barest of bones of a side. There is bound to be players playing out of position so there is a lot of stepping up to the plate to be done by everyone on Sunday!!!
  15. Being a full-time squad doesn't necessarily mean that they all will gel as a team. London Broncos are full-time and they put out a strong squad at Dewsbury last week and were beaten 34 - nil and they don't appear to have any improvement from last year when they lost quite a number of games, especially away from home. Sheffield have quite a large number of new players so we will have to wait and see how they perform on the day. All these players absent at the start of what is going to be another tough season is disappointing but if these are the cards we have been dealt then we have to make the best of it but with 5 really tough games to start with I worry how that will effect crowds later.