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  1. Town website

    That was a different Tognarelli’s. It was A Tognarelli and they moved to Finkle Street. The other four were Harry and Renzo’s (H & R Tognarelli).
  2. N&S picture quiz

    The player holding the trophy is Syd Lowden. I got 19 out of 20
  3. How many more?

    That looks very much like League Weekly Donald which I said in another post I don’t get any more haha
  4. How many more?

    Doing okay KS. It might be in League Weekly which I have stopped getting!!!!
  5. How many more?

    Where does it say in RL Express that we have signed Glen Riley as I can’t find it?
  6. What a way to treat your fans

    Because of illness I haven't been able to attend any matches and so I have had to rely on what I read and what others say, etc, but I can still form my opinion from what I hear from the coach's interviews. I may be wrong but going by the players we have been losing and what others are saying plus listening to all the technical jargon the coach uses then I believe his time is up. Sorry if that is not what some like to hear but to concede 43 points in 40 minutes of the second half just highlights all the faults we have had all season. We have let teams score easy points in so many matches and yet we seem happy to keep losing top class players and filling their places with young lads who have so much to learn. I don't know when I will get to watch the team again but I will always continue to support Town irrespective.
  7. derby game

    This is really embarrassing. There is one thing where players lose but have put the effort in but there doesn't seem to be any fight in the Town team at all. I haven't joined the debate about our coach but I have to say that today should be final straw for him. All season we have put up with many substitutions that have baffled us but today we have put out probably the only 17 we have left. I can't wait to hear our coach's comments after the match!!!!!!!
  8. Town 2015.... '70' shirt

    And they played Hull for quite a large chunk of the game with only 12 men as Cec got injured in the first half.
  9. York game

    If only we could defend!!!! Game after game our defence is poor and that has got to be down to the players
  10. York game.

    Whatever the truth behind this Town performance is is not good enough and it makes you wonder about this coach. Is he really up to the job?
  11. York game.

    I remember going to York and losing 70 - nil and it sounds very ominous again!!!!
  12. Media coverage of Cumbrian R.L.

    I don't get this crack that Border are short on equipment, etc, because they always find the resources to cover rugby union in Scotland during their season and plenty of it. They also cover any area close to the M6 motorway but don't seem to care much for coming down the west coast. There hasn't been any highlights of Town or Haven games since the start of the season.
  13. London Skolars, must win.

    Hi everyone, about 2 or 3 weeks ago I was getting fed up with listening to all the Scottish and Carlisle news on Border Television so I complained to ITV Viewer Services that there wasn't much news from around Cumbria. It took a couple of messages before we started to get more items from around Cumbria and less from southern Scotland. Perhaps if two or three people complained about the lack of coverage of regional sport other than Carlisle United we might get a bit more coverage. Border have not shown any coverage of rugby league since the start of the season but we get many minutes of Scottish rugby union in their season. Maybe the clubs should take this up more with Border.
  14. Squad News

    From 22 - 0 up.
  15. Squad News

    Do Town do any defensive work in training?