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  1. For anyone thinking of going, there are also a couple of French championship games within an hour or so of Toulouse the day after Dewsbury's game. Limoux and Villeneuve both have home matches on the Sunday, according to the FFR website. Hoping to get to one of them.
  2. The turnstile at the main stand side was definitely not working - ie clicking people through after they paid.
  3. Who won?
  4. Listened to the game on the wireless. Great commentary from Woods and Wells. Great moment for RL, hope they stick with Four Nations concept after this.
  5. Got to Avignon on Friday afternoon and other than two England fans who were on the Eurostar I haven't seen anyone who looks like they are here to attend a rugby league match. The game is certainly being well advertised though and you can definitely get a drink. Wonderful city.
  6. One easy thing the club can do is make sure there are more than enough half time draw tickets on sale at the South Stand. Several times this season the guy has sold out five to ten minutes before kick-off. Easy revenue thrown away.
  7. I thought Pryce was a good choice for man of the match, especially for his first half display. Tackled and ran well, kept his head and provided a steadying influence when others were forcing silly passes. Was unlucky to have a try disallowed and had to go off before half time with a whack to the head, but came back out for the second and tackled everything that moved. Well done KP.
  8. Let's hope we don't concede the customary "right on half-time" try yet again. Hopefully Prycey can shore up the problematic right side defence. With the top four slipping out of our grasp, the Cup is a great chance of something to remember this season by. Will go 24-18 to the Rams, att 765, MOM Guzdek.
  9. Very disappointing to hear. Went along to last night's game and Rovers had some good young players, will be sad if they are lost to the professional game. Was an enjoyable match with a good crowd of almost 300, including a few from Featherstone. Surely every club should have an academy and a reserve team to act as stepping stones into the professional game. Hope your club reconsiders its decision.
  10. In answer to my previous post, since when the above details have been confirmed, it seems not. Only one stand opening for the game - despite a thrilling win over Bradford that will stick in the memory for many years. What happened to 'cup fever'? We should be kicking on from the Bradford win and promoting this great club on the back of it. This underwhelming announcement suggests we couldn't care less about the Cup or York. Will we be only opening one stand for our games if we go down? I'll be making the effort to go to this as I'm sure will other Rams and York fans who are excited about it. Hopefully the one stand will soon fill up and the club will face a deserved logistical headache. Disappointing, Dewsbury.
  11. It's not far off and there doesn't appear to be a date set for it on the club website's fixture list. The RFL site says 8pm on Friday 15th. Is this confirmed? I need to arrange work shifts for next month and I'm sure other fans would like to know so they can start to make plans too. Does the club want to get a decent crowd for this game?
  12. And a poor reward for the sponsors as well. Hope this gets organised. Really enjoy getting along to the reserve games and there are some good players whose skills deserve this platform. Hope to see a firm fixture list on the site soon.
  13. Yes I was looking for them earlier, to no avail. Be useful if they were on here. Think first game is home to Hull next Thursday, 31st.
  14. What's Glover like?
  15. They were indeed 'bloody great'. Get Brad Delaney in the team.