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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they've been smoking something after seeing it?
  2. Some of the replies in this post are more depressing than the Tory election manifesto: "give em this", "a game of little importance", etc. You sound like Bradford fans after we knocked them out last year. For heaven's sake man, we're playing B*tley in the Challenge Cup, Rugby League's most ancient and traditional competition. Am I alone in being a Dewsbury fan really wanting to win this game? Get some blood pumping through your veins!
  3. Still have the first five or six... think up to the "Holliday special!" They were a good read!
  4. This website says we've approached Cummins. Thought he was overrated as a player, sacked by Bradford and seem to remember him being full of Morrison-style soundbites to excuse his defeats. Hope Schofield and KP get a chance to shine in the next few games before we make an appointment.
  5. Club record defeat for me. Plummeting to a new low for the club, a lifeless, lacklustre shambles.. made worse by Morrison's platitudes in the Royal Suite and on Radio Leeds after. Yet he will still be in charge for the home defeat to Newcastle.
  6. It's on the Friday night. Only one stand open.
  7. When's Guzdek back? Our lack of tries this season shows how much he contributed to our attacking line last year.
  8. Swap him for Glenn Morrison.
  9. Not only was it awful today, it was very, very boring. Why have we signed a winger? We have two fine wingers and neither had a sniff of the ball today. Someone get rid of this clueless coach. He obviously doesn't have the guts to take responsibility for this farce he is responsible for.
  10. Would like to see Glover in the side in place of Kain unable.
  11. I made the suggestion as a way (possibly) to get rid of Morrison without having to take on paying a large contract to a new coach while paying out GM's current contract. Obviously if we were to take on a new coach on his own terms it would be a different story...
  12. Sadly I can't see GM manning up and quitting, nor can I see the club wanting to fork out to sack him. Surely this solution can't be any worse than him staying on, and as mentioned previously JS does have at least some successful coaching pedigree.
  13. Think most fans would agree that Morrison has gone as far as he can as coach, and unfortunately it seems he isn't going to walk out on his contract. If the club wants to get rid of him and not lose out financially, why not give Jonathan Schofield a chance as coach? He had great success with the Reserve team, brought through some young players who have held their own at Championship level and fostered a great team spirit. Schofield is already contracted to the club, so why not allow him an opportunity to prove himself - maybe with Karl Pryce as his assistant? Can't see how they could be any worse than the current incumbent and it wouldn't cost the club any more than it is currently paying.
  14. Really hope this doesn't happen. I would rather see the team who played at Leigh lose at Rochdale than see a load of ringers beat them.
  15. For anyone thinking of going, there are also a couple of French championship games within an hour or so of Toulouse the day after Dewsbury's game. Limoux and Villeneuve both have home matches on the Sunday, according to the FFR website. Hoping to get to one of them.