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  1. Probably because Halifax are one of the few teams forward-thinking enough to have a reserve team.
  2. RLWC Final may struggle to sell out.

    Was at ticket office today and told that 85 per cent of tickets for the final had been sold.
  3. 4500 tickets sold for this despite good promotion and newspaper coverage in Cairns.
  4. Feedback required

    No2 sounds good. I have filled out forms in the past and they haven't been processed by the club so having an online solution where you can check the progress of your transaction would be useful. As you say, they are all an improvement from the current arrangement.
  5. crowd for opener

    Just been to the ground to collect my tickets (which I was unable to do) and was told by media accreditation staff that 22,000 tickets have been sold so far.
  6. Are You Going To The World Cup?

    I've got tickets for that game and the USA game, though I'm wondering what the security situation will be like.
  7. Great Names of RL Players

    In the mid-90s Dewsbury signed a decent Aussie forward from Runcorn called Trent Jordan. His nickname? Two Rivers.
  8. Are You Going To The World Cup?

    Got tickets for PNG v Wales and PNG v USA. Hoping to make England v Lebanon and a few others though not sure I have the emotional fortitude to see us play Australia or New Zealand again. Anyone else going to the PNG games? There seem to be thousands of tickets left for their home games which the organisers said would sell out quickly.
  9. 2017 World Cup

    Hoping to go to the opening PNG game but the tickets still aren't on sale yet, with little over two months to go until it's due to be played. Are the Port Moresby games still taking place or are the organisers getting cold feet?
  10. New signings

    Anyone seen the mysterious post on the club's Facebook feed? Picture of a scrum cap and "6.00pm". Don't think it's Johnathon Thurston's headgear, but it might be Jarrod Sammut's!
  11. New signings

    According to the YEP we've signed "forward Mickael Goudemand, who played for France against England last year, from Avignon" and "Goole Rugby Union Club winger Tom Harrison". Quite obscure signings. Anyone know much about them?
  12. Wakey at home

    Attending games is often pot luck for many people. I miss quite a few Sunday games through work but this one's fallen well for me and I can't wait. One of my earliest memories watching Dewsbury was seeing a fairly scratch side knock Wakefield out of the Yorkshire Cup in 1989 with wee Willie Johnson kicking the vital drop goal late on, up the slope too. There's a good chance Ned played in that game and I think Andy Kelly was in the Trinity side. Anyone else remember it?
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they've been smoking something after seeing it?
  14. Cup game predictions

    Some of the replies in this post are more depressing than the Tory election manifesto: "give em this", "a game of little importance", etc. You sound like Bradford fans after we knocked them out last year. For heaven's sake man, we're playing B*tley in the Challenge Cup, Rugby League's most ancient and traditional competition. Am I alone in being a Dewsbury fan really wanting to win this game? Get some blood pumping through your veins!