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  1. Pie tries

    WALES Squad for European Championship.

    The last paragraph is the reason why long term Halifax will do well - any club that does not generate its own players and promote from within will fail at some point
  2. Agree LSV wrong venue for this. Would love to see meaningful test v France in London - though that would take planning. id have played this game in Newcastle - or asked clubs to bid for the game. certainly have the at the weekend
  3. Pie tries

    Highlights from Finals of the Emerging Nations

    What a great comp this has been !
  4. TWP have been great for our sport
  5. Pie tries

    Sean O’Loughlin to Leeds

    One of the greatest players Wigan have ever produced. He’s like royalty always there on the big occasions (note - come on Harry bring Megan to a game). Wigan far far better structured team when he’s in the side
  6. Pie tries

    Grand Final Crowd

    Please please can we have balance. Last nights GF was a huge success, despite ourselves the sport remains TGG shiuld we ever get organised we would rule the world !
  7. Pie tries

    Zak's Back

    Scandalous that all those rugby pitches now just have houses on them. Planners should have stopped it
  8. Pie tries

    Jackson Hastings............

    JH is a star, well done Salford. Great he’s in SL, great also he’s at Salford - from a pie eater
  9. Pie tries

    Jackson Hastings

    I really hope he stays with Salford. Be great to see the club build on the success of the 8s
  10. Pie tries

    McGillvary to Stay With Huddersfield

    Nice bit of loyalty - rare to see. JMcG seems a grounded honest man - I wish him well - and more please on the Int scene !
  11. Pie tries

    France Elite 2 Results?

    Toulon ? didnt realise there was a team there. amy details regarding them?
  12. Pie tries

    Friends in high places?

    Where in the clip is the shirt ?