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  1. Not just one weekend..... Transparent promotion Reduction in subs Attendances across the board 1895 Cup competitive SL Championship New York York Stop clocks London no pushovers Got to start somewhere
  2. RL has had a few ‘tricky’ years recently- but at long last it feels we are getting more things right than not. Exciting times ahead. Is it just me or do we all feel tad more positive?
  3. Why isn’t Yorkshire Troll banned ?
  4. Just stick to a rah rah forum please. RL might be inclusive but we draw the line with flat earth believers
  5. Why do we have to put up with this apologist from rah rah with all its associated racism and homophobia ? This is an RL site - I come on here to enjoy TGG not listen to luddites.
  6. Also the football club was / is solvent - the rapist owned holding company wasn’t. I’m glad they got the 12 points back as this was the final aim of a sick and sad man
  7. It’s a cracking comp this year !
  8. Salford doing a lot right. I know they’ve a long way to go but their crowds are itching up. Their halves best combo in SL - I hope they go well
  9. Salford do well. Great connection with their fans. I feel the might get to Wembley this year
  10. Not rocket science- just create a genuine feeling of engagement and excitement and success can only follow
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