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  1. Our sport having North American tours, brilliant !
  2. Pie tries

    Feigning injuries

    Seen it virtually every week in ARL
  3. Every week I see this at junior games - fake head injuries.
  4. Hit by hot dog shrapnel.......that's defo a first !
  5. Just give him about 30 seconds
  6. And he was sent off and will be banned...rightly
  7. Pie tries

    BBC Coverage

    Excellent coverage. 10/10. Two cracking games, well done the Beeb, which is not something I ever thought got I'd say !
  8. Pie tries

    Lyon still alive

    Are Montpellier still going at a lower level?
  9. Nice. proves how development can be done without the need for a 10 month season
  10. Pie tries

    Josh Charnley

    Maybe he got 'depressed' at Sale
  11. Pie tries

    Best fullback of his generation?

  12. RU was racist. They got away with it. Shame on the press for giving them a free pass. Apology.,.ha don't make me laugh
  13. Don't give a flying stuff. Both Eng and Wales didn't pick players because of the colour of their skin. No defence is acceptable. Wales didn't pick a black player until Oti...