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  1. Pie tries

    John Mantle

    True gentleman- he was a teacher at my school, needless to say he was highly respected by everyone
  2. Pie tries

    Bradford Bash?

    I’m open to them moving it - must do it in s considered fashion. Moving it now is typical RL; too short term. engsge the fans, sell them the idea of Newcastle or even Cardiff. But do it it properly- and above all else let RL know in advance where and when games are on a rolling twelve months basis
  3. Pie tries

    Less Internationals Is What Is Required

    PLEASE get the Aussies to tour ! we need int footie - just look at the money machine that is the rah rah autumn ganes
  4. Pie tries

    Ideal World Cup roster

    North Korea - good call, and I know who they could play at prop
  5. Pie tries

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    It’s so exciting ! Who would have believed it a decade or so ago!
  6. They really are scare of us
  7. Which ones - forgive my ignorance I only watch real Rugby
  8. Excellent intel - when D Collins get banned from here ? juggernaut a big menace too
  9. Been a few too many comments page recently on bbc site. Agree though people need to post comments -the rah rahs love winding us re low responses
  10. Bar beating Leeds away...
  11. Agree with your comments- but I hate them slagging our game off. I don’t mind RU at all - just the bigot fans
  12. Rah rah ‘fans’ ruining it as usual
  13. BBC site comments section needs our support
  14. We need someone to organise the international scene properly- we need a ROLLING four year plan......please please please !