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  1. Not rocket science- just create a genuine feeling of engagement and excitement and success can only follow
  2. Great article. Good luck to them !! like the bit about engaging other communities- it’s something every club should do - it’s not only a good thing to do but makes sense in today’s changing world
  3. Pie tries


    How are Paris Chatillon doing?
  4. Pie tries

    Learning Disability Super League

    Brilliant- for once - brilliant
  5. Pie tries

    Corporate Hospitality

    Been to one at Salford and had a cup of tea with Michael Dobson - made my day !
  6. Pie tries

    Referee abuse

    Absolutely disgraceful.
  7. Pie tries

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

    RL needs Sheffield- best of luck to them - will be a great success when it happens. Was out with chap from Sheffield council - said this defo happening
  8. Pie tries

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

    So....when will the stadium be finished?
  9. Pie tries

    Coronation Street

    He plays a plumber in the an insurance advert - direct line I think, he’s the to remove someone ballcock !
  10. Adam Fogerty on Coronation Street as prison guard.- sorry but I get my fix whenever and where ever I can !
  11. Pie tries

    Challenge Cup Solution

    But not put it on TV
  12. Good luck to Swinton as they aim to return to their roots, however should this fail - and it has been 20 plus years- they shouldn’t ignore the opportunity to properly merge with MR - and play in brilliant facilities (that exist). swinton already have Manchester on their jersey, surely no harm exploring the possibilities?
  13. Good response and good luck ! please shame Salford by running an u19 and an academy team.
  14. I went to a couple of games at Sale last year - I wish you all the very best. I just worry about your long term future
  15. Swinton should merge with MR and become Manchester Lions. They will never return to a SL standard stadium - nor do they need to. Just need to make a brave decision and go for it. Play as the Lions in Swinton colours, but move on under the banner of Manchester. This move would be good for all - including Swinton, Manchester R AND Swinton