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  1. Yep, can't wait....like all 13s.
  2. Legend of the game. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement
  3. Great story, good luck ! Serbia very welcome in the league family !
  4. I name them the magnificent 18 !
  5. Bang on ! Let's have more positive new please !
  6. Not a chance. Sale being cheeky, they will have to pay compensation
  7. Sorry, wrong. Contracts are binding...depends on the details contained within. Doubt he'd have been happy if Cas deceided contract no longer applied and stopped paying him
  8. And the opening game to be NZ v Aus....not the semi final Eng NZ And no Aus ref for Aus games
  9. Brilliant. More good news please !
  10. 100,000 times better than this not happening.
  11. Could have done with him the team, he looks proper scary !
  12. Trafford Raiders had its second presentation night last Friday, c160 attended. Hard work but we are making progress with over 100 children registered this year across five age groups. However, reason for the thread is Weller. He kindly gave up his Friday to join us. He arrived at 7pm and left at midnight. It was an honor to have him as guest; he was a gentleman and couldnt have been a better advert for RL and SRD. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Im buying a season ticket for SRD next year, I won't be the only one from STR, they are doing a lot of things right. Weller, thank you and all the very best !
  13. Agreed, not our finest hour. However, let's be clear, RL is was and always will be an inclusive sport. Why didn't my dads favourite player, Mr BB play for Wales RU, because he was black. Why was ou sport captained by the best man for the job in 1970 and yet RU pursued a racist policy until Oti. Shameful....and they've got away with it.