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  1. Interesting no one pointing out Leeds got nilled
  2. Need own ground, even if just basic a firs and build from there
  3. I think he's fab !
  4. Jeu a Trieze was what league had to be called....it wasn't allowed to use the term 'rugby'
  5. Fabulous, would like this extended across our sport for the remainder of the season
  6. Good question !
  7. Terrible news. how bad is the damage?
  8. Who could have dreamed of a fixture like this a decade ago ! brilliant !
  9. You know what...you're right !
  10. 7000 crowd, brilliant. Breath of fresh air! What with all the internations,a today its fab !
  11. Hull done sport proud tonight in honouring their VC player
  12. Playing with fire......
  13. This is a good - very good - story
  14. This is simply excellent news.....really well done by Serbia !