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  1. town blue


    Let's face it the majority of players staying at the club are wanted by the BOD and coach; provisions have to be made for bringing in new blood to try & improve on last season - all of this depends upon the limited budget & the number of sponsors that the club can attract.
  2. town blue

    Official Club Statement.

    And on top if that we lost Olstrum for a large part of the game. Absolute heroes every single one of them. After listening to the good coverage on RC Dawson and the Mellor appeared to have had immense games.
  3. town blue

    Official Club Statement.

    The way the RFL is run has nothing to do with Super League, it's the RFL that needs to change, that can only be initiated by the Championship clubs from within. Passed the Travellers this morning and saw the Townies boarding their bus, absolute dedication hope their journey is worthwhile and Town win against the odds.
  4. town blue

    Squad for Bradford

    What a mess, tell you what this is a game that nobody wants so why not get a rep from each club to go on the pitch at Old Trafford before the grand final and spin a coin to decide who plays in the Championship next season. Better still have a 'it's a knockout' competition at half time where perhaps supporters could slug it out, this will allow the players to go on holiday. P.S. this post should be not taken seriously just like the RFL.
  5. town blue

    Chris Hamilton

    TS, I assume you are a hornets supporter - so you would feel the same if your team finished bottom of the championship.
  6. town blue

    Chris Hamilton

    Would the game be a joke if Oldham were playing in it.
  7. town blue

    Squad for Bradford

    According to radio cumbria leon has said that Olly & Penky r both out next week & will be lucky to raise a team.
  8. town blue

    Squad for Bradford

    Too nervous to listen or watch, will probably drift in and out of the live scoreboard - COME ON LADS YOU CAN DO IT. Bradford 24 Town 25. UTT.
  9. town blue

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    1/3 out of a squad of how many players, 25, 30? Half a team of full timers is quite a substantial number.
  10. town blue

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    Rochdale survived, Swinton finished bottom.
  11. town blue

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Do you mean it's (it is), I don't know why I bothered replying to this.
  12. town blue

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Do the maths SK haven will only need a draw (seems unlikely), like yourselves. I wonder what Mr. Keir will say if it was?
  13. town blue

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    When town we're party poopers York had already won the league, this time is totally different York have everything to play for. However, this could be Forsters and several of his players last game and they have nothing to lose.
  14. town blue


    Am l missing out on something here, York & Bradford are promoted and Doncaster & Town 3rd & 4th respectively even if haven win at York (points difference). Therefore Donny will play who finishes 6th & Town will play who finishes 5th. I think Donny will play haven/hunslet & Town will play Oldham.
  15. town blue


    Has my forum identity implies I am a Town supporter and although it pains me to say this i think you will have your work cut out against haven. It could be the last game for their player / coach and a large number of their players and will want to go out with a bang. Hope this will not happen and you go up as champs.