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  1. 2018 Squad

    Has Andrew Dawson signed for any club since leaving Barrow? Could be a more than useful signing to beef up the pack.
  2. Ken Gowers

    Ken Gowers a name that always stands out from my childhood in the 60's, following Workington Town - literally kicked us out of a key cup or league game in front of a near capacity crowd at Derwent Park. RIP
  3. 2018 Squad

    Where have the Leatherbarrow rumours come from? He hasn't exactly been a success at his 3 previous clubs, which I believe were Batley, London and Oldham where he has been criticised repeatedly by supporters on their forums.

    'The price is right' so which players are gonna come on down and sign for the town?
  5. Coaches position advertised

    Here's hoping for the correct appointment, I am struggling to think of anyone who could be considered a class act since Peter Walsh, there again my memory isn't what it used to be.
  6. Tee Ritson

    Geordie Townie, I couldn'the care less about players wanting to leave the club I have supported all my life, they obviously don't want to be here so let them get on it. The club has supported both players ( and a few more besides) through lengthy injury periods; loyality appears to be a thing of past. The previous 2 coaches did not live up to expecitation therfore heres hoping for third time lucky UTT.
  7. Tee Ritson

    How many town fans are feeling TEE'd off about the latest CALLUMity situation, I know I am.
  8. 2018 Squad

    Mr McKeating I don't consider myself daft, just a concerned life time paying supprter who hasn't got the benefit of your recent experience, insight and knowlege of the club.
  9. 2018 Squad

    its all gone Pete Tongue down at DP, what the hell is going on and who is in charge / responsible of these latest out goings? Where is the influx of players coming from - if they are from the local amateur ranks how long will it take to bring them up to C1 level - if they are travellers or imports how much will they cost. What will any potential coach think of the current situation?
  10. Silly season has begun. Rumours etc.

    Is the Marwood currently playing for Barrow Dean's son? I think he's worth a punt if he's available - waste of a decent player unable to break into the Barrow team.
  11. Town shirt design

    I prefer shirt number three it's the nearest to my first choice i.e. the retro blue band strip from the sixties.
  12. Coaches position advertised

    Fans on this forum have short memories, why welcome back a coach who left us in the mire at the start of a new season. Who ever is appointed needs to be a miracle worker with the current state of the club. in my humble opinion I would go for joint coaches Jonty Gorley and Stuart Howarth (player coach) if he is still at the club.
  13. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Thanks for your efforts DC, I for one have enjoyed watching an attacking style of rugby, which made a change from the dross served up over recent year of predictable forward drives followed by a kick and hope. I think DC has a bad press on here that was not deserved.