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  1. town blue

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Do you mean it's (it is), I don't know why I bothered replying to this.
  2. town blue

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Do the maths SK haven will only need a draw (seems unlikely), like yourselves. I wonder what Mr. Keir will say if it was?
  3. town blue

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    When town we're party poopers York had already won the league, this time is totally different York have everything to play for. However, this could be Forsters and several of his players last game and they have nothing to lose.
  4. town blue


    Am l missing out on something here, York & Bradford are promoted and Doncaster & Town 3rd & 4th respectively even if haven win at York (points difference). Therefore Donny will play who finishes 6th & Town will play who finishes 5th. I think Donny will play haven/hunslet & Town will play Oldham.
  5. town blue


    Has my forum identity implies I am a Town supporter and although it pains me to say this i think you will have your work cut out against haven. It could be the last game for their player / coach and a large number of their players and will want to go out with a bang. Hope this will not happen and you go up as champs.
  6. town blue

    Newcastle away

    I am pleased we have a coach who sets high standards, just a shame that this team is not quite good enough to get us over the line this season especially with the possibility of three teams going up. What puzzles me is that three players who were signed at the start of the season, and have not featured for weeks and along with Cain Barnes have not been replaced.
  7. town blue

    Newcastle away

    What was that all about, how can a team beat the league leaders then almost beat the new leaders then get thrashed by a mid table team , who have lost half their fixtures. Totally cheesed off; are we good enough to go up if the three up is adopted - very much doubt it.
  8. town blue

    Caine Barnes

    Why are Wigan doing this, are they recalling him for the reserve team or 1st team? Would have been a hugh asset for us during the run in to the play-offs.
  9. town blue

    Newcastle away

    Double header on Saturday over in the N East Reds play Newcatlle Benfield in FA Cup. Do the ko times clash?
  10. town blue


    Analyse all you want the games turning points were the two break away tries, I am gutted for Jamie & Buffer they are players who always 100% typified by Jamie taking on half the York team trying to get town moving from within their own half. This season is not over yet and if we keep performing like we have over the last few games, who knows what may happen. UTT
  11. town blue


    If we kicked our goals and the penalty turned down in front of sticks in first half we win. Thought Newts had a great game today he was more effective than Penky. Still onwards and upwards, if we make the play off final we can beat Bradford again. UTT
  12. town blue

    The Championship Situation.

    What has the championship format got to do with super league, other reports have stated that the championship clubs have unanimously rejected the new proposals. Who has the final say? Has a Town supporter I would love the Town to go up, but I am sure the likes of Doncaster, Oldham, Hunslet & even Haven will be in with a shout.
  13. town blue

    2019 Proposal

    YCK 2017, likewise I have recently watched your 2nd half performance against the Bulls and your defence was dire. Bulls would have beaten you if it wasn't for that break away try. Play like that against Town & there will only be one winner. UTT.
  14. town blue

    3 Promotion Places !!

    No we are doing Brexit worse, with Brexit there is no plan what so ever. What the RL and Brexit have in common is, the powers that be make everything up as they go along.
  15. town blue


    How about a post code lottery, whereby say up to 10 people are given the chance of free tickets for a game. If they attend they may be pleasantly surprised how professional the Town are and you never know there may be a chance of them returning or at least being made aware that we exist in the town.