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  1. Good game overall,but too many penalties and stoppages to be a classic. I noted that the match kicked off at the same time as Burnley v Chelsea and finished 10 minutes later. The 2 hour game is starting to become the "norm",particularly on TV.
  2. League One's Future

    With the exception of Newcastle the development teams are certainly struggling.Bearing in mind we have already lost Oxford and Gloucester from last season,the present situation is not great. Unfortunately the people at the top seem to be moving towards a streamlined set up and there doesn't seem to be the money or the will to do anything about it.
  3. The future of RL's TV rights

    I wouldn't go as far as to say the game is in crisis atm,but it is not far off. Falling crowds and reduced participation numbers cannot be ignored. After watching SL since its inception,I can honestly say the televised games this year have been moderate at best. The bottom half of SL are barely above championship standard,and even the so called elite Leeds and Wigan dished up an 80 minute performance that is hardly going to enhance the games image.
  4. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    There is a course run at the local college I believe. Sion Jones is a Welsh youngster from a union background who has impressed.
  5. 7-8 Apr: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Got to give credit to Fax today.Certainly the best side and good to see us introducing youngsters from the second team. The try from McGrath on the stroke of half time was spectacular.I believe their are more waiting in the wings but lack of fixtures is a problem.How can a team of crowds of around 1500 manage to run a reserve side ,but the majority of SLclubs can't?
  6. Catalans v Toulouse in the MPG

    I'm a bit confused.The majority of people seem to be looking forward to a system that the majority want ditching.
  7. Friday night in Halifax,Kasabian and all that.

    Duke of Wellington on Commercial Street.
  8. A bad week for Fax and in particular Richard Marshall.
  9. Friday night in Halifax,Kasabian and all that.

    Thanks LRL Yes managed to get a drink out of the Challenge Cup in the Plummet,stood next to Graham Eadie.
  10. Despite having Sky/Virgin at home I always prefer to watch the Friday night game in a Halifax town centre pub. In former years we had pubs such as The Three Pigeons (heralded by Andrew Voss)and the Pump Room with receptive landlords and consequently plenty watching and good friendly banter. In recent years the choice has been more limited,and if we are lucky we get to see the game without the volume(not always a bad thing to lose the commentary-but you do miss the atmosphere) Last night we chose the Duke which due to Kasabian being in town was rammed.When eventually I got served,I was told no chance of seeing the Leeds game due to the England match. Same story in the Plummet,but did manage to catch the last 30 mins in The Salvation.This is a sports style bar with numerous big screens ad TV,s around the place.Round the smallest TV in the place was actually the most crowded,and this is where the Leeds v Cas game was on. Halifax is not the rugby town it once was,but just wondered how others get on seeing games in pubs,particularly last night. Just managed to see the game in full -great advert for the game.
  11. Jon Wells Joins Cas Tigers

    Glad to see he is staying with Sky.Some may accuse him of bias,but even in his new role I suspect he will be more even handed than some.
  12. Super League 1 & 2

    A 10 team league would I assume mean a 27 game fixture list(maybe 28 with the Magic Weekend). The first advantage would be to free 2 or 3 dates in the fixture list for internationals etc. If you support Leeds would you rather see an extra fixture v Cas or one v Salford? If you support Saints an extra fixture v Wigan or one v Widnes? As well as actual attendances at games,the TV audience also comes into the equation. If we are to go down this route,it is vitally important that the second tier is well enough funded and this is where the conflicts will start.Funding for the rest of the semi-pro game is another question. Like most other things it comes down to money.
  13. That young lad Percival looks promising.If he continues his improvement,one day he may start to challenge the "silky skills" of our top centre at international level.
  14. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    Wonder if this will affect our relationship with Old Trafford?
  15. On the preview it said which Warrington side will turn up tonight?Obviously referring to their inconsistencies. However should the question now read - Will Warrington turn up tonight?