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  1. There is a good article on the BBC web site featuring Seamus McCallion and his memories from the great Fax side of the mid 80's. As pointed out in the article,it was in the days when the Challenge Cup Final was the main day of the RL season. Personally it brings back great memories-particularly on the Sunday night drinking out of the Challenge Cup in the Plummet Line .
  2. I make this Wakefields third televised game in just over a week.
  3. It is also backed up with a convincing win from Catalans and a healthy crowd.
  4. Whats happened to Batley this weekend?
  5. It makes you wonder how Siddal would go on if they played in this division. Conditions were certainly a bit of a leveler,but its looking like that was going to be one of their hardest games of the season.
  6. I thought the quality of the game,the decisions from the officials,and the commentary team were all on a par with each other.
  7. The one thing you can say about the present regime is that they seem to have sorted the finances of the RFL out. Being from an accountancy background it is perhaps the "safe pair of hands" that Mr Wood feels is needed compared to the financial issues of previous years. However their brief for the game goes a lot further and questions certainly need to be asked.Who will ask those questions apart from the likes of this forum is another matter.
  8. Since the legalised professionalism of union in the last 20+ years,they have made rapid progress largely at the expense of our game. The difference in the international games is now so vast,the comparison is not worth making. At club level union attendances have improved significantly,whereas ours have fallen(with the exception of the top 5 or 6 teams). The third area,which is probably the biggest concern is the community game.In my own local area (Halifax) 6 of the top 7 clubs with the best facilities etc are union ones. Halifax despite the decline of the professional team over these 20 years ,I would have thought would still be considered heartlands.With the increasingly difficult job of getting youngsters involved it is not rocket science where these reduced numbers are going to graduate to. The last 20 years has been a mixed picture for our game,and some key decisions need to be made if we are to even standstill over the next 20 years.
  9. Another good close televised game. Whilst the overall standard of SL has slipped in the last couple of years,we seem to be getting more games where the outcome is not decided until the last few minutes. I expect the Wigan v Cas game to carry on that trend.
  10. I was also at the Fax game against London. My biggest memories were at the initial announcements when we actually made headlines on the front pages of the press and the televised news. I was actually on holiday in Gran Canaria at the time and remember picking up one of the Sunday papers and it was the main story. 21 years of top class sport at the elite level,but I don't feel we have yet matched those early claims of the next big thing.
  11. As a sport we are generally fairly innovative. In this case we have been slow,but better later than never.
  12. If the amount given to Championship clubs is taken away or reduced it would have a major impact on our game overall.To think our game can prosper with only 12 clubs (half of which struggle anyway)is an unrealistic aim.
  13. Wasn't it Campbell who was dropped to the Championship after a poor game recently.I saw that Championship game and he gave no evidence he should have been re-appointed to SL.Last nights game further backed this up.
  14. With vastly reduced Challenge Cup gates these days compared with 20 to 30 years ago,I don't believe the overall numbers attending games has changed dramatically. What has changed is a good proportion of fans are concentrating on 5 or 6 clubs.
  15. The attendances highlighted by Jon M summarises Wilsons points very well. 6 clubs ie Doncaster,Featherstone,Halifax,Oldham,Sheffield and Workington have seen dramatic fall offs and all 6 are a shadow of their former selves.Only 2 clubs ie Hull and Warrington have shown significant increases. If you take into account clubs lower down the pyramid pre SL such as Keighley,Whitehaven,Rochdale,Barrow,Swinton and York I think you will find that the overall strength of the game has declined over the last 20 years.When you add in the declining amateur scene over this period the game can only be seen as thriving if you support a top 6 SL team.