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  1. On the evidence of the first 40 and last nights game,Sky won't be in a rush to put us on the main event game. Many complain about the Sky coverage and our treatment by them,but as an elite competition there are many instances when we need to take a long hard look at ourselves.
  2. I expect the injury list will not be as long next weekend.
  3. Does anybody know if any pricing structure has been announced for the new channels.? I am with Virgin and haven't heard anything.
  4. Does anybody know when this is likely to start? Could be a problem for Sky if a lot of RL,Darts,NFL fans or whatever sports are put on this other package only subscribe to that channel.
  5. Fax certainly bottled it on Sunday by losing at Swinton.I think that result has decided the top 4.Can't see Fax winning at Toulouse when they already have lost twice to them this season.
  6. Agree with all of the above.The finish time of the televised games seems to be extended by about 5 mins each year. Even in non televised games,the awarding of a scrum leads to long breaks in play ,particularly in the last 20 mins. our 80 min game is becoming longer than a 90 min soccer game.
  7. I have yet to hear any club say that we are going to put all our efforts into growing our fan and sponsorship basis.If this is successful we will then be able to consider full time status.
  8. Amazing score in Sheffield v Fax game.I was expecting this to be close.
  9. Has Toronto's involvement made any difference to the amateur scene in the area?
  10. Good defensive performance from Fax,but overall Fev the better side. The lack of another creative half-back has hampered Fax for a couple of years-although quite a number of sides could say that.
  11. Fax v Batley difficult to predict.Batley have had the better of us in recent years,usually by close margins in low scoring games.However Fax's recent form has been better. .
  12. Good news this-particularly with the junior set up.
  13. There is a good article on the BBC web site featuring Seamus McCallion and his memories from the great Fax side of the mid 80's. As pointed out in the article,it was in the days when the Challenge Cup Final was the main day of the RL season. Personally it brings back great memories-particularly on the Sunday night drinking out of the Challenge Cup in the Plummet Line .
  14. I make this Wakefields third televised game in just over a week.
  15. It is also backed up with a convincing win from Catalans and a healthy crowd.