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  1. Just read that next years playing budget is £400k,and will be a mixture of full and part time.Given a squad of say 25,that averages out at £16K per player.Seems OK for part time players,but on the low side for full time.
  2. The new team will have 30 games to avoid relegation.With the 12 point deduction -realistically they probably need a 50/50 record to stay up.The chances are their new playing budget will be higher than most Championship clubs with the exception of Hull KR,London and Featherstone,so they may be OK. .
  3. The peak summer months have not seen an upsurge in attendances as hoped for.Holidays and other commitments will no doubt have affected this,leaving spring and autumn as the best time to play.Obviously you can,t have a disjointed season but unless your club is involved at the death,a mid September finish in an ideal world is too early.
  4. The Championship clubs should be getting more equal funding with a small amount as an extra incentive.By getting in the middle 8's that is incentive enough with the extra gates that brings. If certain SL clubs were getting £3m and others £500k there would be uproar-but on a smaller scale this is what is happening to the championship clubs.
  5. Its highly likely the darts will be on SS1,while our games will probably on SS3.
  6. Surely its down to the clubs-not just the RFL. Its a long standing complaint over our lack of all types of media coverage,but how much of this is self inflicted. Are we getting the stories out there?
  7. I would like to see Sky resurrect the "celebrity" guest appearance from people like BradleyWiggins,Stuart Pearce etc.It might also be worth a gamble onJoey Barton.
  8. Apart from having to start in League 1 would it not be better for a new consortium to have the club liquidated? If this happens all the debts are wiped out and Bradford Northern 2017 would start up.
  9. If salary caps had increased with inflation and a more favourable currency exchange rate,this growing list of overseas players going back on their word would not be the case.
  10. In this country,if we split the game into 4 sections; 1)International 2)SL 3)Semi-pro game ie Championship and Championship1 4)Community game Most will agree we are currently facing significant challenges in all of the above and arguments can be made for the reducing amounts of money we receive to be chanelled to a certain area. From my point of view it is the community game that is most in need of any help.This is where the vast majority of our players and a large number of fans and offficials get their first taste of our game. As has been previously pointed out traditionally,it is the local union club that has the better facilities than the league one. The game needs more people like Lionel and combined efforts from commitee's etc. to provide the clubhouses,equipment,playing surfaces that we deserve.
  11. Depressing stuff reading Parky's summary-but he is probably right. Union is now the dominant form of rugby in Halifax -something that 10 years ago I would have thought unthinkable. Thank goodness we have the excellent Siddal club on our doorsteps. 2016 has been a bad year for the game at all levels.How can we start the fight back?
  12. The RL Parliamentary section should be onto the Sports Minister over this.
  13. Like it or not,whatever happens in Australia is more important than the international game.Sounds like we could be heading for another "SL War".
  14. Despite what Meninga and a few others say,for the Aussies ,the international game is third on the agenda.Only by beating,or at the very least competing with them,will this change. It is about time our games journalists earned their money.
  15. Critics of our game ie union trolls will have a field day.