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  1. Reserve and Academy teams

    Amazing how Fax and Keighley can run a reserve side but 3/4 of SL can't. Just hope the new set up will introduce compulsory participation for at least SL teams. In Fax's case the supporters club make great efforts in helping to fund the team,and as a consequence we are giving many local lads a chance at our game rather than moving to Union.
  2. Just seen the following numbers on Sky Sports News in relation to ticket sales for all sporting events in UK in the last year. Overall ticket sales up by 7% to 74.5million(best since the Olympic Year of 2012) Soccer 47.6m Horse racing/Equestrion 7.5m RU 5.5m Cricket 2.7m We are 5th with 2.3m No great surprise with soccer and proves my theory that it is bigger than every other sport combined. In relation to cricket and union and their international appeal ,our total does not seem to bad . Also confirms most league fans claims that we don't get the media coverage we deserve in relation to those 2 sports.
  3. New Super League Board structure

    Anybody who supports the game as a whole ie Championship,Championship 1,the amateur game and an expanded international game are going to be disappointed. RL 2020 onwards is going to be ruled by 16 Aussie teams and the "chosen" 12,14 or whatever the magic number is from the SL.
  4. Super League restructure coming

    I can see the SL becoming a separate entity to the RFL,similar to the set up in soccer between the Premiership and the FA.
  5. Licensing

    Average attendances of at least 5,000.
  6. Latest World Rankings

    Surprised to see Cook Islands below countries such as Belgium and Malta. I am assuming domestic activity counts for nothing,as I thought there was some activity in certain African countries.
  7. BBC coverage(again)

    The lead story is now 4 days old.
  8. BBC coverage(again)

    Just had a look at the BBC website,and there has been no news items for the last 3 days. Whilst David Woods is no doubt travelling back and is due a good rest following his efforts over the last 6 weeks,I would have thought there might be somebody in the vast organisation to pen a few lines. Reflections on the World Cup,what happens next to the international game and domestic issues could all be covered. Is there going to be a shut down now until the week before SL.? The BBC I am sure are not alone in this news blackout,but as a sport we deserve a bit more.
  9. 2018 Predictions

    I think the best Fax can hope for is 6th. With 4 full time teams and Fev not far off it is going to be difficult for Fax and the rest to compete over a season. I do like the way Richard Marshall and the Fax board are trying to build for the future by running a reserve side and promoting youngsters,but will this add to their ability to challenge the top sides in the short term.?
  10. 2018 Predictions

    My prediction is the biggest stories in 2018 will involve the re-structuring of the game in this country.
  11. Should the 4N return?

    The idea has been binned for the time being-but I liked the idea of an 8 team tournament. Taking place every 4 years ,it would guarantee the likes of Fiji and Tonga having major tournaments every 2 years instead of 4. Two groups of 4 and then to the semi's and final. If it was to take place 2 years before in the country that was hosting the following world cup,it would get some continuity and help us to build bigger and better events.
  12. Sx Nations with England Knights

    After the World Cup the majority of fans have quite rightly demanded an increase in the international game. When one is announced there seems to be many against it. Apart from the question of what to call England,what are the RFL to do? There just aren't the spaces in the calendar or the will for anything else.
  13. How can England not regress now?

    It is down to the coaches and players to improve the general standard of SL.Only then can the bulk of our players get used to playing in pressure situations. The ability is definitely there,but the number of unforced errors has increased dramarically in the last 2 or 3 years.
  14. BBC Promoting RLWC final (not)

    I am disappointed that an organisation such as the BBC allows all these trolls on their comments page. If forums such as this is monitored,the BBC should be ashamed of themselves.
  15. RLWC Final may struggle to sell out.

    I keep hearing that Union is insignificant in Australia,yet they manage far better crowds for international games.