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  1. 2018 Series v NZ

    With the attitude of the Aussies at present the home series v NZ is probably the safest bet. Hindsight is a wonderful thing-but a 4 nation tournament with England,NZ,Fiji and Tonga would have certainly wetted the appetite over here. The extra cost of bringing over Tonga and Fiji is not likely to be risked by a safety first set up.
  2. Another example of where the BBC stand this morning. No mention of this game on the sports news on Breakfast TV,yet of course the Union game shows a try of their friendly game v Canada. It might seem like a minor oversight,but when we are trying to get the message over that we have an acitve womens game it adds up.
  3. Never thought I would say this,but England under McNamara seemed a better overall side than under Bennett. I feel a number of the forwards are past their best and we are struggling at half back. There are some positives,particularly in defence.Bennett is too stubborn to admit he was wrong and drop Hodgson and Bateman.
  4. There has been a big trend in the last few years of our coaches leaving the game to go to union. I have just read our local paper and found out that Gareth Greenwood the coach of the most successful amateur team over the last few years has added to this ever increasing list. Has his great achievements with Siddal been rewarded with a move to a top side? No he has been appointed to the Old Crocs(presently the fourth ranked union team in Halifax) and then not even as the main coach.His new role is limited to coaching the backs. When you add quite a number of players making similar switches,it is another aspect of our game which concerns me.
  5. Womens RLWC about to explode

    BBC can't even manage live updated scores on their website.
  6. Nigel Woods vacations timing ?

    I had heard this new appointment was in the pipeline,but wasn't aware it was official.
  7. Team for the quarter final???

    You have got to admire what Bennett has achieved in the game,but to leave out Roby and continue with Bateman at centre. Can also not fathom out why Percival is on the bench with Currie. Brown also lucky to be there on the back of 1 game against average opposition.
  8. Team for the quarter final???

    Whilst Brown had a good game today,its like a Chelsea player having a good game against Peterborough in a midweek game and being the answer to beat Man City on the Saturday.
  9. Too long between WC pool matches

    The distances between venues yet another reason to avoid this part of the world for future cups.
  10. RLWC 2017

    After the relative success of 2013,is it incompetence or arrogance by the Aussies that they have not taken anything on board? Or both?
  11. If there is any spare money (of which I doubt) should this be spent on : 1)Developing Scotland,Ireland and Wales 2)France 3)London,Midlands,North-East or any other valid case 4)The heartlands. Many will have their own arguments for any of the above but at the moment we don't seem to be making much progress in any of them.
  12. The statement that the game "has never been in better shape" is probably not echoed in our part of the world.
  13. Could France host the WC

    A UK/France bid would be the best option for 2029. The southern hemisphere certainly have the edge on the pitch,but as far as organisation,crowds etc it is down to the northern hemisphere to deliver the kind of events our sport deserves.
  14. RLWC 2017

    Don't like the way that all the fixtures are condensed into a weekend. In 2013 we had games at Rochdale on a Monday and Bristol on a Wednesday for example.The stand alone fixtures for that day meant it got more publicity and better crowds.Also better for us watching at home when they are spread about.
  15. crowd for opener

    if the Aussies prefer watching the game on TV why are we holding the tournament there? Hopefully we can put on another good event in 2021,and if 2025 is a success we can leave the southern hemisphere out of the equation.