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  1. Good segment on Look North about Bentley.They seem to have made great progress in recent years particularly with the youngsters.
  2. Is there much amateur RL still played in winter?I know most have turned to summer but thought the Pennine was still running the old traditional season.
  3. I thought there had been some activity in Mexico,Thailand and The Philippines,plus a mention of Japan in the recent RLW .Not sure which other counties have any participation.
  4. Would imagine the prices for Tottenham reflect the extra cost of hiring the stadium.After the last few weeks its going to be a hard sell.
  5. It won't get heartbeats racing,but Englands sternest test next June would be England Knights.Travelling to the Southern Hemisphere mid season dosen't seem to work and as France are in such a poor state,giving the youngsters a chance to claim a jersey for the Aussies and the World Cup may be the best solution.
  6. Presumably Williams will come on as hooker for the last 15 minutes.Crazy leaving Clark out, but one of numerous strange decisions from somebody who has lost the "plot".
  7. Nearly everybody on here pointed out that the make up of the squad left a lot to be desired.Surely this is one of those occasions where the fans know more than those in charge.
  8. The make up of this squad sums it up for me.Selection for next weekend is from 7 half-backs,1 winger and 0 centres. Unbelievable Geoff.
  9. Not capitalising on Tonga's emergence is similar to England's in 2013. This year was crying out for a Four Nations but as the clubs rule our game, top class internationals seems to be left to other sports.
  10. On my schedule it is showing This is BBC2 between 3.30 and 5.30,so I'll end up recording that and hope for the best.
  11. Just tried to record the game for tomorrow so I can watch it about 9.00am,only to find that it is only scheduled between 5.30 and 6.00.
  12. Has the disparity between GB/England and our union counterparts ever been greater? Time to bury our heads in the sand and look forward to the club games that will grab the nations attention!
  13. Just seen that Ross Oakes has signed a 2 year full-time contract.Surely in Bradfords current situation they should be looking to consolidate as a part-time club.
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