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  1. Halifax requested a switch but Sheffield refused.
  2. The RFL will benefit from the sale by a hair raising amount.
  3. A glance at the league table after only 3 games shows its the same old story.Only a handful of clubs have realistic aims of getting to Old Trafford and only 2 any chance of winning it. Under the present circumstances an acceptable outcome.
  4. Don't know his best position but need to find a spot for Jake Connor. Hope Roby can be persuaded for one last tournament.
  5. This weeks Halifax Courier has a 48 page guide to the new season.
  6. Too close to call. Fax v Batley games are nearly always decided by a few points. A lot of new players on show who haven't played competitively for a year so anything could happen.
  7. I wonder if there will be calls for some games to be deferred to after May17th.This would probably mean midweek fixtures which is not ideal but if you can play after that date with fans it is worth considering.
  8. George Standidge at Halifax in the early 80's was a popular player with the "scratching shed" faithful.
  9. More grants announced to lower league soccer today. Surely Championship clubs should be in the same boat.
  10. In soccer the National League is continuing albeit with quite a number of cancellations. I believe they got quite a generous grant from the lottery which made it financially viable for most clubs. If any similar grants were available to the Championship and League 1 clubs a March start date should be viable. If no money was available the RFL should be onto it.
  11. BT televise soccers National League. I've no idea how much they pay for it, but the Championship surely has a bigger profile.
  12. Saints and Wigan are likely to be in the majority of Grand Finals for at least the next decade. They get the best overseas players,the best local and the best academy players. The only team I can see competing with them is Leeds. If the salary cap was lifted it at least gives the potential for a money man to come in and chanhg the present imbalance. Its a shame that the two areas that really matter to the wider sporting British public are too predictable ie international and SL
  13. Under the circumstances it makes sense. An extra week of the play offs has got to be better than extending the league fixtures.
  14. I don,t know what the latest is on a start date for the second and third tiers,but I was interested to see that in soccer the National League teams were getting payments of £85,000.00 per month from the lottery. I realise there was initial money from the government,but this was in the form of loans. National League teams would be on a par with many Championship teams,so if money is available this could be the lifeline we need to get the game going early next year.
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