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  1. In soccer the National League is continuing albeit with quite a number of cancellations. I believe they got quite a generous grant from the lottery which made it financially viable for most clubs. If any similar grants were available to the Championship and League 1 clubs a March start date should be viable. If no money was available the RFL should be onto it.
  2. BT televise soccers National League. I've no idea how much they pay for it, but the Championship surely has a bigger profile.
  3. Saints and Wigan are likely to be in the majority of Grand Finals for at least the next decade. They get the best overseas players,the best local and the best academy players. The only team I can see competing with them is Leeds. If the salary cap was lifted it at least gives the potential for a money man to come in and chanhg the present imbalance. Its a shame that the two areas that really matter to the wider sporting British public are too predictable ie international and SL
  4. Under the circumstances it makes sense. An extra week of the play offs has got to be better than extending the league fixtures.
  5. I don,t know what the latest is on a start date for the second and third tiers,but I was interested to see that in soccer the National League teams were getting payments of £85,000.00 per month from the lottery. I realise there was initial money from the government,but this was in the form of loans. National League teams would be on a par with many Championship teams,so if money is available this could be the lifeline we need to get the game going early next year.
  6. Salford were always up against it,but the decisions against them make the game a non event.
  7. I thought the game summed up when it matters most in SL, Wigan win and Warrington lose. Can only see Saints or Wigan winning it this year.
  8. Well done to the BBC.Five hours of good coverage is something we could have only dreamed of in former years.
  9. Missing the mag.Any idea when it is back?
  10. I went to the game and is another example of another near miss which could have had great implications for the game in this country. The general profile of RL in this country was greater than at any other time in recent history.Victory would have significantly increased this.
  11. Been impressed with the standard on the return and like the new rules. My only concern so far is that a lot of the games have been one sided .Our game is at its best when the scores are close.
  12. Quite a number of grounds have areas not in use for a normal game such as Hull,Huddersfield,Salford. Presumably if all 4 sides are open this would increase capacity. The only downside would be extra staff costs for gatemen ,stewards etc.
  13. I would imagine he will take a massive pay cut. Despite the marquee signings,only Widdop is paid over £150k a year.
  14. Great memories. Celebrations on the Saturday night were a bit limited as we were in a hotel out at Heathrow. However when we got back to Halifax on the Sunday it was mind blowing.Estimates that 70,000 lined the streets for the victory tour,was followed by numerous drinks including one out of the Challenge Cup itself sat next to Graham Eadie in the Plummet Line.
  15. The only way I can see sport being played this calendar year is behind closed doors. As players will then want paying in full how many teams/sports could afford this?
  16. There were 5 Fairbank brothers at Elland. I believe 4 of them played together regularly (John was too young) and they all went onto play professionally.I don't think any of them played together in the pro game.
  17. If as many expect the new deal to be reduced,it is slightly ironic that the Championship and League 1 clubs suffer due to an under performing SL. After 23 years we still have only 4 to 6 clubs living up to the requirements of the game in this countries premier competition. A lower standard of play and high profile players has led to reduced crowds,TV audiences and general media interest.
  18. For us to begin to compete with the Aussies the salary cap has got to increase.The vast difference against our main competitors(union and the NRL) is telling. Saints are by far our best team,yet with 3 or 4 players out injured they just didn,t have the strength in depth to give themselves a realistic chance of winning.
  19. Depressing night at the Shay last night. Poor weather,crowd,performances from the players-particularly Fax and incompetent officiating.
  20. Good idea to have this thread.You can,t rely on the BBC or local media to keep you informed. However soccers postponements were relayed a lot quicker yesterday-so is it the media's fault or our clubs not getting the info over?
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