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  1. I believe Huddersfield have only sold 3,000.
  2. The biggest question I have with regard to crowds is why has the decline of crowds over the last few years continued since lockdown? The comparison with soccer is significant and I don,t mean the top of their game but at the fourth and fifth tiers.
  3. Is it any wonder Sky are offering much less to televise our games.
  4. Leigh and Fev are way superior to the rest of the league and as the grounds get firmer the one sided scorelines are only going to get wider. The only consolation for supporters of other teams in the league is that they are going to see a lot more competitive games.
  5. Good game. Shame about the crowd. How empty are those seats going to be if Wigan start losing?
  6. Going back in time Challenge Cup ties often had bigger gates than league games. Although the BBC does a good job these days,the lack of atmosphere that comes over due to sparse crowds does the game no favours.
  7. Fax unlike most other clubs when moving grounds in the 90's found crowds at the Shay were well down on Thrum Hall. Despite finishing 3rd in SL attendances were way short of the late 80's early 90's era. Financial problems and subsequent relegation meant a different club and the last 20 years has seen them mainly as one of the best part time teams in the Championship with crowds of around 2,000. Sharing the ground the football team get similar attendances and are punching above their weight against teams with far bigger resources. Can't see this changing much unless a money man is around the corner.
  8. RIP Dave. Great loss to the game. As well as his RL books he wrote one about travelling round England on a pensioners bus pass.
  9. Amazed Ryan Hall in ahead of Tom Johnstone.
  10. After watching the boxing and soccer last night I thing we should be grateful for our officials.
  11. Season tickets are generally good value and the take up is probably as high as it has been for a number of years. Where the game misses out is the punters who decide to go at short notice and are probably put off by the prices. When Sunday was the main game day in the 80's and 90's many would make a late decision to go to a game and it was easier to get access to the ground by paying your "fiver" over the turnstiles. The decline in the pub culture nearer our grounds has also had a big effect.
  12. Much as I hate to say it Twickenham was always going to be a better fit for the launch than our national stadium.
  13. You can only get the magazine now by subscription. Good to have it back. My only criticism is the lack of coverage on the community game. I suspect this may be due to the increased coverage for all SL and Championship teams. I noticed the mag is down to 68 pages (I also subscribe to the Cricketer which for the same price has 100 pages). Nevertheless still a good read.
  14. The way Wigan are declining under his leadership,he may change his views in the future.
  15. Good to see both Saints teams nominated. Out of the 11 nominations for the team of the year award,10 had won trophies. The one that hadn't won the award.
  16. For every current Fax fan I speak to about the team, I must speak to about 5 or 6 who no longer go and watch the games but were active supporters in the 80's and 90's.RL was the dominant sport/activity in the town and was backed up by around 15 amateur clubs with upto 30 teams playing in the Pennine League. The move to the Shay did not help the club and it has been hard to see the decline in both the professional and amateur game (the excellent Siddal club being the obvious exception) Hopefully next year will see increased interest in a town that was and should be in the future a stronghold of the game.
  17. Some good additions for next season.Hope this is reflected with increased attendances next year.
  18. Just been on BBC Breakfast,with an interview with ex pro Michael Edwards.
  19. Can't we transfer him to the RFL/SL where many targets are not being met?
  20. Like a lot of people on here and RL fans in general,I have less interest in the game than I used to have. Unless other commitments dictate I have always watched televised games for the last 40+ years. Last night I found myself flicking between the Saints v Cas game and the 100.Whilst it was good to see Cas win- the entertainment at the cricket together with the atmosphere was far superior. What can we learn from cricket and other sports is the big question,but if nobody is listening to the answers what is the point?
  21. Is anybody over here interested in this irrelevant competition anymore?
  22. There are people in the NRL who can do more damage to our game than any union official could.
  23. Halifax was definitely a "rugby town " in the 80's and 90's. Unfortunately relegation from SL and a decline in the amateur game means this is no longer the case.
  24. I,ve no longer any interest in the NRL.From being a keen viewer on Sky I shall now class the game down under as I would a game of union .
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