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  1. The World Series is a waste of time.

    Also the crowd was very healthy, it was bigger than most NRL games at the ANZ you will see this year.
  2. The World Series is a waste of time.

    I love it every year win lose or draw. Just the usual dour RL fan complaints from the OP.
  3. Axiom. Junction 32.

    We gonna see someone in a hard hat soon laying the first brick. Nothing for 12 months then an announcement of a completion date of 2023.
  4. Quality of Rugby League

    Thats been the case for yonks. The amateur RL game has always been for meat heads and frustrated doormen and more modern times wannabe UFC fighters while Union is a stroll in the park for beer bellied 40 year olds
  5. I don't get this tackle over the touchline, apparently your not allowed to drag players but Burgess was being dragged by 3 players there. Not one of them was even attempting to tackle him towards the end.
  6. Quality of Rugby League

    It's the same every year, we are supposedly a summer sport but we start in -2 degrees and finish in torrential rain in October
  7. Quality of Rugby League

    Rose tinted glasses again. These players today are 100-120kg and faster, stronger and fitter than ever before. It's crazy how people think these wirey backs of the 80's and 90's could throw it around after being hit by a 120kg forward 20 times a game.
  8. Headingley redevelopment

    It just goes to show how easy is to erect a rudimentary stand, I suppose though if the club razed the West terrace and put a similar looking stand it would probably half the capacity of it due to it being seated rather than standing.
  9. Headingley redevelopment

    I'm a happy camper in the main but it does have It's downpoints. Mostly towards the north stand and why we have lowered the capacity and half the size of the cricket side. People can counter and say well you don't average the capacity anyway, but the point is I'd like us to compete with Leicester Tigers as the biggest rugby club in the country and it would be nice to have Headingley in the test match conversation again but at 19/20k it is a little low for big England games.
  10. I think they are calling it the International challenge or something like that.
  11. Aussies don't care about the NRL v SL game. Crowd looks bigger than most NRL games at the ANZ
  12. Headingley redevelopment

    Glad that never happended. Looks like a mini Elland Road.
  13. If I were Brian and or Garry, I would have publicly threatend to pack up if they did'nt revert back to International rules. We know what is next, WC and test matches will be played under NRL rules.