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  1. Mattrhino

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    Another great example of Rugby league amnesia going on. We had May finals not that long ago, and the early rounds became a joke pre-season comp and the crowds were nit any bigger than they are now. Infact the last two finals at Wembley in 98 and 99 got 60k and 73k.
  2. Mattrhino

    Video Replay

    All SL games should have VR
  3. Mattrhino

    New Grounds.

    A joint stadium in glasshouton would be next to xscape with much more variety of pubs and eateries than around the current stadiums.
  4. Mattrhino

    2018 Kits

    Really weird decision to change the way the Marvel shirts are designed, from the costume theme to just plonking the cartoon image on the chest. It really doesn't work as well imo. Although we all complained last year how we were using 4 year old NRL designs. Now we got a customized design we are complaining again
  5. Mattrhino

    England Knights in PNG

    Yep, someone seems to have seen sense at the RFL if this turns out to be true.
  6. Mattrhino

    England v France

    It wasn't even given full test status the last Eng v France game in this country was it.
  7. Mattrhino

    England v France

    I wish I am wrong, but the RFL have to make a reason for people to attend. Not just for 8,000 diehard league fans in the North West
  8. Mattrhino

    England v France

    Nice we have a game planned, but I'm sure it will be a damp squib at the LSV. God knows why we are playing a reserve England side against full test sides. Someone at the top has to see how silly this is and has no up side. It can only de-value the International game win or lose.
  9. Mattrhino

    Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    The most rudiculous thing, is the RFL made a big fanfare of announcing a knights squad but as yet no one knows if they are ever gonna play. Another hairbrained scheme from the RFL
  10. Mattrhino

    The future of RL's TV rights

    The only reason I would be sceptical is that why would it be in SKY's intetest to damage a sport that it has been linked with for 30 years. And with more and more competition SKY need to keep as much as they can. They are losing alot of cricket. F1 has announced that they wish to return to FTA as soon as possible. So what are they going to have on in the summer? Apart from 2nd rate test matches and a few twenty/twenty matches.
  11. Mattrhino

    Lions tour 2019

    No way anything gets announced until well after the NZ series. And no chance getting a shirt until probably two weeks after the tour. Not sure what is happening with the Hummel England shirt. Summer is approaching, which is the time we should be selling the apparel.
  12. Game was never able to get going, another 25+ penalty count is pathetic from Thaler.
  13. Doesn't hurt Basketball or NFL where half the teams get to the post season, most seasons include teams who have lost more than they have won.
  14. Yeah they could do what the RFL have done recently and put the semis into smaller stadiums like Doncaster so it looks better on TV, but I don't particularly think that is the right path.
  15. The whole super 8 is just a drag until the GF there is absolutely no interest until the big game. You have interest in the regular season as to who gets into the 8 and then It just dies a death. The old style top 5/6/8 we're not perfect or greatly attended but at least it was knock out footy and kept up peoples interest.