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  1. I think only the NFL is the only example, but that is very much the exception not the rule. RU is more or less year round sport. Top soccer teams play 50+ games a year NBA play upwards of 100 games a season if you include play offs. Baseball 120+ NHL is upwards of 100 games season including playoffs Cricket is year round F1 is a 10 month season
  2. I'm not usually one to say the NRL always are better. But in this way they are. A usual Origin match or big WC game you will hardly notice the ref's. Any time a SL ref gets a big game its an easy 30+ penalty count.
  3. People complaining about moving it from St James. Wasn't it the fact that RU are staging the the European cups over the 10th & 11th May and it was subject that St James could not stage another rugby competition around a certain time period. But don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.
  4. A load of rubbish being spouted by some posters here. He has scored a combined 11 trys in 17 matches against Australia and New Zealand is suddenly not good enough to match his NRL counterparts.
  5. Good post. I too think the championship should concentrate on creating a strong competition in its own right.
  6. God no it was awful and was rightly sacked. Yes it was a little interesting but was the lowest common denominator.
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