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  1. Mattrhino

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    When was the last time RL filled Wembley? Apart from the first year of the new Wembley In the old Wembley was alot easier to make look full we are talking 30+ years ago when we last got close to filling Wembley.
  2. Mattrhino

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    Good post. The CC cup is already a unique event for neutrals, fans of all clubs is something attendending is something you would never see in soccer. If it were up to neutrals to fill up the FA cup final it would be a quarter full. As you say not even RU with all their money,sponsorship and media can fill stadiums for cup finals with less popular clubs. The only club sport final I know of that can be sold out with neutrals is the Super Bowl.
  3. Mattrhino

    Barba going back to NRL

    No NRL club will offer a transfer fee these days as it counts on that years cap.
  4. All I would say is that to a man every ex player I have heard on the subject say a reserve grade is very important.
  5. That is the default position of most RL club owners.
  6. Super 8's really are a joke. They need to go at the end if this season.
  7. Mattrhino


    People need to scroll down before getting so excited about putting someone right haha.
  8. Mattrhino


    Funny how a score in Gridiron is still called a touchdown even though not since 1889 have you needed to actually touch the ball down to score.
  9. Mattrhino

    Lions tour 2019

    So any more news? Not gonna be much of a tour for GB if the Aussies want to come over here. A tour of Hull, Huddersfield and Leeds. A bit like the old Hale and Pace sketch "if it's outside Yorkshire there is no point even visiting"
  10. Mattrhino


    Did you guys know that the meaning of a try came from the the attempt to convert the score with a kick.
  11. Mattrhino

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    I don't think Leeds even brought out a dvd of last years championship. But we hardly commemerated it at all. RL has really been stripped to it's bare bones.
  12. Mattrhino

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    Well complete matches not sure, but extended highlights and clips must be in the 000's Our lasa bought me the treble DVD for the 2015 season dont think its made its way out the case yet. Can get all the games on Youtube.
  13. Mattrhino

    Lack of RL DVD's on the market

    Do anybody buy DVD's anymore? You can get 000's of games on youtube
  14. Mattrhino

    Plan 'B'

    This is stuff we need the media to follow up on. Because it's ok Rimmer and the RFL coming out with this sort of stuff but we need some accountability if at the end of the day they do nowt.
  15. That is RL for you! Why do we play non televised games on Fri and clash with the SKY game so we lose viewers.