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    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    WTF is going on? We do make some bloody odd decisions at Fev Struggling to field 17 players one week, letting your stand out player go the next. The mind boggles.
  2. Not just the championship Harry. A closed shop SL will become an endless series of dead rubbers and dreary, meaningless games like last time they pulled up the drawbridge. Does anyone really want to see the zombie teams going through motions in an endless cycle of pointlessness and drudgery?
  3. Don't forget Toulouse. On home turf they are the best I've seen this year. If they can make 2nd and get the extra home game, there could be a third SL team in trouble. KR look to be in the sticky brown stuff too. Featherstone won't win a single game in the 8s, but will put up a decent fight assuming London or Halifax don't beat us to it. Fantastic competition this year in the championship. If only Super League was this interesting, maybe that's why they've thrown the teddy out of the cot.
  4. Because he talks a load of guff. His latest hobby horse is charitable foundations and he's using it to twist points, conflate issues and justify his babble. 5 minutes research into the charitable foundations of clubs demonstrates the alternative universe he inhabits.
  5. The point you are missing is that those 6 clubs are no more or less viable than the also rans. Even 'fax and Fev are viable with the SL level sky money. so that makes 8 replacements in waiting. I support Fev BTW
  6. Who exactly is arguing that they will? The fact that there are 5 championship teams and Bradford who would easily replace 6 of the also rans, and in Toronto, Toulouse and Bradford's case vastly enhance the competition should be a cause for celebration. However, given your defensive nonsense, I assume you support one of the zombie clubs.
  7. Saints Leeds was a great game, probably the best of the season. But the majority have been dire. The coup d'etat has got nothing to do with making it more super and everything to do with self preservation.
  8. You could argue that the current super league needs to have 1/3 of its number replaced. I absolutely agree that it's not super. I don't think you'll struggle to get that third spot and Auto promotion. Toulouse will be up there too, along with Leigh. We could be looking at (and I really hope we get) 3 up and 3 down this year.
  9. I agree about Bradford, KR and London. But how will they get there if the junta reduce the opportunity to only one team per year and then slash the funding for the championship? KR will more than likely make way for Toronto this year, so that's another club vying for that one spot. With one up one down and 3 more teams in the mix, it could be 15 years before the league looks anything like that. Is the Super 8s starting to make sense yet?
  10. All well and good, but you've included the weakest current SL team, one that relies on an old man for survival and two who will struggle to get anywhere near SL if the junta have their way. Oh and at least two that don't exist yet. Not to mention the one that has a stadium that the RSPCA wouldn't let you keep pigs in.
  11. David Shepherd

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    Wasn't that a ruling of the European Courts? It may be possible to challenge that in the not too distant future.
  12. Cheers I'd love to be a fly on the wall. I imagine the discussion will be "full and frank"
  13. So, do we know when the next episode of this fustercluck is due? Are there meetings planned?
  14. God I hope so, I'm totally sick of that inferior game lording it over us peasants oop t'north
  15. It's not worth engaging in serious conversation with you. Are you Parky's lancastrian cousin?
  16. David Shepherd

    Any player who claims a head injury

    So because one bitter keyboard warrior from Wigan thinks some players are milking head injuries, we should risk the lives of injured players so we can root out a couple of sneaks? Well done you.
  17. Lets not forget that Gary Hetherington runs by far the most successful club, both on and off field of the modern era. But yeah, let's not listen to him cos he clearly has no idea about running a rugby league business.
  18. Because a strong Bradford risen from the ashes will be good for the game.
  19. If you ever speak to him, you'll realise what a daft statement that is.
  20. David Shepherd

    Any player who claims a head injury

    What a stupid suggestion. When the player goes down, you, the ref or physio/doctor have no idea what could be wrong. Moving could cause multiple complications and make any injury orders of magnitude worse. Chuffing glad you're not a doctor.
  21. Erm, all the years I've been a neighbour.
  22. I looks like it boils down to Hetherington actually being bothered about the entire sport and the others not giving a flying ###### Also, the press conference announcing something that had not been agreed upon having attracted his (quite reasonable) anger.
  23. Fev can only muster a 17 man squad. No DR from Leeds. Looking very threadbare, could be an opportunity for Barrow to ambush us here.
  24. David Shepherd

    Dual registration discussion

    Never liked DR Either get shut of it, or charge Super League Europe Ltd £16.4M for keeping their fringe players fit.