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  1. Swore blind I wasn't going to Blackpool again. I'm away on a work trip on Ibiza Saturday, feeling a bit gutted now and wish I was going. I'll find myself a northerner friendly bar and watch it. UTR
  2. I get the feeling I'm going to thoroughly enjoy Toronto on July 13th
  3. Talking to MC the other night in Ponte, to all intents and purposes he's our player to do with what we will. The only reason it's a loan is because of Visa issues if we signed him properly. MC reckoned there was no chance of a recall, so I'd guess we're free to play him too.
  4. Do you know that physical goods represent a tiny fraction of our exports? (One of the reasons why the CU argument is a bit of a red herring). Services are what we are good at. How is UK agriculture protected now? The CAP does not work for them, it exists to keep French farmers happy.
  5. They speak French in Quebec. The dirty beggars. - They speak Welsh in Wales, which is just as relevant Same laws? Some laws the same? - The same BASIS of Law i.e. Common Law Australia has some federal state system. Canada has territories. New Zealand has no upper house. - Scotland, Wales and NI have devolved Government. However, all are modelled on the Westminster system. Aye. Although not everyone in the dominions seems happy with that. - Yet none of them have yet ditched Lizzie Closer than any other selected group of countries in the world? - With the exception of The USA, yes. Always? I mean, I have no idea. Do these canucks not have minds of their own? - A bit of research into goings on at The UN would help you here Not really. Canada is big and icy, Australia remote and hot. New Zealand is miles away and Maori. - How does this prevent our interests being closely aligned? I'm not basing international diplomacy on the fact that we can beat Canada at cricket. - That is not guaranteed. I'd suggest family ties are significantly looser now than at any point in modern history. What with Australia ending the White Australia Policy, Canada being open to people from around the world, and New Zealand not being Little Britain. - And yet the top three overseas destinations for Brits sending Christmas Presents are Canada, Australia and NZ. This indicates there may well be significant family ties. Does identical GDP smooth the wheels or is it a pointless addition to the list? - It means than none of the 4 countries are likely to be swamped with migrants from the other 3. The reason free movement hasn't worked in The EU is that the economies of the outer countries are at nowhere near the level of the inner core. This has led to brain drains in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Lithuania etc.
  6. Can you point me to the relevant article that suggests that this is British Empire 2.0 It's 2019, not 1919. The British Empire is ancient history and utterly irrelevant to this idea. It's like some of the more looney Brexiteers claiming that The EU is essentially The Fourth Reich.
  7. Same Language? Same basis of Law? Same Political Systems? Same Head of State? Already tight and close defence co-operation. A record of always voting together at the UN Interests already closely aligned? Sporting Ties? Family Ties? Almost Identical GDP per Capita?
  8. Are you serious? That's one of the most offensive things I've read on this forum.
  9. Actually, it's because South Africa's (along with India, Pakistan etc) economy is nowhere near the level that these four are. One of The EU's myriad of problems is that it is nowhere near a union of equals.
  10. Slightly off topic, but in the event that those pesky politicians ever get around to letting us leave, we need to forge a new place in the world. Anyone heard of the CANZUK proposal? It's essentially a loose union of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and The UK. It includes free movement, defense, security and foreign relations co-operation and a free trade area. Personally, I think we'd be more at home here than in the EU. The four countries have lots more in common than the EU28 do. https://www.canzukinternational.com/
  11. Good one Kman, you're a true Rugby League fan. You're as one eyed as the rest of us In that spirit. I've not seen a recording of the game yet, but Bussey was definitely the victim and both Beswick and Simms need banning for at least eleventy seven games.
  12. Thanks a lot TPH. Five years of therapy erasing them from my memory down the tubes.
  13. Sorry about that. A red mist descended after that dodgy short kick off call from Mr Hewer. (I was sat on the 10m line). It's entirely possible that I lost the plot and shouted several words that my mother would disown me for. Repeatedly, right in his ear hole.
  14. Best team lost Fantastic effort from Fev. Just lacked a bit of composure when we went into the lead. Gutted
  15. As others have said, Pub O'Clock and Melting Pot are popular with Brits. Had a good crack last year with some visiting RUFC types from Bristol and this year with some ex-pat Airbus employees. Le Frog et Rosbif is a nice pub too, especially for food and is a bit less rowdy than these two.
  16. Last year the bus service was OK. With my limited GCSE (D Grade) french, I think one of the locals at the bus stop this year told me that it was suspended early because of the Gillets Jaunes.
  17. That's brilliant. Well done Wakey. First big, international sponsor in the game since Emirates.
  18. This year, hopeful Tornoto. It'll give the game some much needed publicity are help to shake off the whippet and cloth cap image. Following year Toulouse, big shot in the arm for French RL.
  19. There aren't any teams in Lancashire, so I'd guess it's a none starter.
  20. That bloke's a serial wind up merchant. If he told me the sky was blue, I'd check.
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