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  1. David Shepherd

    2019. Is it Warringtons year?

    It's always the Fev fan. We're a bad lot.😁
  2. David Shepherd

    2019. Is it Warringtons year?

    The Warrington fans I saw both before and after the game were great, aside from some gentle ribbing about owning a whippet and have a ferret down my trousers (i was wearing a fev shirt). Can't comment on the bottle throwing as I'd nipped off to the loo. The only trouble I saw was about 6 or 7 drunks wearing Wigan shirts scrapping among themselves after the game in the concourse under the stand.
  3. David Shepherd

    Are We Really

    getting rid of the million pound game? OK, it was never a classic, but for drama and thrilling entertainment that was superb. Rugby League will be poorer for not having it next year.
  4. David Shepherd

    private equity company land plans

    RE points 4 and 5 of Maureens post: Makes sense that a deal would need to be structured this way and not through the club directly. A project like this doesn't need to have 600 opinions and I can totally see why this would put investors off. As long as our tenure in the stadium part of the land is secure, what have we got to lose? That land is providing zero benefit at the moment.
  5. David Shepherd

    private equity company land plans

    He's Isle of Man based If it's an IOM company, it won't show at Companies House
  6. David Shepherd

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    I'm with you. SL by any means necessary. Even if that meant fielding the ghosts of Jimmy Saville and Harold Shipman as our 6 and 7.
  7. David Shepherd

    private equity company land plans

    Be interesting to know what the projected income is, and what kind of development we are looking at.
  8. David Shepherd

    SL could increase to 14 teams in 2021

    Just a point of order. Apart from a few noisy outliers on this forum, the majority of Brits think that an invitation only closed shop is a weird thing to have in a professional sports league.
  9. David Shepherd

    private equity company land plans

    So I assume that this private equity firm is Colm Corran, the recently appointed director of the club. Seems like a decent enough bloke, I sat next to him on the way out to Toulouse. Hopefully MC has done his homework on the man and he's not another fake sheikh. Assuming our tenure at Post Office Road is assured and that the proposal generates a decent income for us, I say go for it. However, I only hold B shares, so my opinion doesn't really count.
  10. David Shepherd

    2019 Squad

    Think we're stuck at the moment. We've enough income to be one of the best part-time sides, with maybe a few full timers. But we're a long way off being able to go completely full-time. Which I'd say is necessary to achieve Super League, even after the structure changes.
  11. David Shepherd

    2019 Shirt

    Hats off to whoever organised the shirts being ready on Sunday. Bet they sold a fair few. I know I woke up on Monday with a raging hangover and about two hundred quid worth of Fev gear lying around the house. The hinges on my wallet are always loosened by Strongbow.
  12. I like the way London have gone about their business since they were relegated. It's hugely encouraging to see so many locals in the team. Hope they continue along this path and don't go for the Aussie journeymen again.
  13. David Shepherd

    London in Superleague

    Don't know why people are so hung up on London's ground. It's a wonderful place to spend the afternoon watching rugby league, especially in the sunshine. With the proposed addition of another stand it will be more than adequate for next season. Even the beer prices are decent.
  14. David Shepherd

    London in Superleague

    Really pleased for London. Bet Parky's keyboard looks like a plasterer's radio.
  15. David Shepherd

    Major Recruitment

    Apparently the will be "Major recruitment news" at the forum. Let the wild speculation begin.
  16. Total clusterf#@k. That fat oaf at Leigh has pretty much destroyed the club, with his ego, stupid decisions and general douchebaggery. A good number of his disciples thoroughly deserve the situation they find themselves in. As a group they took their lead from the sun deck king when it came to social niceties and looking down on "those less fortunate". I have zero sympathy for them. There were however, always a minority who found the Degsy era an embarrassment, they have my deepest sympathy. Fev are not much better either. Our reliance on Leeds and failure to run a reserve has lead to us fielding less than a full team in at least the last 8 games. I'm thoroughly embarrassed and think both clubs should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute. The end of this season can't come quickly enough.
  17. No matter how many players both teams manage to muster, I hope it's a decent, hard fought game. Wouldn't blame any fan of either team for not bothering.
  18. David Shepherd

    Red Star Belgrade

    Fine with me. The more the merrier. Somewhere I've never been. Hope we draw them away.
  19. David Shepherd

    Widnes's £250k incentive to lose on Sunday

    Surely watching egg dribble down the ambulance chaser's cheeks is worth £250,000?
  20. David Shepherd

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    It's awful how your county has been butchered and turned into Greater Manchester and Merseyside etc. There's less for us fortunate enough to be born on the sunny side of the hill to take the mickey bliss out of. My late father was a proud Boltonian and Lancastrian, he never recognised the new "counties", although he was smart enough to move to Yorkshire and become an adopted Fev lad.
  21. David Shepherd

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    Nice bit of naked flatcapperism there Parky. Gave me a giggle reading, so thanks for that. iirc Pro Rugby died in Lancashire years ago, with the demise of Blackpool.
  22. David Shepherd

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    Good news that they're keeping the core of the squad. They've been less than ordinary all year and shouldn't give the top 6 champ sides much bother.
  23. David Shepherd

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    Makes perfect sense to equalise the funding. Championship clubs only need to beat other championship clubs to get promoted, so no need for the skewed funding. It's absolutely right that this process starts immediately, but it does need to be tapered a bit this year. No doubt Halifax, Toulouse and London will have already made some signings on the strength of that funding. Not too worried about parachute payments. Didn't do Leigh much good and if Widnes try to keep the core of their squad then happy days, they have been abysmal.
  24. The video is pretty unambiguous. Tomorrow night he'll be receiving one almighty ban and rightly so. Was always a penalty machine at Fev and has got steadily more of a liability as he's got older. The kid has plenty of natural talent, but as is often the case, he's also saddled with a massive idiot streak.