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  1. It won't be any where near full, don't worry
  2. Not sure Batley will have lost any money but I reckon Toulouses complete disrespect for our traditional competition has cost the RFL a few quid. If they were only going to play their 2nd string (and they openly said they would a few weeks ago) then maybe we should not allow them to enter next season as a punishment. If any SL team decided to do that then something would be said. One of the multitude of excuses given by their 'fans' was that all the regulars were at the Carnival. Wonder how many of the 150 were Batley fans.
  3. Just waiting for 'automatic' promotion to return in time for 2018. It will be great to see a team of Canadians/North Americans in SL....oh hang on a mo
  4. According to the LSV website the South Stand is all but full, so not sure where you are getting your info sweaty
  5. I am pretty sure there will be little holding back by the crowd expressing their views of Mr Brierley regardless of his contribution to the side prior to the disgraceful goings on that preceded his departure.
  6. Find it hilarious that not one person has managed to get the amounts correct, especially Parksider and someone that thinks Leigh get half a million PLUS 1.8 million.
  7. Leigh busted no cap. The cap was raised by the RFL to be the same top limit as SL dependant on proved income for ALL its member clubs. It is no fault of Leigh or the RFL that not all can afford it. Its up to them to work towards it. Oh hang on, why was the cap raised, oh give it a chance of working. Now you have HKR, London, Toulouse spending to higher end championship levels which is an increase in the number of clubs add to that (begrudgingly for me) Toronto and it already looks like the system could be the reason more money has been attracted to the sport.
  8. This will run in conjunction with the Academy and Reserves planned for 2018
  9. Someone said getting big sponsors plural. I rather think it is 'big' sponsor (singular) and I suspect the value of the sponsorship will not reflect in their bank account, but rather pay for all the Ch1 teams travel and accommodation. Can't see much publicity about any other sponsors. Yes its great that their shirt is unspoiled by sponsors names, but does that mean they haven't got any others of note. The figures of ST sold is, I reckon baloney, the correct terminology as they have only just gone on sale is 7000 people 'registered an interest'. The question will be how many follow through on their interest. Once promoted to the Championship, I think we will see some changes and I wouldn't bank on them paying travel and accommodation for Championship clubs, thus leaving the RFL with a bit of a dilemma. I hope I am wrong, but past experiences of expansion clubs tells me different. Now off to look at the reviews for the Airline that 1 or 2 championship 1 fans may use to follow their team. If its cheaper than normal flights to/from Canada I may just make use of it, as long as I can avoid bumping into Mr Morals and Ethics. (Hope he is putting Fui right!).
  10. Toronto have sold 10000 season ######
  11. British Rugby League 2030 Leeds, Wigan, Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto, Montreal, Jacksonville, New York, Barcelona, London All other clubs have left the RFL and now come under the auspices of BARLA. Me, I stopped watching RL in 2025 when half of SL were not British
  12. So what happened to the RFLs Monday midday deadline for prospective bidders? Something not quite right here
  13. Head bang and brick wall come to mind here Derwent. I'd give up if I were you
  14. But couldn't you then end up with this scenario
  15. Have the staff and players been paid this morning? That might give a clue as to what may be about to happen