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  1. DemonUK

    Cas stadium plans!!

    £10M cost for the stadium?? The construction costs for the LSV Stadium were given as £17.5M and that opened in 2008. Either costs have dramatically come down over the last 10 years (unlikely) or something is not quite right.
  2. DemonUK

    FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Such a shame they can't play their first home game in their native country. The players must be terribly homesick having already spent seven months away from 'home'.
  3. DemonUK

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    650 STs .... does that make you bigger than most SL clubs? Do any SL clubs give away 4000 free tickets? (source BBC Business Pages)
  4. Which is why you come under the banner of major Cretin, Mr Habitual Leigh Hater. Nope it still doesn't say what he said it did, and coming across several more of your posts spread over this board I notice you just can't keep Leigh out of your posts whether the subject matter is related or not ..... you're funny
  5. So back to the original thread topic title. Derek didn't threaten to bar or ban anybody. He simply said no arrangements had been made or forthcoming and invited contact from either Premier/The RFL or both. As I understand it Leigh were not the first team to contact the RFL .... but hey that doesn't stop the incredibly sad blinkered usual suspects on here .... they really do need help
  6. DemonUK

    Ryan Bailey

    Getting off on a technicality is usually a sign that you have no other reliable defence isn't it? Why avoid any drugs test? Bet Hardaker and Chase are kicking themselves
  7. Didn't see the post from days ago, but it does not say 'we want it on TV'. A very similar twist on words to the headline 'Beaumont wants to ban Premier from filming it. So neither the headline or Krzzys statements is factual in anyway whatsoever. Spending too much time in that beer tent Krzzy. Maybe there is something to this Trump 'fake news'. Anyway in 2019 it will be Manchester Wolfpack. In fact they could call them that now and praise them for taking 9 games on the road, as I expect when it comes to the Middle 8s, they will all be played in the UK due to time constraints, and complaints from the other teams
  8. Have they? Just looked at Cal Samedays twitter. I see nothng
  9. DemonUK

    2018 fixtures

    So TWP haven't sold any season tickets yet then? With the rumours of a request to play the majority of their home games in Bradford it gets better. No idea if the rumours are true but there has to be something in the fact that at least 2 Championship clubs have warned there supporters to hang fire on booking flights etc to Toronto. Looks like we might end up with a Canadian team funded by Aussies with no Canadian players (they can only field 5 max anyway??????) playing their home games at Odsal. I wondered why Mr Perez had recently distanced himself a little from the club.
  10. DemonUK

    2018 fixtures

    ...... and that is why this whole thing is a joke. All the fixtures have been timetabled to mainly look after Toronto. Normally if a club does not have anything arranged for their home games they are deemed not to meet the criteria ask Sheffield. All the arrangements are also usually required to be in place prior to the season starting. I can just see it. OK how can we start the season? I know lets generate some bad blood. Toronto v Leigh first up, that should be juicy. OK Toronto have said if we don't let them play all home games together we are taking our ball home and ##### up your competition. To be saying someones fixture may be in Toronto or Montreal or even New York but we will let you know in a few months is comical. As well as Halifax saying don't make arrangements yet, Leigh have also tweeted exactly the same.
  11. DemonUK

    2018 fixtures

    I would guess that is something to do with the challenge cup and the point at which the bottom 4 SL teams in 2017 enter. The 4 clubs, Hull KR, Catalans, Widnes and Warrington were the bottom 4 so I am no longer guessing
  12. Such a shame that they ignore Canadian RL and lick Unons ######. Also I recently needed to check up some of the RFL rules and I also read Paul Rowleys press release on the five players released. This posed a few questions for me with the main one being that is it right that Toronto can only field a maximium of 5 Canadian players and that would only be the case if they didn't have any aussies or kiwis. How is that helping?
  13. DemonUK


    Catalans v Toronto equals a derby???? Is that cos they speak French in Canada? As for a vibrant competition, I would reword that and say the Swintons and Oldhams of this world will only be able to afford to cycle to their away games in Toulouse, Catalans and Toronto (anyone asked Perez if they are covering costs next season?)
  14. DemonUK

    Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    Didn't the club say last week that they would be taking an understrength team over as the 4 days holiday players needed to take from work meant that some would be unable or indeed unwilling to give up holidays again when they could/should be spending that time with their wives and kids
  15. It won't be any where near full, don't worry