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  1. So what happened to the RFLs Monday midday deadline for prospective bidders? Something not quite right here
  2. Head bang and brick wall come to mind here Derwent. I'd give up if I were you
  3. But couldn't you then end up with this scenario
  4. Have the staff and players been paid this morning? That might give a clue as to what may be about to happen
  5. Quite right, I could do the same with my own club. ie Where would we be had Gateshead not folded a few years ago, the result of which was our reinstatement in the championship following relegation (although that was because Toulouse were exempt from relegation )
  6. .......but where would Bradford be if they had actually tried to live within their means like the majority of other clubs. In fact where would other clubs be without the Bulls having a squad which was clearly unaffordable, thus skewing the league tables......just playing devils advocate
  7. He has been 'confident' before every failed deadline to date.
  8. I hope they don't, personally I have found it hard to believe people were still buying season tickets. I know we all love our respective clubs, but surely some sense should prevail sometimes. Good luck, and I hope this is just the administrator playing games. As for my 'sale' comments, look what happened a couple of hours after.
  9. No, but being purely cynical, the administrator needs his fee especially if the club is to be liquidated
  10. I see an announcement too that all the sale items (2016 merchandise) in the club shop have been reduced in price again. Is this a sign that the adminstrator is desperately trying to get some cash into the coffers for the next payday assuming he is thinking no change of ownership will have happened by then? IMO which may be complete rubbish of course, there has been far too much 'scripted' positivity from both playing and non playing staff along with the administrator who originally talked about having it sorted for December 1st.
  11. In that case I will have to try and search out the article I read a few months ago implying that was the case. Lets face it many things with Toronto are pure speculation, I don't things like say..players being approached before the transfer deadline. Players coming up with cock and bull stories to get out of a contract, then, oh what a surprise he has now signed for Toronto without a transfer fee. Or maybe a player aged mid to late 20s retiring from his club and joining the coaching staff at Toronto. More speculation again here that he will soon decide to come out of retirement and oh look another transfer fee avoided. I am having serious issues that Mr Rowleys supposed morals do not appear to match the morals of one or two of the clubs backers, or maybe they do.
  12. Toronto may be paying all the other clubs travel and accommodation expenses in 2017. I predict they will not be providing that luxury to the Championship clubs in 2018. Ok some may say that the RFL will then cover it. Technically they may do, but they will be sure to deduct it from the clubs central funding first.
  13. My take on the reason for punishments. Bradford are basically trading insolvent and have used monies which by rights belongs to others to pay players etc that they clearly couldn't afford. This results in Bradfords on field performances effectively skewing the league positions which in turn punishes other clubs who are abiding by the RFL rules that they should trade at break even or in profit. Other clubs as well as HMRC and local businesses have lost out on cash. This is the only way the RFL can be seen to look after the more responsibly run clubs. One other observation I have is it has been said that Marc Green has a charge of 650k lodged. If this is more than 75% of the debts it could mean the 12 point deduction is unavoidable whether the new owners pay the debts or not. Feel for the fans but sadly rules are rules.
  14. Padge is quite funny, should put all his posts under the topic 'Grasping at Straws'. Incidentally the RFL Insolvency Policy states that revoking a clubs membership is one of the many options available, it doesn't say it is automatic. So that people can stop guessing, here is all the information you need, particularly the sanctions. I am sure Padge though will suggest that that is not a real document
  15. They are effectively no longer in the Championship, or any league come to that. The way I see it is once the new owners come in the RFL, being involved through 'fit and proper persons' test, will decide what division the new club will play in and any punishments that may be involved. If they are placed back in the Championship then it will likely be with a points deduction (12pts or 6pts if debts are paid off) or they could in effect be 'relegated' to Championship 1. This would of course mean a club would have to come up to the Championship to replace them. How the RFL decide who that is, is anyones guess. Whitehaven retake their place? Barrow come up as the losers to Toulouse in their promotion play off. Or go completely bonkers and put Toronto Ratpack in. One thing that could decide all this is the speed that they come out of Administration. The RFL are going to have to be sure they have clubs to fulfill fixtures, The current Bulls line up may become decimated as players look to their futures and leave the longer it drags on, which in turn leaves the Bulls looking for players to raise a team and round we go again!! So many questions, so many mysteries along with the current owner expressing an interest to buy the club back. How can that last one even be entertained??