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  1. Just crazy it's looking like we'll leave the Single Market, which grants us trade in services with the EU, but stay in the Customs Union which stops us trading freely with the rest of the world. Very much worst of all worlds
  2. By virtue of their Customs Union membership Turkey have to pay tariffs on exports to countries like Mexico and South Korea, but those countries have tariff free access for their exports to Turkey. Turkey will never get tariff free exports to those countries as they can't offer anything in return
  3. Labour don't seem to have grasped how the Customs Union works. We would lose our existing deals but have to keep our market open
  4. Indian students have shifted to Canada en masse after we made it harder for international students to stay in the country after graduation. Chinese students are happy to get their British degree then get a good job in China, Indian students are more likely to be looking to emigrate
  5. This is where the bizarre logic of judging immigration solely by numbers starts to fall apart. Obviously we need to know immigration numbers to plan for house building and public service delivery, but why on Earth would you turn a doctor away?
  6. Yes. Never got the logic of capping the number of Tier 2 (General) visas at 1,725 a month. Why would you want to turn away highly educated people?
  7. I don't see that as a problem to be honest. With non-EU immigration we can admit whoever we want based on their skills and most work visas go to IT consultants, engineers and doctors from India. EU immigration was never going to stay at the rate it was a few years ago because of the decline in number of young Eastern Europeans and the rapid economic development those countries have gone through. There are still more people moving here from the EU than there are people leaving
  8. It didn't happen because Labour backed Brexit. The Lib Dems lost loads of votes in the South West through trying to overturn the referendum
  9. Conservative or no one. Large majorities wouldn't be overturned but majorities in Stoke, Wakefield, Halifax, Dewsbury, Barrow etc easily would be
  10. I really don't think Northern working class Leave voters would vote for a posh Londoner telling them their referendum vote wasn't valid. This doesn't mean voters want Jacob Rees Mogg style Brexit either, but I don't think working class voters can be taken for granted by Labour especially if they went out of their way to patronise them
  11. Yet they gained a lot of votes amongst young, middle class people whilst holding more votes than expected in Northern working class voters. Clearly Labour can't elect Kate Hoey, but equally a Eurofanatic would lose Labour loads of seats. Labour could have won (as part of a coalition) last year on a similar manifesto if it weren't for Corbyn's dodgy views on foreign policy plus the anti-Semitism crisis
  12. Angela Raynor would definitely be the better option of the two, but yeah the yuppies that make up most of Labour's membership would never stand for it. I wouldn't be surprised to see the membership elect a fanatical Europhile that loses most of the working class vote
  13. I'm not sure. Plenty of marginals will swing to Labour next election but it will be the middle class, southern seats that swing and not the likes of Mansfield
  14. I did once receive an advert for a beard trimmer when my old one broke. Mainly I get Muslim singles adverts for some reason