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  1. Sharlston Rovers beat Dewsbury despite being five divisions lower maybe 10-15 years ago
  2. 2001 was the first season of the league but there was a cup from 1997 to 2000 as a national championship. The winners of the two leagues play off for the All-Ireland Championship
  3. 2017 Northern Ireland League Ballynahinch Rabbitohs Belfast Eagles Belfast Met Scholars Portadown Pumas Republic of Ireland League Athboy Longhorns Athy Sharks Cork Bulls Dublin City Exiles Galway Tribesmen Treaty City Titans Waterford Vikings West Dublin Bears
  4. Yeah I think you're right in Remain areas. The Conservatives will gain more than they lose from UKIP and Labour Leave voters but it could cost about 10-15 seats to the Lib Dems
  5. I think the UKIP vote will collapse and tip the Conservatives over the 50% point. The Lib Dems will have a surge at the expense of Labour but maybe finish 5% behind them in the popular vote and a long way behind in terms of seats
  6. South Shields played in the Northern Rugby League division 2 and Wallsend played in the Cumberland League. Werneth had played in the Lancashire second competition but by this point were playing in the reserve league.
  7. There is a Cornish Rebels club. I think they're playing friendlies this year after their league has folded
  8. The best scenario would be getting 4-5 clubs each from South Wales and the West Country into one division playing a full season. Then you'd have local leagues in each region playing a shorter season. Wales could already provide 4 clubs ready to play a full season.
  9. They're not playing this summer. I don't know if they're just playing juniors or planning to enter next Pennine League season though
  10. We can expand on the fringes of the heartlands as clubs like Heysham Atoms and Bury Broncos show. I would emphasise three areas for amateur development: 1. Getting more clubs up to NCL standard. 2. Expand the game on the fringes of the heartlands 3. Invest in getting a number of expansion clubs playing a full season
  11. Three to four months is all the Rugby League Conference ever aspired to apart from in its national division. Personally I think we'd have been better off going for full seasons even if it meant half as many clubs outside the heartlands
  12. It must have been a mistake on the North East RL website
  13. You'd have to create an in between league 2 consisting of say the bottom four league 1 clubs, Manchester Rangers, maybe Bishops Burton and then 6-7 NCL teams
  15. I do it strange a lot of people think expansion can only be London or outside of England. The Midlands and North East have always had nor potential than other areas (apart from France). The second southern expansion team admitted to the football league after Arsenal was actually Luton Town. When that failed they then expanded witj Bristol City