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  1. Rach


    Actually can we just quantify this - 'The problem's at Keighley are are entirely of their own making' - who at Keighley is this the exactly fault of ? So the average Cougar fan who buys a season ticket , dons a replica shirt , drinks a gallon of beer in the club bar on game day . purchases n pours over the match programme , maybe occasionally if they can afford it goes posh hospitality or some minor sponsorship ..are they more culpable for their clubs position than say any Rhino Saint or Wolves fan ...why are they the problem ? - just asking like .for a friend ...:-)
  2. Rach


    Supporters Club have arranged a Q and A evening with Club General Manager Steve Gill to be held at Cougar Park this Thursday 7p for a 7.30pm start - All Keighley fans welcome :-)
  3. Rach

    Bradford Bash?

    Not sure if there has been a def push to strangle the event slowly by whatever powers that be . First year I went was a good buzz around the place , stalls and bars on the car park plenty of folk milling around outside , not just watching their games and then buggering off into Blackpool ...Even had free cornettos in the stand ! The year after this had all all disappeared - zilch wouldn't have known there was RL on there , nothing to keep people bout , just VIP cars parked where the fan zone was the year before ....pretty typical RL really ... no atmosphere at all I haven't been back since ... Killing the IPro Cup has made a massive dent in the event as well - you had two sets of supporters who had something to play for and added to the atmosphere
  4. Rach

    Clubs' Websites

    West Wales looks like a Geocities site I built twenty years ago ....😞
  5. Rach

    RFL Ltd - SLE Ltd merger?

    How much would I wager that you follow an SL Club that has won the GF / Challenge Cup over the past 10 years or follow Toronto ?
  6. Rach

    The future of League One

    Hemi your memory is getting a tad hazy in your old age :-) - was Jack Reed who turned out for Silsden - as far as I can remember Mr Widdop was a Sidal Player in his youth ...
  7. Rach

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    And which bright spark decided to schedule the Wales Ireland game on the same day of the final test ?
  8. Surely simple solution to this and said it before would be that clubs be allowed after the deadline has passed to sign any player who has never signed a professional RL contract in any other country . We are forever seeing folk posting on here pronouncing that half the amateur sides would beat L1 opposition so if that's the case ths step up isnt too great and who knows what previously overlooked talent might emerge from a short term deal at the a**e end of the season but then I suppose its all just a bit too obvious ....
  9. Nothing wrong in teams paying players , think at the moment there are a raft of players who think they are worth far more than their team's situation allows, too many who have seen the wages paid in football n believe they can demand top dollar . It might be a backtrack but if players could get their heads round that they will not make kings ransom playing the game but can accept that playing the game at Championship or League 1 may give them a modestly good PT income doing things they enjoy then thats as far as it goes, be honest most folk would be happy with that
  10. Massive double standards here - the amount of vitriol thrown in the way of the expansion teams when this happens is ridiculous compared to a club who has had a quarter of a million parachute payment not long since ... Just to comment as far as I'm aware Skolars have never gone to a game short-handed this year, Coventry have traveled to Cumbria once with 16 fit men only because one lad was taken ill on the journey but have the full squad otherwise all year. I can't speak for the Stags in2018 but I know in the entire season two years ago when they were relying on Southern-based players they never traveled to a game without the requisite 17 players .
  11. Rach

    ‘League 1 South’

    You've obviously talking to some Keighley Fans with extremely short memories .....its nothing of the sort ...
  12. Rach

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Perhaps this is asking a tad too much but some supporter representative should be on there too
  13. VAR to my mind does completely the opposite of that ...for things to be fair you have trained match officials on the field ...end of Might be a tad old fashioned but the decision making should begin and end with officials on the field , now whether those officials are competent is another matter :-) but that is down to a Sports Governing Body As for cheats and rule breakers , All we had in the world cup were teams jostling the officials for VAR for every small indiscretion, hardly progress
  14. Looking forward to doing a double for the end of the season and attending what could be two cracking games this weekend Nothing between Cougars and Crusaders on Sunday whilst the day before, think the Bears could just end the season on a high and sneak a win against Hunslet if they can reproduce the level of performance from the Haven game last week
  15. What about Bears v Hunslet and Skolars Oldham both on Saturday ?