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  1. Looking forward to becoming the Keighley Branch of the Bear army for 2018 after my nephew Ben has signed for you . Couple of questions re matchdays - looking maybe at a season ticket and I notice access to the members bar is this where the players congregate post match ? Is this also where most folk meet on a matchday ? Also does anyone know if there are any plans to change the kit for 2018 before I buy a shirt ? Cheers Rach
  2. As one of the early pioneers of Womens RL in this country beginning my playing days some 25 plus years ago with the Keighley Ladybirds, seeing the exposure the game is now getting is phenomenal . As regards the Canadian participation I've got mixed feelings . We obviously need more international teams to build the viability and credibility of the sport but the way that the Canadian team was assembled has to somewhat rankle . Over the years I've seen women and girls dedicated to playing their sport of RL fight for the right to take part in the face of some ridiculous bigotry and prejudice and the parity and exposure that this years World Cup has gained is a massive testament to the efforts of all those players over the years ..its is almost like the struggle was worth it and the 2017 WC along with the Womens SL in this Country a sign of how far we've progressed . The Canadian participants straight from RU gatecrashing the party to my mind is a bit of a kick in the teeth for all those players back in their own countries (the French especially) who have stuck with the game over the years ...it was our battle not yours ... and if that opinion makes me some sort of flat cap oldtimer stick in the mud so be it ...
  3. Exactly :-) Most clubs have some kind of schools development going that cover both boys and girls , Champion Schools has had a girls comp as long as I can remember ....great that aspiring female players will have a target to aim at as players now , wish it had happened in my younger days in the game ( though to be fair Keighley had a massive input in the early 90s into the Ladybirds one of the pioneering clubs of the women's game :-) Now girls s playing in clubs at mini level mixed RL will have a more solid funded structure to aim for instead of being lost from the game at 11 when the gender split in teams occurs , nothing worse than seeing kids having to walk away from the team they've grown up with and no future in the sport they love .If nothing more comes of this initiative than that then Sport England's investment will have been worth it .. RFU and the FA (despite the Sampson affair) have taken their women's team and the publicity they generate to a new level in the media , people tend to like the women's game as its is played with a spirit and attitude that is not seen with over paid prima donnas of the men's pro games - especially in football - maybe that is maybe not so relevant in RL as what ever the doubters think . its still a friendly game in essence where a kid can meet and get close to their heroes , but so long as the RFL can get their publicity right then the WSL can thrive Cheesy it might be if we can get our women game to this level then this old female prop forward will be one very happy bunny :-)
  4. 'Ridiculous that a pro women's league is launched and some teams have no reserve team' ... what a load of 'closet sexism and lack of knowledge shown in one statement , surprised that the OP didn't begin his post with the old chestnut....'I'm not sexist but ....' FYI The Womens Super League will be a fully amateur comp ,no players will be getting a wage, so that blows your argument out of the window with no discussion needed ... The Professionalism element comes from the resources and knowledge (that in the main already exist )that Pro Clubs will hopefully be able to input into a teams growth and development . Whats ridiculous about that ??
  5. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Might be wrong but as far as I'm aware the one's leaving from All Golds were either Students from the North who have finished their studies at the University (Harry Kidd for example) or other lads who have been traveling south like Billy Brickall who's gone to a club nearer home (Hornets) . Similarly at Oxford Aaron Nicholson has been given the chance to return back to his Junior Club at the Cougars after impressing in the move South ...all these moves would probably have happened without the uncertainty around the future so wouldnt read that much into them
  6. Lower league coaches

    B ****ck !!s any side running on the constraints that Greenwood was always going to have that issue .South Wales was just a blip , first game back in front of a new owner /club ,quite honestly some high rankng teams would have got stuffed that day ... Fail to mention the tonking of Keighley and Workington (in their backyard ) plus a couple of thrillers against the Hawks ..... Could highlight a few inconsistent results for some top teams in L1 ...But hey lets slate the lower teams ??
  7. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Average age of Sundays team was 22 All the players that turned out against Hemel began Pre season training with the club this season All either Southern based or have commited travel to train with the Club in Gloucester - no dual reg aggrement with any other club or long term loans or training bases in the North Think that might back up that statement , there will be a few of the M62 clubs who couldn't produce stats like that .....
  8. How can you criticize the two in the same breath - one a lowly placed L1 club without a doubt relying on a volunteer to update social media content - the other a reasonably high flying SL Club with a financial sugar daddy to boot a multitude of paid staff and FT Players and all the resources and media coverage that being in the top division brings with it .. Seems more than a tad unfair to me .........
  9. Nice to see that that there's no bias in the RFL's coverage of League 1 ...... http://www.rugby-league.com/kingstone_press_leagues/article/40085/kingstone-press-league--previews
  10. Expenses issue with Toronto Wolfpack

    No Guff at all ...so tell me if its an 'insurance ' issue who is responsible ? ... and if it is down to the individual player , why the hell should they be responsible as lowly paid PT Players for insuring themselves to play in Canada ? Can you tell me which other Sport in this Country expects its Club Players playing at an equivalent L1 Level (ie not on international duty or representing a NGB ) to travel to as far as Canada for an everyday league fixture ? If its TW who are responsible for this cover ..as I said if they cant even do something as simple feed players visiting them how can we be confident that all the insurance safeguards are fully in place ? I make no apologies for being worried about the wellbeing of my lad and other PT L1 players like him ...if its 'guff' to you so be it ...
  11. Expenses issue with Toronto Wolfpack

    As family of a L1 player my arguments around the Wolfpackhas always been about player welfare of the P/T lads traveling over to Canada and the issues mentioned by the OP don't inspire me with confidence ... We already have the spectre of potentially under strength teams travelling straight from in many cases a full time occupation for many hours cooped up on an aircraft for many hours with jet lag and the like then playing an artificially strong opposition after a short recovery time and being then having liitle post match recovery time before another punishing journey home and a return to work ..unlike SL Players who get rest and rehabilitation time after travel abroad If the Wolfpack cant even look at feeding teams whilst they are visiting my concern is what will happen to a player should they suffer serious injury whilst in Canada , will they be supported (medical bills, travel home etc ) or just quietly forgotten about. Toulouse was a fair old hike last year but had owt happened to our lad we could as a family got in the car and driven to the South of France and been there for him , cant ruddy do that with Canada ... Those on here posting on here that are saying the guys are just whinging should be grateful for the opportunity to play the Wolfpack ..there are more issues at stake here than just 3 days in another country
  12. Hemel Stags

    The players from Keighley came mainly from the Cougar Cubs , a ridiculously successful Amateur Junior Club which was started initially when Joe Grima moved to Cougar Park from Widnes and got caught up in the groundswell of Cougarmania , the Cubs in their heyday had teams from 7s through to National Youth League 18s . As an example I coached 7s through to 11s through the late 90s , at mini level I could have had 3 separate teams on the pitch much was the popularity of RL in the town at that point . As well as the Cubs Players came from the Bradford Clubs through Service Area mainly kids who the Bulls choose to overlook , mainly cause at 12 or 13 years old they were not 6 foot Giants ( see Karl Pryce for details) . and at that point natural body development was seen as an imperative to signing players for SL....###### if they could actually catch a ball :-( I'd assume that the RFLs objection was along the lines of Championship / League 1 cant be seen to be doing better than SL so we'll just tell em all that they are banned whatever ... My nephew plus a a good bunch of my U7s came through the Scholarship at Keighley , it was an awesome system , the boys were never taken away from their amateur teams but got good quality coaching that cascaded down to their other clubmates , their was a lack of kids lost to the game at 14/15 (Girls n Beer syndrome ) as there was always the chance of that they could turn Pro and as we were a PT Club much emphasis was put on regular positive school reports for the boys , if you ###### about learning you were booted , no argument :-) All good but hey SL knows best ...my ###### ..
  13. All Golds this season

    Not just about spotting local players but about as Lee Greenwood has intimated before in interviews but targeting Young Northern Lads who are have a positive attitude and are prepared to take a chance , attend Glos Uni and move their lives southward ,,the commitment these guys put in not just on a rugby field but in Uni life and as a rep of the All Golds generally makes their contribution to the effort to the cause far more defined than a lot of our heartland based players ..
  14. Hemel Stags

    Go back five or 6 years and clubs like York Dewsbury and my club Keighley were running Academy's and Scholarship schemes to attract junior talent that run successfully for many a year until the RFL decided in their infinite wisdom that lower League Clubs shouldn't be actually allowed to be trusted to actually produce their own players and effectively banned them from operating such schemes .. At least of 5 of the current Cougar First Team (Buster Feather , Josh Lynam , Ben Sagar ,Sean Kelly, Matt Bailey ) all came through the scholarship , Both of the Walker brothers began as 12 year olds with the Cougars , and I can think of 4 or 5 others dotted around League 1 that are ex Cougar Scholars . Joe Lumb and Ethan Ryan from the Bulls began their Pro Careers as 17 year olds in the Youth set up along with current Cougars Winger Andy Gabriel Even for the Local Game there was a knock on effect as effect as the players who didn't make the Pro Ranks carried playing back into Amateur Ranks . Scholarship didn't just produce higher quality players but also Coaches as well , upskilling Club Coaches and giving them chances to work at a higher level
  15. The funding models are changing so much now for Championship 1 Clubs and long they may continue ..we are not going down the traditional Northern Club 'Chairman / Directors ' old established model that has its sadly outdated place in RL. Newcastle have thrown their oar in with the local RU team with Great Results - All Golds are run by the University looking to underpin their development building success in the Student Game by attracting players to be based locally if they study at the Uni .Coventry a little like Newcastle are building RU likes and pushing the community model ..similarly Skolars and Stags (despite their unfortunate Dewsbury links :-( ) who are working ridiculously hard to be a massive part of their community sporting life . Shouldn't be excluding these teams , just helping them to build on these links and expand in their own way , in many ways they are the future and our 'established clubs ' are stuck in the past ..