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  1. VAR to my mind does completely the opposite of that ...for things to be fair you have trained match officials on the field ...end of Might be a tad old fashioned but the decision making should begin and end with officials on the field , now whether those officials are competent is another matter :-) but that is down to a Sports Governing Body As for cheats and rule breakers , All we had in the world cup were teams jostling the officials for VAR for every small indiscretion, hardly progress
  2. Looking forward to doing a double for the end of the season and attending what could be two cracking games this weekend Nothing between Cougars and Crusaders on Sunday whilst the day before, think the Bears could just end the season on a high and sneak a win against Hunslet if they can reproduce the level of performance from the Haven game last week
  3. What about Bears v Hunslet and Skolars Oldham both on Saturday ?
  4. Decisions like this are symptomatic of a Governing Body who couldn't give a flying fig for its supporters base (see the Liverpool Test Match rescheduling fiasco for details ) It's a sensible move ? ....tell that to the visiting supporters who have already made travel plans ..... you going to stump up for train fares etc that are none refundable ....? What are you on ? ...read through this thread you'll see lots of folks not happy . Can see the interchange of support for both London Teams no issue there, but making decisions like this 5 and 4 days before a fixture is just wrong
  5. The RFL d not just to royally screw up the plans of Salford , Broncos and Halifax fans at the last min - its now decided to play silly b"""ers with the Skolars and Oldham Game as well ..... how to alienate your core support for the game in easy lessons ....couldn't make it up .... https://roughyeds.co.uk/2018/09/london-skolars-game-key-information/
  6. Propely gutted for the Bears this afternoon..real blood n thunder backs to the wall performance with, due to illness ,only 3 subs .Three top spectacular tries n accurate goal kicking throughout Think it might be fair to say had it not been Carl Forster's swan song home game and his subsequent one man wrecking ball performance the points would have been going back to the BPA Fantastic hospitity and welcome from the Haven Club though ,really appreciated , hope what ever issues the club may have that they get through them
  7. Standard answer to any moronic M62 Luddite comments like this - so what if Parkside would beat em ?, They and all the other NCL Clubs are quite at liberty to put a business plan together , secure a suitable stadium and submit for entry to League 1 ...pretty simple really .... as Bears Skolars and Stags (all who played at a high level in the Amateur Game ) have all managed to do ...
  8. Think keeping the same Midlands based strategy that they are building a squad with this year would see the Bears challenge for top spot as well
  9. Amazingly Never seem to have a lack of players when playing the likes of Hemel or the Bears though ......
  10. Game on .....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Annoyingly one aspect of the Our League App Streaming League 1 is the inability to watch again after the event , pretty poor for those who actually get off their butts to attend games. Having been at a few of the Bulls games covered by Proper Sport this season , watching the game again from a different perspective and seeing your little club with proper commentary and the like has been really something . Sure that wont mean much to all those who follow SL Clubs with the Sky Coverage but it means a lot when your watching a club in L1
  12. Rach

    Coventry at home

    Looking forward to our visit to Oldham - see you all there ! #comeonyoubears #inthistogether
  13. Rach

    Wembley Crowd

    If you can drive diwn ook at my post on this forum , 40 quid a night accomodation two stops from Wembley with car parking ....far less than 500 quid
  14. For anyone thinking of planning a last min Wembley trip and wanting to drive down and stop over just a quick recommendation for some accommodation we've used for many years without issue and found ideal for a no frills Final Weekend Harrow Hall is Uni Halls of Residence ,(clean tidy but not luxury high end !! ) situated adjacent to Northwick Park Tube , only two stops from Wembley Central and with large car parks directly outside your accommodation . The Campus itself is easy to find and is ideal for a quick getaway Sunday morning onto the M1 with no need to drive into Central London . There’s not a lot in terms of nightlife around it but Harrow is close and its only 25 min into Baker St on the Metropolitan Line . It’s usually around forty quid each a night (in a double room) Booking here https://www.westminster.ac.uk/business/facilities-and-services/summer-accommodation/harrow-hall-harrow
  15. Looking forward.to enjoying the.delights of west Wales for couple of nights taking in the Raiders Bears game . Angelic Cynic want to discuss League 1 rugby over a pint ? πŸ˜‚