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  1. So come on mate what is your answer ..you are so so critical week in week out but offer no credible solution ... Take today's game Hunslet v Coventry, so where can Hunslet recruit from( say 15 mile radius) -Leeds Bradford Huddersfield Kirklees York -even Oldham /Rochdale /North Manchester at a push all traditional RL areas ... tell me where Coventry in similar situations can recruit from? Newcastle the Skolars , even the Broncos have taken a few years to build a credible base in their local area which now are beginning to lead to more success on the field . Call yourself an expansionist - so if plonking a team in an area ,a la Wolfpack that achieves success without growing roots is classed as such then maybe you are ,However if continually sniping at clubs efforts to build the game purposefully and meaningfully in non traditional areas is more your thing (which eveidentally seems to be the case ) I'd seriously question your self description .
  2. mmm thought we were talking Cougarmania days again - and sadly we know how that ended up because they had the temerity to upset the big boys ....
  3. Rach

    Coventry Away

    A Can recommend the Broomfield Tavern 150 yards from the main BPA turnstyles folks, Plenty of quality beers n real ciders on tap, friendly locals and an area outside to sit out should the sun come out Situated just to the right as you enter the main car park set in the middle of a row of terraced houses. Cracking pint pre- match! Plenty of places to drink in the ground as well Safe journey down and see you Sunday https://whatpub.com/pubs/COV/3067/broomfield-tavern-coventry-spon-end
  4. Grima might have been a hard man on the field but he left it there, certainly during the time I knew him during his spell at Keighley he was a fantastic bloke off the field and put a hell of a lot unpaid into the Local Community during his time up here. Far rather have that than the p***ed up jumped up arrogance of a certain pair of Wigan Brothers anyday .
  5. Rach

    Summer Bash attendance

    Killing the ipro cup hasn't helped ...a York / Bradford / Keighley / Oldham / Donny final could have added another 2000 to the attendance ..if your team's in a final chances are all your fan base will show up even more so if you can celebrate / commiserate by the seaside
  6. My suggestion as alluded to Mr C earlier in the thread was to hold either a 7 or 9's featuring L1 Clubs /poss NCL Clubs ?/Forces maybe, on the Sunday after CC Final. Obvs this being talked about on the Bears Podcast, the location to be Coventry's Butts Park and this would be an ideal end to CC Weekend dovetailing in with the Skolars Friday Nights Lites Game to make a complete RL few days - perfect stop off for folk traveling back from Wembley.
  7. Final result 42-04 to England, Shame a few more folk didnt turn out to watch at Fev Game 2 of the series takes place next Saturday, 26th May KO i4pm Kingston Park Newcastle full match video https://vimeo.com/270889724
  8. Which sadly and ridiculously got him 10 min in the bin plus the another 10 for Chris Vitalini for having the balls to dispute the decision - down to 11 men meant Cov might as well throw in the towel there n then .. Worky without a doubt were the better team and would have won the game ultimately, but the performance from the man in the middle was appalling and some of his decisions ./indecisions gave Town the game on a plate, and to be honest never mind Bears fans a few Town followers I talked to afterwards could not understand some of the calls he gave I'm not normally one to criticize refs but today was a joke n the RFL need to step up n ensure the standards of our officials match the game, yep its a vicious circle I know, Refs don't get the support from the governing body =refs dodgy performance,=crowds get on the officials backs =lack of match officials = more dodgy performances from match officials .....but till they get a grip it will continue to drive folk away from our game
  9. Bears had Knights on the ropes for a while fought back to 18 apiece and were unlucky to get a couple of efforts wiped off by the officials that would have pushed the visitors even further
  10. Keighley are fast becoming the enigma side of L1 , never quite sure which team will show up . Although Cov didn't have the best day at the Office quite honestly most teams in the division would have struggled to handle the Cougars the way they played yesterday
  11. Rach


    Fed up with seeing the Bears getting drawn into these arguments , lost only by a try to Skolars today in a cracking match , points difference against the Bulls was less than Keighley but because of their geographic location they keep getting pinged as a team that shouldnt be in L1
  12. As such, but now in a formal partnership with Coventry Dragons to develop a player pathway in the East Midlands http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/coventry-clubs-forge-partnership
  13. Just give it a rest ,we get the fact that you've an issue with expansion clubs but your constant sniping n mean spirited comments are getting a a tad boring now .......
  14. For expansion teams depends how you class what teams are relevant, Hemel , Cov and Skolars all still have amateur set up clubs both junior and adult working under their name , a throwback to their amateur days . Keighley for a L1 Club has 1st team , Reserves , Ladies and Wheelchair