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  1. Some sort of genetic predisposition to be an RL Player and be Ginger in the 1960s? A rather large percentage there as opposed to the general populous? Or was it something in the water of the pits around Fev ...I think we should be told :-) (And don't tell me it was the illustrator only had a certain number of colours and it's really brown -every kid knows that in every set of felt tips, crayons .or paints come hail, storm , pestilence, plague of frogs etc brown will always works whatever ...)
  2. RL coerage/ Parky.

    Bit age-ist that isn't it ? Parkinson's always been an eloquent speaker in general and excellent and knowledgeable writer about sport, in particular, cricket .His interview style always got the best out of his guests - see his interview with Ali for details I'd happily listen to any show that saw him talk about RL and I don't think I'm ready for the knackers yard just yet. There's a place for serious and thoughtful discussion about our game, it doesn't have to be all Wayne Goodwin being an annoying p***ok on the terraces at Cas to be relevant . Yep the guy is a Proud Yorkshireman but so what ? Final point - The Ultimate Professional Parkinson or the delights of the 'throwaway'misogynistic comments of Mick Morgan and Danny Lockwood that we've had to endure in RL TV coverage over the past couple of weeks ...no contest really
  3. Not fussed about the showers but a set of posts that obviously aren't straight should be looked at ...
  4. Exactly .God knows how many time he commented on women watching the game. I'm no hardcore bra burner ,but it was pretty appalling, even more so in light of the progress that the sport has made in the past year promoting the women's game. Most positively Paul Wood talking to the three young Mayfield kids on the sidelines about their playing ambitions was a delight .the sort of coverage that (Morgan aside) could make the NCL great viewing if done right .
  5. Whats everyone's thoughts so far? For me , looks to be decent-ish camera work and pre-match coverage.Trevor Hunt's commentary is fine but why oh why Mick Morgan ??? The bloke might be knowledgeable about the NCL but listening to him is like a throwback to the 1970s , every cliche in the book - 'good old days, contested scrums n by eck they make em big in Cumbria' and we've not got out of the first 40 . Even more annoying when you've JJB Paul Wood and Lee Briers on the sidelines .
  6. A tad ironic given that the RFL seem hell bent on destroying the League 1 Clubs that are at the forefront of bringing players from the student game into the Professional Ranks ...
  7. Looking like the Cov -York game's falling foul of the weather - good to see a smaller club keeping supporters informed early Bears Twitter 'Possible postponement v @YorkKnightsRLFC : Decision pending pitch inspection. A decision on our match this Sunday will be made as soon as an RFL official can make a pitch inspection. It is highly unlikely that the match will go ahead. We will keep everyone informed'
  8. Good start, Martyn Sadler and Chris Irvine are always worth a listen , just a shame Danny Lockwood had to ruin it with a crass sexist remark about introducing RL's version of 'pit lane' girls! :-( Seriously its the 2010's not the 1970's. maybe they should be handing out free packets of John Player Special and cans of Colt 45 as well Danny? As for guests , how about Coventry CEO Alan Robinson , listening to his contributions on the Cov Podcast he'd provide an interesting perspective on the League 1 situation, also would be good to hear from some representative of the new Women's SL
  9. Stadium's.

    Suprised no ones mentioned the Bears base at Butts Arena, tidy venue with good facilities and excellent view lines from either main stand or perimeter viewpoint perfect size for League 1 /Championship RL , and with the added bonus of an extremely fine traditional real ale pub, (11 pumps and numerous Local CAMRA awards ),the Broomfield Tavern less than 2 mins walk away .
  10. Exactly when making an assessment of a clubs attributes what do you deam as important for future success? Keighley has been mentioned earlier on this thread , to use them as an example. They own their home ground which gives them other revenue streams, they have been probably the most prolific club in the division , (bar the Bulls ) in developing their own players through the junior and then reserve team set up , community involvement including a womens and wheelchair teams , Barrow now going great guns in the Championship are in a similar position . Both clubs have shown that with success onfield they can produce solid attendance figures Match that against several other clubs in the current Championship (and apologies to followers of ) Sheffield , Swinton and Hornets ..how do you compare?
  11. Ah someones Love Rugby League profile is a tad inaccurate then :-( Apologies , But still one multi-club player does not a team of journeymen make
  12. Prey tell whom ? Both Vitalini and Emmanuelli are only on their 2nd career clubs , a couple of the Southern Based Student Boys , Mal Lloyd Jones and Ben Stead have found themselves having to move on after the debacles at Hemel and All Golds ,hardly traditional 'journeymen' and certainly no 'more 'journeymen'; than any of the M62 Clubs have on their books ..
  13. Hope West Wales don't cop too much criticism for today's events. Seen similar before, lots of chasing round pre-match at the Stags v Cougars game a couple of years ago when the Doc had forgotten a similar vital drug, likewise Keighley playing Saints a few years earlier in a pre -season game.On that occasion, the de-fib pads were out of date and was only eventually sorted with the game kicking off an hour late Unfortunately, its a fact of life that 'stuff' happens and folk occasionally make an error ... it's only human. The Raiders have already apologised to Thunder and their fans and no doubt have had to do some serious grovelling to their own followers and backers . Let them hold their hands up , look a bit red faced for a bit and move on ....
  14. Comment only to be appreciated by dedicated League one followers
  15. I'm waiting to see the carnage of 1800 Bulls Fans trying to get inside Hemels Pennine Way Ground :-)