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  1. After watching a particular few years of one the old 'service area ' teams,at several different age groups (due to a family members involvement) its been interesting to see what has happened to those young players in terms of their involvement in the Pro Game and look at the 'talents 'of those very few who actually made into into the Professional ranks . Apart from one ridiculously gifted individual who is now a GB International and was always destined to go far (though interestingly def not the most physically developed at 13/14 ), the other two lads who have made it through ,at service area level both were 'grafters ' with a decent level of technical skill and game awareness and were without doubt among the less developed physically ,however what both possessed was a real passion for the sport, a fantastic attitude to training and preparation, were prepared to learn and were the sort of lads that whatever the result you knew that they'd given the game all they'd got . I saw many more of the 'stars' of the team , fall by the wayside lads who's six inch height advantage or three stone weight advantage became irrelevant as by 16/17 others began to catch up physically, others who assumed because being spotted by an SL Scout meant an-automatic full time career without any graft , others who just naturally discovered' beer and women' ,some of which are happy to continue in the sport on the amateur RL fields on a Saturday Afternoon . 'Talent' can be defined as so many things but attitude is a massive massive part of it , reading especially in the Championship and League 1 Columns (where as a PT Player there are far different demands on an individual from the FT SL Boys) how many Coaches now are stating that they will not sign a player , however he performs on the field if they do not buy into the 'culture of the Club' off field and on the training ground.
  2. I'd actually read the report and say the RFU has come out of this pretty well . Its had the bottle to put its safeguarding processes out in the public domain and crucially produce an exact figure to demonstrate that its processes are effective . ,read beyond sensationalist headlines and you'll see this 141 is the total number of misconduct cases (poor coaching practice ,bullying complaints , inappropriate language , racism/sexism all included in these figures ) it has investigated , not 141 instances abuse of a sexual nature of the type that is blighting football as we speak .Don't get me wrong its still 141 too many but as the RFU says out of 100,00 volunteer coaches and half a million kids, its a ridiculously small amount, I wouldn't say on this evidence that things are 'not looking good 'for the RFU at this stage . Maybe time for the RFL to be transparent and produce a similar statement likewise ...
  3. Ok I'm thick, I don't understand why you need to be defensive about something so positive .... In the main I don't care who wrote the piece where it was published and In what context , I think it shows our game positively I read it, it made me smile and it made me recount many similar occasions be it on a tube to Wembley , in the Spoons in Huddersfield City Centre before the NZ Game last month , the tributes paid to Danny Jones at Cougar Park or the choruses of Delilah in the Cougars Bar after the game from the NW Crusaders Fans , being a tad inebriated in the Bar of Barrows Craven Park as the only Stags fan post game and being accepted as a local (similarly at Toulouse ) ...I could go on and give you hundreds more examples from my 40 years of following the game ... 'It doesn't show anything about the thoughts of RL fans or the experience of RL fan'.... speak for yourself mate ...it does to me , that will do me and Im sure many other fans as well .. ​Coming next from CH Calthrop a damning critique on why the amazing Chorley Panthers Junior RL Video is damaging our game and is directly responsible for the lack of quality British Half Backs in our sport ....
  4. This thread gets more and more about folk ridiculously up their own ###### .... Long and short of it is southern journalist writes short piece about great response of RL fans on a train , is ridiculously complementary and backs up all the 'friendly game ' experiences that most of us witness regularly at matches and would actually like the world to know about it ...exactly what we want ... Reaction of some idiot argumentative keyboard warriors ..make it it into some union / league . north /south , intellectual / working class argument .... ffs do one and allow those who can see the great in our game see it for what it is a great piece of journalism in a major newspaper that shows our game the thoughts about our fellow fans and the experience as an RL fan ..in a positive light...(Four never been to an RL game have been with me to Wembley in the past few years - all have returned as much for the experiences Carol describes as for the game itself ) BTW I'm no argumentative behind the screen - watched every Hemel Stags game in 2016 travelling from Yorkshire , friendlies n Toulouse included .....all the critics what was your supporter stats
  5. Seriously ???? Why all the negativity ? A good piece written about the sport and its followers and some folk seriously still have time to moan ...Sometimes reading this board I despair , how some posters manage to turn a positive into a negative
  6. Huddersfield's a great stadium in terms of the view actually watching the game but the set up off the field compared to the likes of Wembley is pretty poor when there is a 'proper crowd' in ... 5 womens toilets to serve a major proportion of the crowd behind the sticks is just not on ....spending 15 mins queuing instead of being able to watch the game is shocking and I was not best impressed ... .Similarity small beer outlet (that ran out a third into the game ) again to serve the whole of the stand ...seriously have we not got any communication between the RFL and the Stadium Management Company prior to the game regarding numbers attending I realize that alcoholic refreshment is not necessary to enjoy the game , but surely if you are going to allow it in the stadium it is to the advantage of all to have adequate outlets for its sale , keep the crowd happy and maximize takings ...not rocket science ...
  7. Try this lad for Toulouse Trips -he did some deals for the League 1 Clubs last time https://www.facebook.com/eurugby.tours?fref=ts
  8. Not sure if this lad ,Ross Johnson might be able to help you lot with the Toulouse Trip - he put together some cracking deals for the League 1 clubs last time https://www.facebook.com/eurugby.tours?fref=ts
  9. Call me a 'little Briton er ' if you like but every time I go on a Spanish Beach Holiday after a few beers I always ,as a long time supporter of League 1 , cant understand why anyone is not looking at setting up a RL pro team in one of the Spanish beach resorts ... Lloret De Mar would be ideal ..close enough to the French Heartlands and to build a Spanish Interest but enough 'English ' to pull in visiting fans and make travel for opposition fans easy enough with cheap(ish) airfares and accommodation ..
  10. They already have two development officers in place , both players from the North, university educated and experienced junior coaches who have taken the plunge and moved down to Hemel to live and play
  11. Happy happy happy Hemel fan tonight , that's been coming for a while . Commiserations to Scorps tough old arm wrestle of a game
  12. For anyone wanting some last min digs for the weekend , can I suggest Harrow (University of Westminster ) Campus ? https://www.westminster.ac.uk/business/facilities-and-services/summer-accommodation/harrow-hall-harrow We've stopped there the last few years and apart from us and a group of Rhinos fans no one else from the RL community seems to have found this little gem . Only two stops from Wembley at Northwick Park (20 mins max into Baker St) , the tube station is literally 100 yards from the accommodation .Safe parking (albeit was 5.50 a day last year ) bang outside your door makes this the perfect place for a one night Saturday night stopover , quickly in park up , and on the tube to the game within 10 mins ! Being student digs its not exactly luxurious , with basic but really clean facilities , though each floor has its own kitchen (perfect for warming up a dodgy late night curry) ! Theres very little in the way of bars etc local , Harrow is 10 mins- ish walk but the tube connection is so near thats never been an issue for us, last train is something like 12.30 am from Central London .. Cost is approx 35 quid each a night sharing
  13. Gone through 70 plus players this year - think that tells its own story :-( Think there were 5 players in yesterdays 17 who played in the first league fixture @ Toulouse ....
  14. Never in a month of Sundays mate ..not disagreeing you hit a purple patch ...but to think you were going to hit 100 ??? A tad big headed ..