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  1. turner hardcastle lockwood
  2. cooper turner wildie
  3. The contents of the jar have now been handed over to the volunteers. this leaves me with a bag of part bags of money. several fans have said they have jars still to return. I shall be at my usual place on Monday to receive any jars. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it
  4. Many thanks go to Andy Greenhough at Vape GB for the large tin of money. It contained just over £64. monies will be handed over to the volunteers as soon as possible. Many thanks for the fans that came to see me yesterday and promised jars. I shall be at my usual[place at the Bulls match. When these jars are returned I shall give you a total including all the part bags
  5. Bostock Davies Ulugia
  6. Davies Thackeray Lockwood
  7. hardman mariano wildie
  8. lockwood davis hardman
  9. Could be mind games However John Sharp will not be lulled into a false sense of security!!!!
  10. Thackeray Carlile Both brilliant in attack and carved the opposition Lockwood did not miss a tackle. Hardman as usual never put a foot wrong
  11. The contents of the jar are now counted and I am pleased to report that £26.41 has been added to the funds. With part bags etc a sum of £33.50 will be handed over as soon as possible
  12. many thanks for the jar that was returned at the match last Sunday. this will be counted as soon as possible so I can let you know the scores on the doors as soon as I have counted the contents. I was at my usual spot but was competing with other attractions in the area,!!!!
  13. Thacks lockwood Carlile
  14. Don't forget to bring your jars back this weekend. I shall be at the usual place approx. half an hour before kick off. Regards and thank you Ricardo
  15. widie thacks davies