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  1. Honestly thought that Featherstone were playing a lot faster yesterday that last season, there has been that injection of pace.
  2. uligula moore Walton/thackeray
  3. not coming to an end as I have a volunteer taking over, when we get sorted. details will be put on Facebook and on this thread before Friday
  4. The time has come where I have to make a decision to make regarding the Jam Jar Campaign. It is something that I really enjoyed doing and spent many nights counting monies to be handed over either to FRISA or the Stand Gang. The idea was originally laughed at but I persevered with it. Over the years approximately £20,000 has been raised from either jars or bag fills. For the ground improvements £4724 has been handed over. It is now time for me to stand down. Any jars that are still to be returned and there are many should be returned to me on Match days at my usual place. Thank you all for your generous support. Finally its goodnight from me and goodnight from him. RICARDO THE JAM JAR MAN
  5. Wildie Tagg turner
  6. A further £42 Handed to the volunteers today.
  7. wilde griffin hardcastle
  8. Many thanks for donation yesterday. this has already been handed over. I also received back 2 jars. the contents will be counted and will let you know the scores on the doors
  9. A very Happy New Year to you all I shall be at my usual place on Sunday, steps to the cottage end terracing, for the sole purpose of collecting jars. should there about 30 mins before kick off. Regards Ricardo
  10. Another £36 has been handed over to the volunteers this lunch time. A good start to the year. Thanks for your support I greatly appreciate it
  11. Another jar has been counted and contained £33.15, with the part bags I have . £44 to hand over to the volunteers as soon as I can get down and see them. total raised this year a staggering £1212. Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.
  12. Charlie Stone came from Pontefract R U and am sure that Hepworth came via Rotherham RU. Times have changed in all sport. Barriers are being broken down but it takes time to change peoples attitudes and ideals. we have RL players going the other way as well
  13. I have been given the above item. what is the story behind it?: how many were made and any ideas what it might be worth? the item is not for sale before anyone asks.
  14. many thanks to the fan that recently dropped a jar. This is counted and contained £12.52. The volunteers already have the proceeds.
  15. The latest 3 jars are now counted and the proceeds are £32.02. Now that some of the part bags are now complete £48 will be handed over when time permits. If you have a jar that you wish to drop off just drop it off at the volunteers hut and I shall collect it. Thanks for support this season I really appreciate it. Ricardo The jam Jar Man