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  1. Griffin Lockwood Hardcastle
  2. the game was played in a heat that saps the strength of even the strongest players. Hence both teams who had given their all were rapidly running out of steam towards the end. Well done to both teams
  3. misi daviies turner
  4. Wilde Hardcastle Mariano
  5. remember as is was yesterday. remember seeing Bobbies helmets flying all over
  6. seem to think in the early 90s for one season only, there was a plate competition for those knocked out in the1st round of Challenge Cup.
  8. hardcastle griffin davies/lockwood joint third
  9. just hope its not as cold and wet as it was for the cup
  10. misi thacks hardcastle
  11. Turner Walton Lockwood
  12. "The RFL have taken Sky's shilling". It is now time for the RFL to use that money wisely by promoting the game in a proper manner
  13. turner cooper davies/ very closely followed by all others
  14. Turner Davies Wildie
  15. Ulugia Turner Lockwood