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  1. thanks for the returned jar on Friday. £16 was handed over to the club yesterday. a big thank you to the young man who collected his third jar. i was also informed by the club that the money i took in recently was wrong and an extra £3 cab be added to to the total. This means a total £129 has been handed over to the club. more jars will be available at all next home games
  2. Another jar was returned on Friday night and with part bags some £12 was handed over to the club on Monday. So far £110 has already been handed over to the club. More jars will be available at the match on Friday night
  3. £22 handed over on Thursday. More jars will be available after the game on Friday night
  4. Happy Birthday, here is to the next 136 years
  5. £76 handed over last week, i will be getting some more bags prepared shortly to hand over to the club. many thanks i appreciate it
  6. another jar returned and a donation as well. will keep you updated later as i will be handing over some money to the club during the week
  7. The Spread and Grow campaign is gathering pace. So far 27 jars have been given out and 6 returned already. The contents of the jars have now been counted. An amazing amount of £107.62 has been raised so far. i shall be in he bar at all home matches for those wanting to collect or return jars. Your generous support is greatly appreciated by myself and all those at the club
  8. Four more jars have been given out on Sunday. I will be in he club house after the match on Sunday against Halifax with more supplies
  9. Many thanks for those who have collected jars from me. four have been returned already. The contents are counted and a total of £58.70 has been raised. Great Oaks from little Acorns grow. The Demijohn on the bar is filling up nicely as well
  10. i have provided a demijohn for the bar.it should be out ready on Sunday.
  11. thanks, will be in bar from about 1.30
  12. At the match against Parkside, several of you may have noticed jars of jam and marmalade were being given out. The idea behind this scheme is to use the contents of the jar, clean it out and use it as a money box for loose change.. The jars are numbered and when returned will be entered into a draw for a signed shirt at the end of the season. All monies received are for the development of the club. The jars are being provided by me. Full records will be kept throughout the course of the campaign. I shall be in club bar from about 13.30 at the corner table. Come and see me even if it is to say hello. Jars will be available at all home matches Ricardo
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