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Steve Slater

M.O.M. Rovers V Bradford

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Thank you all for a great roller coaster ride this season.

Like that nice quote. WE ARE A TEAM.

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On reflection




Big thank you to all involved on Fev

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As rams fan who decided to go to Fev instead of Leigh .... and glad I did!!


1. Thacks ( well I would as a rams fan!) ...controlled the show.


2. Davies ... is there anything he can't tackle??


3. Mullaley .. what a fantastic forward he will be .... really plays his weight!


I can't remember a better defensive performance ... didn't give the bulls any space to work. 

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Snitch - where have those performances the last 3 games come from? he's looked a different player and Sunday was by far his best game for the club

Thackeray - has really started running at the opposition the last few weeks, and his defence has been ok too

Baldwinson - won the collision nearly every time in the first half, making tremendous yards after contact


honourable mentions for
Davies - everywhere as usual

Misi - at least three thunderous hits, two of them on forwards
Griffin - didn't play huge minutes but his defence was really good when he was on
Briggs - looked confident and kicking game was very good

Mullally - made lots of yards

Spears - his customary trojan tackling stint and ran it in well too

Ellis - his usual self and for me he's actually played a lot better this year than he was last (and he wasn't bad last year)
in fact there wasn't anyone who didn't play well from 1-17

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I will finalise the voting for the Bradford game tomorrow so that results can be published for the first part of the season. It is evident, however, that Misi cannot be caught at the top of the league table and John Davies is assured of 2nd place as we head into the Middle Eights.

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Final voting results for the Bradford (H) game:


1st- Thackeray, 51 votes, 3pts

2nd- Snitch, 30 votes, 2pts

3rd- Taulapapa, 16 votes, 1pt.


So Misi goes an extra point in front at the top of the table above John Davies, who finished 4th for this game with 12 votes.

With only the 7 qualifier games left it looks like a three horse race for the trophy.

The top 6 places are:-

1st- Misi Taulapapa with 28 points

2nd- John Davies with 24 points

3rd- Anthony Thackeray with 16 points

4th- Ian Hardman with 12 points

5th- Andy Ellis with 10 points

6th- Jamie Cording with 9 points 

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