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Elite 1 follow-up

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Limoux is an odd one. Back to back Championships after a wait of near 50 years. They had a shed full of players missing for Sundays game against StGaudens and still won by some margin. They do pull also from Villegailhenc (3rd in Elite 2) but at the same time can't get an U19s set-up properly functioning. There's so many disparities here with the likes of Toulon  ,Baho, Ill -sur -Tete and Villefranche running with U19s whereas Limoux and Palau cannot.

picturesque setting for Ille sur Tete XIII. Stade Jean Galia - the codes founder I think born and buried there. Ist team these days coached by former Dragons forward Pascal Jampy


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I've already said about seeing Limoux U19 get hammered 60 - 0 by Albi, can't figure ou why they are so far behind in the junior section !

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limpux neglected their rugby school for a few years and are now seeing the results, they have 7 players who travel from lezignan to play for them, young gypsies that don't always turn up but are good players, limoux have put their minds back on the rugby school and the numbers are rising, every year theyve struggled with this generation, last year they had no under 17 a couple of years before no under 15s, strange thing is they finished first in the qualifiers for the elite junior pool they were in, then their better players were needed for the first team, 

daniel wagon is putting a lot of hard work in as are the other coaches and they're moving forward and hopefully this hard work will pay off, 

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