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NRL Womens Pathway

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1 hour ago, DoubleD said:

Do you really need someone to answer that? 

Haha that's what I was thinking. Basically the women here aren't going to stand a chance for decades. The game here is lightyears behind where Australia is now and where they are going. 

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5 hours ago, jannerboyuk said:

Impressive, how do we compare?



I don't think this will happen in 2018. The current plan for the National Women's League seems to be a 6-tem comp to run during the NRL Finals. It doesn't matter too much since the NSWRL will most likely continue it's 8-team comp from last year before the NRL comp (women's) starts. The NSWRL also ran a Nines comp over several weeks before their 13s comp started. Brisbane also had a Women's comp but I'm not sure how many teams.

This year we also had the mid year Test v. Kiwis and a Qld v NSW Residents match which included any PNG or Kiwi-eligible players who were playing in the relevant State comps, followed by a SOO match.

The link that Copa gave to another thread on this has a lot more opinion, including some very good reasons why there should NOT be a Women's comp as a direct mirror or attachment to the existing NRL. That might sound odd but, for example, why repeat the mistake of having only 1 team in Brisbane?

5 hours ago, Copa said:


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I can see the NRL Women's comp becoming a bit like the Women's soccer in the US with the best players from NZ, UK and Europe going over in the next 5-10 years. It doesn't take a huge TV deal and sponsorship to support wages etc for NRL clubs with infrastructures already in place.

In the UK we could do a Maurice Lindsay and sign up all the top Jillaroos players to play in the UK. That would cheese the Aussies off for a while - then they would probably produce more great players just to taunt us :sleep:

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