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    Great to see all of these RL legends in one place at the Annual Capital Challenge. Skolars put up a good fight against a Wigan team with plenty of first team experience and 2 French Internationals. Losing 34 - 6. Corporates and crowd best yet. Roll on Broncos in the London Clash next Friday at New River
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    A really succesful night for the Bears. It was great to catch up with some old friends. It was a horrible night with swirling snow and a bit ( major) of a culture shock for our new Aussies Attendance 866 and a healthy audience on the streaming sevice too.
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    Don't know what you're talking about. They're the exact opposite. The Hull shirt (from top to bottom) is black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops. The Toronto shirt is thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black. Exact opposite.
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    I also find that a 50 minute cycle takes about 50 minutes to complete ?
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    I think we should know more about this fixture, If you lot want to crowd fund me I would be prepared to undergo the hardships of going out there and could write a full report of the game for you all.
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    Does every 30+ outside back in the NRL have to retire now that Micthell is playing well or is it just Inglis?
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    Whatever have Catalans ever done to you to make you hate them that much ?
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    Or they could just have two different events, so the established success of the Capital Challenge against Wigan doesn't get wasted.
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    Oh dear how sad never mind
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    Yep I agree, I don't usually buy a program but this is a good read and releasing it the day before a game helps to build the anticipation for the following day, the club have made massive strides with their online presence over that last few months, all really positive stuff
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    Thought the same . Great kid and busting a gut for us and the fans see that and took to him right away . He’s really talented and only going to get better and hopefully via us he works his way back to the top level . He’s got the ability and attitude
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    If we spare a second to stop fawning over that hugely privileged old #### , and actually spare a moment's thought for the nine month old child in the other car. But the nasty old #### was still sent a replacement vehicle in very quick time, almost like the royal family don't give a ...
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    Day 6 done and the first time I started in daylight ?
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    I wonder if the away team is charged $500,000 due to the fact it doesn't bring enough away fans?
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    Piggy's mate!! Congratulations. I will pass on the shirt to you this coming Sunday! Thank you again to all who contributed, and continue to do so. It is greatly appreciated.
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    The single most exiting and memorable game ever...the reason why I still long for ORLFC to climb out of the rut...I was there and the whole thing was Awesome...even though we lost! Colin Hawkyard was Immense on the night....Bruiser was surely up for it. The sheddings was rockin that night!
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    Did you watch an entirely different advert?
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    I think we need a few more posts to judge a troll. Somebody thinking Wakey are a weak club and deserving of criticism is hardly a crazy view and a sign of a troll.
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    Fantastic news.
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    The non PC, free speech, non snowflake, pro capitalism crowd seem more surprised that companies will use anything in advertising than us vegan, sandal wearing leftists...
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    Will you be raffling PM's touch and pass shirt at the end of the season ? I hear Billy Smarts are looking for a new tent.
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    LAST 16 VILLEGAILHENC / ENTRAIGUES ST GAUDENS / ST ESTEVE XIII CATALAN TRENTELS / CARCASSONNE ALBI / VILLENEUVE LOT LYON VILLEURBANNE / CARPENTRAS TOULOUSE BRONCOS / LIMOUX VILLEFRANCHE AVEYRON / LEZIGNAN CORBIERES PIA / PALAU Three Elite 1 clashes, Albi-Villeneuve/Lot the pick-out one. Everyone will be looking now at the Aquitaine side after their league result at Lezignan. The Canaris up in Aquitaine at the only remaining Federal side.Tasty Catalan derby too possibly. Think Villefranche up in the Aveyron against FCL could be interesting as they've just signed-up a couple of Australians.Elite 2 title holders Villegailhenc with the Anderson brothers could be rubbing their hands in glee with a big quarter-final in prospect if they see off Entraigues. Leaves Carpentras as the only Provence out-fit expected to reach the last 8. Ties 9-10th March.
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    No point taking chances with things that might be an injury - rest until it doesn't hurt. My wife did parkrun in a bit under 34 minutes today. She hadn't run more than 3k in quite a few months, so was pretty pleased with that time.
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    Parkrun done in an official time of 25:55. I'd have been insanely happy with that a year ago but it's a fair bit slower than recently and I've got a massive pain now in what can only be described as 'vaguely the groin area'. A few days off for me now. The annual tally is at 99k.
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    You need to hope Murrell is back soon, and stays fit. Him not missing many games is the main reason you made top 4 the last couple of seasons and he will be key again if you're going to make the play offs this.
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    Why don't you read it properly and not take it out of context? This is what it says "Melbourne Storm are the world's most successful expansion club but at a cost of £200,000,000. What could London do with that sort of backing?" So McNeil is not answering a serious question, he's been asked to dream about what he'd do if he received £200 Million to spend on London Skolars. Can you tell me just how much he is actually receiving from this Argyle deal? Is it £200M? Not taking it out of context, hence the use of the word 'ambition'. You are trying to twist what I posted. Where do I say anything other than that is an ambition, not a realistic prospect ? Not only have I read the article, I speak to Hector (plus other Skolar's directors) regularly. When was the last time you spoke to him ? No it isn't £200M but as you apparently have all the inside details, why don't you tell us how much it'll be ?
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    Hanley looks like he could turn out in SL this season. Well done once again to the Skolars on delivering yet another successful Capital Challenge.
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    I notice your sarcasm but just to remind you that Mr McNeil founded the London Skolars club,and remains there. With his wealth and hedge fund expertise he could have just thrown money at it and then left. Those M62 'experts',be they O'Connor,Beaumont,Koukash,haven't stayed the course - despite the free advertising afforded to O'Connor at Widnes with his Stobart connection at a time the RFL seemed to want to rub shoulders with rich individuals. If Toronto and London Skolars are planning ahead with some intelligence and realistic targets,then the gradual progression may be worth experiencing.
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    Think there was 110 subscribers watching live during the game. Not sure what the final numbers will be. Thats not bad for the first time and would have been enough to make some money for the club.
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    This is a wonderful event and genuinely gets bigger and better every year. Have a good idea and stick with it. For us, the academy players - Smithies especially - look to have something about them. We fielded a stronger side than we normally do which perhaps was a shame for the Skolars. The perfect pipe opener. By the way, Hanley’s son is on our books.
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    It is wrong to say that TRL dont promote the game. Its their whole raison d'etre. Its wrong to say they don't allow free speech, either. For some unknown reason, youve a bee in your bonnet. Did you once apply for a TRL job and fail?
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    We have a Concept2 in the office. It's sitting there, mocking me right now.
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    I didn't know Hull FC played in the championship.
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    Was good to see Tom Lillycrop back with the squad tonight
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    As my dad used to say"it's not cold you just think it is". I'm from moorside,a stone's throw away from sheddings so I'm used to it. Looking forward to Sunday.
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    Sorry Mark Wilson, I think you've missed the whole point of this competition; It was arranged as much to keep out SL clubs as anything else, to show them and the RFL that there is life and organisation outside of SL. I for one don't want SL sides in it, or else it's something else that a championship club can't win, SL has far too big a say in the game anyway. Seeing as SL has now become a separate entity to the RFL, I would also withdraw invitation to SL sides to the Challenge Cup, as it is a competition run by the RFL, not SL.
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    That's what I'm thinking. Watersheddings was bad enough and that was under cover.
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    Some decent signings with good returns, Morley, M Monaghan, J monaghan, C Hicks, Trent Waterhouse, and they may not have won the GF but have won 3 CC 2LLS, appeared in 9 finals since 2009. But anyone who thinks Widdop is average is not someone who would accept this.
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    One minority sport getting a leg-up by doing over another minority sport is not a good look.
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    One of the best I’ve had the privilege of seeing live.
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    Another great read today - well done to all concerned. Also nice to see compliments towards the club from Bulls supporters in todays T & A.
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    Swinton have a traditional kit in either Blue or White that is unique to them same as a few other clubs; Leeds, Hull, Fev, Barrow, Worky, Rochdale, Whitehaven, Huddersfield etc yet still go on persisting in playing in something that could by anyone from anywhere in the name of chasing a few replica sales. If they want to do that restrict it to the so called 'away' kits and keep what is your usp and identity untouched, if you want to sell replica's of it to fans just add the year to it around the badge?
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    What an incredible waste of talent. Could have easily played top level rugby but too much time believing the hype instead of knuckling down.
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    Maybe you are happy being labelled a rapist and/or a violent woman hater. Personally I'm sick to the back teeth of it. F*** Gillette and all the other hypocritical corporations.
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    The home fans at Caravan Park will like it ?
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    He is telling the truth though. Fed up hearing about their new grounds that never happen. Genuine question has a sod of earth been turned at Castleford ?
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    This question was asked at one of the Saints fans forums a few years ago and the club basically said that they could get more corporate income from Friday night games than they could from Sunday games. The increase in corporate far outweighed the potential loss of income from reduced fan numbers. They also recognised that Friday nights posed problems for some fans in terms of travel, however Fridays were least likely to clash with other local sporting games (namely football) so wouldn't force fans to choose between attending / watching.
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    Saints do a 'Half Season' ticket option. Not sure of the details but I think they become available around June time

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