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    Whatever have Catalans ever done to you to make you hate them that much ?
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    Or they could just have two different events, so the established success of the Capital Challenge against Wigan doesn't get wasted.
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    Did you watch an entirely different advert?
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    Just what is a marquee player? Are we really calling ex internationals who are several years past their last representation a marquee??? I understand the need to hype up signings but I think we are simply finding ways around the cap rather than signing genuinely world leading characters.
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    I think we need a few more posts to judge a troll. Somebody thinking Wakey are a weak club and deserving of criticism is hardly a crazy view and a sign of a troll.
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    Fantastic news.
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    The non PC, free speech, non snowflake, pro capitalism crowd seem more surprised that companies will use anything in advertising than us vegan, sandal wearing leftists...
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    Will you be raffling PM's touch and pass shirt at the end of the season ? I hear Billy Smarts are looking for a new tent.
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    LAST 16 VILLEGAILHENC / ENTRAIGUES ST GAUDENS / ST ESTEVE XIII CATALAN TRENTELS / CARCASSONNE ALBI / VILLENEUVE LOT LYON VILLEURBANNE / CARPENTRAS TOULOUSE BRONCOS / LIMOUX VILLEFRANCHE AVEYRON / LEZIGNAN CORBIERES PIA / PALAU Three Elite 1 clashes, Albi-Villeneuve/Lot the pick-out one. Everyone will be looking now at the Aquitaine side after their league result at Lezignan. The Canaris up in Aquitaine at the only remaining Federal side.Tasty Catalan derby too possibly. Think Villefranche up in the Aveyron against FCL could be interesting as they've just signed-up a couple of Australians.Elite 2 title holders Villegailhenc with the Anderson brothers could be rubbing their hands in glee with a big quarter-final in prospect if they see off Entraigues. Leaves Carpentras as the only Provence out-fit expected to reach the last 8. Ties 9-10th March.
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    No point taking chances with things that might be an injury - rest until it doesn't hurt. My wife did parkrun in a bit under 34 minutes today. She hadn't run more than 3k in quite a few months, so was pretty pleased with that time.
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    Parkrun done in an official time of 25:55. I'd have been insanely happy with that a year ago but it's a fair bit slower than recently and I've got a massive pain now in what can only be described as 'vaguely the groin area'. A few days off for me now. The annual tally is at 99k.
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    You need to hope Murrell is back soon, and stays fit. Him not missing many games is the main reason you made top 4 the last couple of seasons and he will be key again if you're going to make the play offs this.
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    Let’s kick this off, my band, Oil City will be playing Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and a smattering of punk at The Royal Oak, Clare Road Halifax Saturday 2nd February and at The Blind Pig Sowerby Bridge Saturday 22nd February. Both gigs kick off at about 9pm. As ever, all welcome
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    Best of luck with your gigs, Phil. Live music is the best music. Got tickets to see the Wedding Present in Leeds in April and trying to work out how to get to watch the brilliant Susto in London in May. No other gigs planned but need to get to more...
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    Both teams had key players missing, but what tonight did show, was the Knights have plenty of strength in depth. The 'reserves' will hold their own against much tougher opposition. York defended well, and scored some very good tries.
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    Think we all know we will have much harder games ahead, but as I said it was a good run out for both teams, im not saying we will be top of the table.
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    No. But I'm currently working on another advert, it goes....'Black men, stop drug dealing and shooting people - you can be better than that.' Sorted.
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    Swinton have a traditional kit in either Blue or White that is unique to them same as a few other clubs; Leeds, Hull, Fev, Barrow, Worky, Rochdale, Whitehaven, Huddersfield etc yet still go on persisting in playing in something that could by anyone from anywhere in the name of chasing a few replica sales. If they want to do that restrict it to the so called 'away' kits and keep what is your usp and identity untouched, if you want to sell replica's of it to fans just add the year to it around the badge?
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    What an incredible waste of talent. Could have easily played top level rugby but too much time believing the hype instead of knuckling down.
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    Some great tries scored again, a good run out for both teams and as long as no players got injured we should be O.K.
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    Nah. I sided with the men in the advert standing against that and didn’t see myself reflected in the other men. But I liked the part about how we behave now is how our sons will behave in the future. Nice touch that.
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    How’s this for a positive, Toronto Wolfpack will be in Super League 2020. Toronto’s average attendance will surpass 7000 in their 1st Super League season, putting other well established clubs to shame. Super League will ride the Wolfpack wave to make a record breaking new sky deal in 2021.
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    Maybe you are happy being labelled a rapist and/or a violent woman hater. Personally I'm sick to the back teeth of it. F*** Gillette and all the other hypocritical corporations.
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    Who knows how it will pan out but I suspect they didn’t just do it for the approval of a few nodders on social media. They will have seen a loss of market share to subscription models - where their own attempt was really weak - and probably also noted that a significant number of razors and blades are bought by women for their sons and partners. If it doesn’t work they are big enough to switch to a different approach. All it is is marketing, no point being a snowflake about it.
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    Nah he is a troll, he only ever uses this user name on this and other forums to ask the same questions of the same clubs, never positive and always looking to stir.
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    You are entitled to your opinion, but as a Wire fan, the last decade has been pretty enjoyable. 3 Cup titles, 2 final losses, half the cup finals of this decade. 2 LLS titles. 4 Grand Finals, unfortunately losing each close battle. Ive had worse decades as a Wire fan.
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    Hence why I said it should be taken out of the vagaries of changes of governments or Prime Minister.
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    Good lad is Jack Teanby,good forward who’ll go well for you.
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    Game is available on the website for £3 now if anyone wants to watch. Handy for me to get to know the new lads https://www.cleancutlive.com/
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    Teams will mean business in Law Cup showdown SCOTT Naylor is under no illusions about the strength of the side Rochdale Hornets will field at the Vestacare Stadium tomorrow (3pm) when our derby rivals do battle with us for the Law Cup for the first time since 2011 on our home ground. Read full article
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    Wish he was ! Joy to watch . Can look anyone in the eye who’s played the game , just the all round rugby player
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    His violation occurred in may 2015 and I'm pretty sure he was suspended from then. He will be able to resume his career from Nov 2019 but there'll be no competitive games until Feb 2020, that's nearly 5 years between games.
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    No doubt , but turning it round with it being Prince Phillip he gets all the attention .
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    Had it not been Prince Philip, it would get no attention whatsoever.
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    Mark Steel's In Town this week was Hastings. I think he pretty much nailed it. Although, if anything, he downplayed the amount of drinking.
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    If his injury is completely cleared up. he will set the Championship alight. Fantastic signing.
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    Just out of intrest when does sam barlows ban end i know he's not everyones cup of tea but a good ball handleing forward would help us out no end
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    The Roosters will be huge favourites but these games aren't always as straightforward as they appear. Most expected us to lose to Cronulla but they were pretty poor on the day. I don't expect a full strength side so that might level things a little. If the weather is typical for this time of year, and the Roosters are a little rusty, that might give Wigan a bit more hope. Plus Adrian Lam should be as familiar as anyone with their style of play so will presumably prep the team well. I think we'll need a lot in our favour to get the win though. It's hard to guess the Wigan team though before a pre-season game. I don't think anyone will be certain what the team will be until the Saints game.
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    Killing Baby Hitler isn't like killing any other baby. At least that's the position of online activist group Sleeping Giants. After a Ben Shapiro speech where he said he wouldn't kill baby Hitler because baby Hitler wasn't adult Hitler. Instead, he said, it would be preferable to remove baby Hitler from his surroundings so he would grow up to be a different person. Sleeping Giants have been targeting advertisers on Fox and Breitbart for a long time and saw an opportunity to nail Shapiro over his fascist, bigoted refusal to kill babies. It all got a bit confusing for some people, leading Sleeping Giants in a bit of a muddle. No, it wasn't misconstrued at all. It was a blatant example of the moronic contradictions within Intersectionality. A movement which denounces all biological determinism (or essentialism, if you prefer) when it applies to any differences between men and women or different genetic ancestries or issues like gender or transgenderism, suddenly finds biological determinism an adequate excuse for murdering babies. So, let me see if I can work out this out: saying that West Africans have a higher proportion of fast-twitch muscles in their legs, which gives them an advantage in things like basketball or sprinting, is worse than murdering a baby. I'm going to need a lobotomy before that will make sense.
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    They're just trying to copy a winning team's strip. Need to count the hoops on the Falcons shirt to see if it's an exact rip off. Outrageous if so...
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    I never said you said they were exact. Would you like some of that medication?
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    They have been playing too much defence...best defence is a good offence.
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    You just concentrate on the Bradford Cup... Another one you can stick a egg in
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    You got your wish, Kriss signed on today.
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    I did my fastest parkrun since April 2017 - 26.12, 16 seconds quicker than last week. Still 3 and a half minutes slower than my PB.
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    He'd be a superstar in another, closely related, sport with that physique.
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