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    Going by some of their tackling this season a non contact sport could be the making of the Rhino's
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    I've been to the last couple of these Jo Cox memorial games, and if there's ever been a cause to support and attend then, for me, this is it. AND, dare I say it, I will actually be cheering on the Dogs as well .......... That wouldn't be the case if it was anyone but Sheffield, might I add If you can, get yourselves down there for the afternoon.......... Show a bit of solidarity for the day
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    Land of Hope & Glory everytime.
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    I'll be there ST or not, yes I have an ST and a few games in credit (haha) that I've not managed to get through for. No point sitting at home without a reasonable excuse and then complaining endlessly about the team, the staff, the board, the officials etc. Use it or lose it
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    A lot has happened in the 20 years since Eagles won the challenge cup in terms of understanding the need to really push things rather than "look we won now everyone come along!" which was very much the attitude. Look at Catalans this year they are really making a push with it and i think, looking back, similar could have happened. The Shuddesfield debacle then happened quickly after. The thing with Sheffield is the moving around has meant here is no where to call "home" and most of the efforts have been around finding a place to play for next year, then the next, then the next.. there is now a settled home so they can start to build again, there is more going on in the city and Jack Howieson seems quite active both in the junior side of things and getting people involved (just set up a touch rugby comp on a monday night). The home is starting to come together but it still is a work in progress but they haven't got to find somewhere new every year so the boards' efforts can be put into club growth rather than just surviving another year until a permanent home can be found. None of this is to say that it will work but it looks like a bit of a new dawn with a few people with a bit more sense getting involved. As has been said by other people on here if only a few thousand get interested that is a good crowd and base to start building from in the championship. To move Swinton to be Manchester will take some work but it depends who they get involved. If they get the right people then it can "work" but they have to know what "work" is.. I would say its get a sustainable base of a thousand or so, and a "home" to build things around then go from there.. the question is, is this easier with "Manchester" or "Swinton"? my guess is Manchester but not being from there I couldn't say 100%. but to compare to Sheffield I think is a dangerous route due to the extra factors Sheffield has had to deal with that hopefully Manchester/Swinton wont.. its why IMHO no expansion club is the same and no expansion "model" can exist as each place, and each team will have different issues, different blocks and different positives they have to work with. There are gaps in Sheffield and Manchester and Birmingham and London for RL but you have to work out what they are and how best to exploit them, just because one city hasn't managed it doesnt mean others cannot.
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    Being pedantic, I actually looked up whether 'pedancticness' is a real word For the record, it is not. The quality of 'being pedantic' is actually 'pedanticism' it seems... Also, I totally agree with the substantive. The referees in this country are far too pedantic compared with what seems to happen in Australia.
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    Quick watch of the 1990 GB game shows how slow , flat , and lacking in skill/invention the current game is....
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    ‘Shaun’ has uploaded some right full-match gems on YouTube lately. I give you Wellington vs Great Britain, 1990 Lions tour Hull FC vs Widnes 1991 Premiership Final Wigan vs Bradford Northern, 1992 Challenge Cup (peak Wigan?) Well done to Shaun!
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    just watched origin round one - a reminder of the days when the game was allowed to flow, not a whistle fest for any old reason, the intensity was maintained by letting the game go, if the tackle was a bit high they weren't looking round milking a penalty or even expecting the sniff of one, no time for that in high intensity rl - didn't see the game stopped once so anyone could have their neck rubbed by 2 disposable blue rubber gloves or the video ref taking 5 mins to watch 15 replays, pedanticness is spoiling rl here
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    Salford by 12. The rest of you should now put your money on Hull.
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    It'll be a walkover. Which side does it, I'm not sure. I don't predict a close game though. Someone will win convincingly.
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    Fev are taking a weakened squad to Widnes. But no excuses. York have had it tough also recently and come up with some good efforts.
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    I definitely agree the games back then were more entertaining and appeared more rugged. But I can't agree with anybody who thinks the style of play back then beats how modern RL is played at the top level - not a chance. So, I guess it depends how you define 'better'.
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    So which Hull FC are turning up this week?
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    Sad for some, but it's true and just a fact of life. The likes of Swinton, Oldham and Rochdale with their declining and fanbase which is predominantly of a certain age are unlikely to be sustainable as professional entities long term, particularly after 2021. I think it would be in their interests to merge at the top level and have amateur clubs in these districts feeding in. I know that won't go down with some, but sport is a business whether people like it or not and the clubs have to evolve or cease to exist, as unpalatable as that maybe.
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    Well, looking at this thread's title and the OP's club it would appear that that Club are certainly leading the way on not putting bums on seats.
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    Yes and I liked Leon Pryce as a summariser too.
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    1995 Cup Ernie...do you know something??
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    We've just went through this in Canada recently. In 'O Canada" they changed "in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command": We are still in the change over mode so some people sing "Sons" (thats me), but it is catching on. I'm for it...I was very much against it....HOWEVER...i actually changed my opinion on the matter just this morning after listening to a presentation by a very intelligent 15 year old girl on the matter...her presentation was so good I changed my position...the young really support the changes...they are for it....they are our future.
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    Was that Cameron Smith at 9 tonight?
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    Place should be packed given the current standings! Hope you guys can spring an upset...
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    It may be but it certainly shouldn’t be . I can’t be having we’ve just got to win . This has to be ruthless and get our PD burgeoning . Those top 5 are gonna be tight and a spot maybe decided by it . They only scored 76 and shipped nye on 500 at 50 a game on average . We should be focused , concentrate on consistency and intensity for the 80 and put a big score on . Put a marker down
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    whenever we shop in Aldi we end up spending loads more than in Tesco or Waitrose because we keep looking at stuff we don't need and seeing as it's only a couple of quid we buy it. Or I go home with a Generator or MIG welder from the middle aisle.
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    Sadly as a Fan I also agree. I feel Wire even missing a few players are a very tough proposition at home. Hull showed last week if a pack can front up to Les Dracs, they have a good chance. Wire to win by 14pts. Hope I'm wrong.
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    New Zealand always sing their Anthem in English & Maori, Why can't the Australian anthem to delete the offending lines (if any) be changed and sung in Pama-Nyungen, as a second verse as the Kiwi's do. Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free; We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history’s page, let every stage Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair. English NZ: God of Nations at Thy feet, In the bonds of love we meet, Hear our voices, we entreat, God defend our free land. Guard Pacific's triple star From the shafts of strife and war, Make her praises heard afar, God defend New Zealand. Maori NZ: E Ihowā Atua, O ngā iwi mātou rā Āta whakarangona; Me aroha noa Kia hua ko te pai; Kia tau tō atawhai; Manaakitia mai Aotearoa O Lord, God, Of all people Listen to us, Cherish us May good flourish, May your blessings flow Defend Aotearoa
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    Billy Connolly was right. Our anthem (UK) it's the most de-motivating I have ever heard!
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    That's fine. Outdated concept anyway. We never go as far as the verse about "rebellious Scots to crush". Time we changed to Jerusalem
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    Don't multi-sports clubs open themselves up for greater government funding also? maybe thats just amateur level. Not sure.
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    I agree with this. Never really took off in this country but is absolutely massive across Europe. Galatasaray for example have over 10 different sports under the Galatasaray sports club umbrella. When I think about my own RL team (Hunslet Club Parkside) we also have football, boxing, Gymnastics, Ballet to name but a few all carrying the club's name and colours all across Leeds, Yorkshire and further afield. I get at any level it's do with interest, money and facilities but simply making links is a start.
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    Yes of course,but true fans would see the need and go with it. Embrace it.
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    Great game played at a speed we just can't replicate in this country,with players like Tedesco,Cook,Munster,Pongia,talk of the Aussie's being in decline looks a tad premature.
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    This all might be moot by the way.
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    I hope we win and I don't care what our playoff rivals do. One step closer to Wembley. Injuries can be picked up at anytime so this game is just like any other. We managed to play 2 good games over the Easter period, this is no different.
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    Absolutely spot on, it is laughable that some people on here think the game now, is better than it was back then. I have seen it posted many times on here, that we are looking back at things with rose tinted spectacles that the game only seemed better then. I hope some of them watch a few games from back then to compare. RL was a fantastic game, it needs to get back to what it was, a fast, hard and skillful sport.
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    Haha, another ref bashing. Well Mr Hewer you have been overtaken by Mr Child.
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    I think there is a place for Cummings. But I wonder whether it would be better in a 2 minute slot at half time and at full time to discuss controversial incidents instead of going to every minor point like knock-ons during the match. I know he isn't popular, but he does know more than most of us when it comes to these decisions, but I think him being at the video screen reviewing the 2 or 3 key incidents would be better than now. The other issue at the moment is the fact that it feels like a huge audition process. We are seeing a complete mish-mash of presenters and commentators, and tbh it is sounding amateur at times.
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    Shuttle buses ran when we first moved to the Ryedale stadium they were popular and very busy at first but after a couple of defeats they were running virtually empty the most popular one being from the station which was mainly used by visiting supporters I used to enjoy driving one of these buses and would love to see them running again the banter on them was great I’m sure people could make their own way to the station and a regular round robin service to the stadium could run with 5 buses
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    I don't really get why the opinion of Muslim people should be taken into account when deciding on this matter. It's interesting but it shouldn't have any effect on whether we strip someone of their citizenship rather than bring them to trial.
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    I know that, but Ashes tickets are like gold dust and I've got tickets for the Saturday. It's the third test, hopefully the one where we smash the Aussies to lift the little urn. Total dilemma if it comes to it, but it would be very hard to turn down Wembley.
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    I’ll be watching on the Our League app,good luck hope you win as I can’t do with the arrogance from Bradford Bulls especially John Kear.
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    I was at the Wellington Vs GB game at the Basin Reserve in 1990 it was mid week and i skipped school that afternoon with half a dozen mates to go and watch, weather wasnt to good but i can remeber looking up and seeing Martin Offiah watching the game from the members lounge. ive just watched the 1st couple of minutes... unbelievable what wellington had back then kiwis all over the show Mike Kuiti, Morvin Edwards. Robert Piva, Barry Harvey...etc not the case these days even a lot of league fans in wellington would struggle to name a member the current Wellington Team!
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    Why can't you have both, its not an either or. More bums in the seats and more income from other streams; they are like a hand in a glove. The big thing is marketing (for either decision). Yes, Toronto is on the leading edge of this new way (and just not in RL); there is alot to learn from Toronto in both regards.
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    Unless they get a new home - a decent one - in m27 then they should become Manchester Lions, play out of the academy stadium and run reserve team as Swinton...just a thought and better than the current slow death
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    The Bulls (Northern) had the chance to move to the far superior Park Avenue ground when Bradford P A folded, and chose to stick with Odsal. God knows why. They could never fill it. And I doubt even the most affluent RL club could keep up to it. Parking is rotten too.
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    They put Manchester on their badge last season or was it the season before and I'd wager it made no difference other than ###### off existing fans, its a weak and disingenuous attempt to garner quick support. Swintons problems are far greater than a name, they epitomise those of RL in general as do a lot of clubs who have fallen by the wayside over the years, namely lost generations, I apply that to a lot of SL clubs too. RL as a whole is playing catch up and there is a lot of straw grabbing, they should be looking at the likes of York for inspiration.
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    Toronto is a hard core hockey/soccer/CFL/baseball/lacrosse stronghold which isn't looking for an alternative sport.
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    Not new to the game just relatively new to Canada . I certainly agree with the comment that we are not strong in depth . That was my point regarding adding quality to push on. This season we are the team everyone wants to turn over and unfortunately raises their game. We have seen teams play us and have a real go at it then play a so called weaker team and struggle . If the pack gain promotion it will be a role reversal and a steep learning curve . There will be no freebies in SL. Other Wolfpack fans have commented that we will do much better than I posted earlier but without a huge influx of top class players I don't see it . Those players would break the SC anyway. . If promoted I am looking for a first season of getting used to the higher level before any thoughts of challenging for a top 5 place. As much as gutted to lose to London last season it was probably a good thing to temper supporter belief in how good the team actually was. Had they gone up then the squad would have needed a major revamp just to survive. It is easy to support a team winning almost every week but tighter / harder games next season will be better to watch if in SL. Whether the majority of fans will see it that way I am not so sure but personally winning by 40 or 50 on a regular basis isn't good for what they will expect at the next level. The party atmosphere at Lamport is great and adds to the gameday experience for new and seasoned RL fans but it needs to be secondary to what is on offer on the pitch for those who are familiar with the game.
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    Not saying it has to be one or the other. Just don't be reliant on it. My main point is..... create new income streams.
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    Why does it have to be one or the other? I agree clubs should be looking for as many income streams as possible, but suggesting they 'move away' from wanting to fill stadiums seems somewhat odd. The NRL, which has an astronomical TV deal, seemed to overlook the importance of bums on seats in the stadium a few years back - now they're doing their utmost to get fans back at games as it looked terrible and did affect clubs revenues.
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