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    Well, looking at this thread's title and the OP's club it would appear that that Club are certainly leading the way on not putting bums on seats.
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    Not new to the game just relatively new to Canada . I certainly agree with the comment that we are not strong in depth . That was my point regarding adding quality to push on. This season we are the team everyone wants to turn over and unfortunately raises their game. We have seen teams play us and have a real go at it then play a so called weaker team and struggle . If the pack gain promotion it will be a role reversal and a steep learning curve . There will be no freebies in SL. Other Wolfpack fans have commented that we will do much better than I posted earlier but without a huge influx of top class players I don't see it . Those players would break the SC anyway. . If promoted I am looking for a first season of getting used to the higher level before any thoughts of challenging for a top 5 place. As much as gutted to lose to London last season it was probably a good thing to temper supporter belief in how good the team actually was. Had they gone up then the squad would have needed a major revamp just to survive. It is easy to support a team winning almost every week but tighter / harder games next season will be better to watch if in SL. Whether the majority of fans will see it that way I am not so sure but personally winning by 40 or 50 on a regular basis isn't good for what they will expect at the next level. The party atmosphere at Lamport is great and adds to the gameday experience for new and seasoned RL fans but it needs to be secondary to what is on offer on the pitch for those who are familiar with the game.
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    Not saying it has to be one or the other. Just don't be reliant on it. My main point is..... create new income streams.
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    Why does it have to be one or the other? I agree clubs should be looking for as many income streams as possible, but suggesting they 'move away' from wanting to fill stadiums seems somewhat odd. The NRL, which has an astronomical TV deal, seemed to overlook the importance of bums on seats in the stadium a few years back - now they're doing their utmost to get fans back at games as it looked terrible and did affect clubs revenues.
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    I'm not British, but I too consider it one of THE most important things in our game. Income aside, it's the image we portray, full grandstands looks so much better than empty ones. I don't know how 'obsessing' over pursuing high attendances can possibly be a bad thing?
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    UK RL has an unhealthy obsession with attendances. I include both spectators and club owners in that. Attendances are not the be all and end all. Yes they are important but it needs to be mixed with other forms of income. The sport over here is just too reliant on bums on seats as a revenue stream and needs to create new business models where multiple streams of income are created that support the clubs. I think the French clubs and Toronto are moving in the right way I'm this respect. There's a big debate about how much of Toronto's crowd actually pay entrance fee, but I think the owners are looking at the bigger picture. They are turning match days into an event and creating a buzz around that, building a 5 star brand and then creating revenues around it. They have their own alcohol product, cannabis oil product and many more on the way. Revenue from streaming is a big part of their plans. This is a new business model in comparison to traditional UK clubs. The French clubs develop strong links with local and regional government bodies who provide funding and they also have a strong presence in the business world with round table events and plenty of innovation around engaging the business community for sponsorship. Already the Catalan Dragons are one of the highest revenue earners in SL. The British clubs must learn from this and so should the RFL and Robert Elstone because I think clubs should be permitted access to SL on the strength of their business model.
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    Ade Adebisi must be in phase two of his promotional work after flying back to Lagos. Looks like they have Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja doing PR.
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    I'm giving up on predicting our games this season.
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    Cats will be in white with a red chevron probably; you can pretend they are another team with a similar kit.
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    Nah, tends to just be seeds, grain, bit of grass, sometimes treat myself to some berries or flies.
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    Go on, let everyone know why you love the Greatest Game. For me- 1) skill + agility + power = the most exciting team sport to watch 2) great fans 3) I feel part of a community (perhaps sometimes a cult given how few of us there are down in the south) 4) it’s innovative 5) I can drink beer while watching games
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    Offiah with the Nigeria Shirt.
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    Well there's not much else to do in Fev.
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    Err... Really? In 2005, Hull played 5 SL teams to win the cup, including that season's top 3. (Wakefield, Bradford, Leigh, Saints, Leeds). They didn't draw any lower league teams. In 2016, Hull played 4 SL teams to win the cup, all who were in the top 5 after the regular rounds that season (they literally couldn't have had a harder run). They didn't draw any lower league teams. In 2017, Hull played 4 SL teams to win the cup, including the runaway league leaders and that year's SL champions. They didn't draw any lower league teams. So, I think to say that Hull wouldn't have won the cup had they had a harder run is absolute nonsense (let alone the fact they won it 3 times!).
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    In the last 10 finals we have had: 6 different winners. 8 different finalists. In the 10 years prior to that. 5 different winners. 8 different finalists. Before that. 3 different winners. 8 different finalists. 10 of the current 12 SL teams have played in a Challenge Cup Final during the SL era. Only Salford and Wakey haven't.
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    The community feeling has to be up there as one of the most appealing things for me. I've found over the years you can meet any fan from any club and as soon as they know you're a RL fan they are your best mate. There's a postman I see going to work who is a kr fan. Don't have a clue about his name or anything else about him but every time we run into each other we have a quick laugh and a natter about the previous weekends games. He only knows me cos he spotted me at the derby once and remembered me apparently (I didn't realise I'm so recognisable. Might be the feathers). Events like magic and summer bash are the best examples of this, fans from different clubs coming together for a laugh and a drink to watch the thing they're all most passionate about with no need to have a punch up just cos they are from one town over. I've never met sports fans who are more passionate or knowledgeable about their chosen sport. Talking to some of the proper old boys who have been going for 60-70 odd years is so enjoyable with the endless stories they can tell you. I think this bond between fans is just strengthened further because of the relatively small size of the community.
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    This was one of the things that was raised a while back in this discussion by a legal bod - it may have even been discussed here previously. But she is basically being disowned because she is not being seen as a proper British person. Despite the fact that she was born here and lived here all her life until she left for Syria. They couldn't treat me the same way, as I have no overseas family, but they can treat her differently to me, because she isn't real British like I am. How on earth can that be justified, by anybody?
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    As someone once said, rugby league is the perfect blend of the artistic and the primitive.
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    So the OP said the point was clubs need new income streams and pointed to Toronto and the French clubs as examples of how this can be done. Is it really the case that we don't have the ingenuity to do the kind of things that were mentioned (hardly groundbreaking stuff) or is that we already know that isn't any kind reliable avenue to pursue? I ask because we have some of the most successful sports leagues in the world in this country and I've no doubt SL clubs attend many of the seminars/conferences etc relating all things required to run a successful sports team - i'm sure even the most gritty northern outpost of a club isn't obtuse to the fact they need to get money in to be able to spend money. So why doesn't it appear to be working? My short answer would be that it is for the bigger clubs but not for the smaller and that probably isn't any more complex than the resources each has to throw at this kind of thing. That situation isn't going to change with the best will in the world unless one or both of the two guaranteed sources of revenue increase - one is TV money the other.....bums on seats and that's why it's so important.
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    I think this "we the converted" is dangerous thinking. We can't just keep yelling "TGG" at people and think that the people who can't see it aren't as enlightened as us. You might prefer RL to the FA Cup Final or a day at Silverstone, but the evidence suggests you aren't in a majority. It's not just about the action on the field to win over punters - they expect much more from their £20, £30, £40, £50 or more. Firstly, you can't bank on the action on the field to provide the entertainment. I'll argue with anyone that, when it's played at its best, this game as as good as any, but how often is the game genuinely played at it's best in this country? We don't have the best talent here and we have a lot of bad games. But secondly, it's about supporter experience. As mentioned earlier, many of our grounds offer really poor experience - bad views, poor quality seating, ###### food, leaking roofs and uncovered terraces, bad parking, portakabins masquerading as corporate boxes - need I go on? How many people applying for Wimbledon tickets are genuine tennis fans? Most, I suspect, are applying because they want to try strawberries and cream in the sunshine at a big occasion, rather than for the action on court. I went to Wimbledon a few years ago and apart from seeing Andy Murray on Centre Court, the tennis is the part I remember least. The same with F1 - many punters aren't huge motorsport fans, they just want go on a pitwalk to catch a glimpse of Lewis Hamilton and maybe do a bit of celeb spotting. The NFL makes a huge occasion of its London games with fan parks, interactive exhibits, pre-game parties in Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square. Now I know what you're thinking; the NFL runs on a very different scale to the one RL does, but surely our idea of a fan park can be something more than that numpty from Rugby AM yelling at people from a trailor? Sports like cricket and darts have got this. They've created events and experiences that are largely detached from the "typical" or "traditional" form of the game to appeal to new audiences. Twenty 20 cricket attacts a very different crowd to long-form cricket and caters to what those demographics want. Darts has created an experience that has made what is basically a pub game into the UK's biggest indoor sport. There are audiences out there that are spending lots of money on sport, but not just RL. We can't dismiss those people as being "unconverted" - we need to understand why they aren't spending money on RL and adapt what we do to meet their expectations - both on a local and national level.
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    Given how few teams have won the GF in the SL era, 4 of them if I'm right, and it's 7 teams In total who have made the final itself, the Cup is in comparison very competitive. Hull, Sheffield, Catalans have all won it in the SL era. Hull KR and London made the final. Saints haven't won it in 11 years if I'm right. Bradford didn't win it during their dominant phase. The final also gets big crowds year after year and has history. I say keep it as it Is. Not much else in RL in England is as successful as the final at Wembley. With the attendances, at clubs, its some vital extra revenue and while I can see why season ticket holders should get a discount, I don't think Cup matches should be included.
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    I was most impressed with Strava when Irina from Russia wanted to send me photos of her and her girlfriends. Apparently all were keen to meet me. Since I got a garmin watch and started to use the app I haven't had any such interesting offers.
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    If we want to cut the money a different way, let's assume each club has 14 opportunities to 'make money'. They get £1.8m from the TV deal, so split that across the 14 home games and that is c£130k. That is still less than the income from your fanbase (for a 10k average club). We can manipulate the numbers however we want to make it appear higher or lower, but look at the bottom lines. The bigger clubs are turning over £7-10m now, with a tv deal of less than £2m. We also know corporate and sponsorship is modest in RL. Those other millions are coming from customers who attend and/or are engaged with the club. They will usually be the people occupying the seats.
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    Well that is the beauty of the cup which adds the luck of the draw. If Leeds had beaten Bradford then Halifax this would have fallen into your category... but they didn't and now saints will play Halifax and not Leeds in the semi. The beauty of the cup is that you can get a lucky draw and progress far into a tournament. In football the FA cup is a good moneyspinner for lower league clubs and I am sure Halifax are reeping the rewards of a good cup run. Catalan, Hull and Sheffield are all teams who have won the cup who wouldn't have if it was made 'harder' In fact when you look at seeded comps like tennis it is in the better players favour constantly. Therefore it's hard to raise back up to easy street. This is why there is an outcry for maternity leave as it effects the rankings and they need to play all the good players one after the other.
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    The big problem with all of this is that not every game is televised. Per televised game, each SL club gets around £24k (based on their deal of c£1.8m per year for c79 games) - that doesn't take into account the money from the deal that is routed into the RFL or other clubs - but I am keeping this as SL club level. But even if we did roll it up to the full £40m per year, across 79 games that is half a million per game, split twelve ways it is just over £40k per club for each televised game. If every game was televised and they paid the 12 SL clubs the £40m per year, this would drop to less than £20k each per televised game. This is substantially less than comes in from attendees (at the bigger clubs). I do take the point overall, and if anything it shows that we are not generating enough from the TV deal imho, becasue the sponsors and corporate that we are getting at clubs is often local chip shops or car dealers who are not massively benefiting from the TV deals.
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    When you say Syrians who do you mean? The Syrian government, the Syrian Kurdish rulers of their autonomous region? The now Iraqui Government where the crimes were committed. If you read my post above you will see that it is not that the Syrians don't want her, and that it's far more complex than that. I know you said you block my posts so in fairness you might not have seen it. However this is the danger of blocking people because then you are arguing without the full story.
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    Coming home to the same location we played for 25 years, with much superior facilities and no athletic track.
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    Giving something for free just lowers the value of your product... it cheapens the brand. Once something is given away it's given away for good. Why should someone just walk past the DW, look in, guzzle a burger (or a pie) shrug a shoulder at the game and walk out? Take a 10000 gate times £25 and multiply it by 14 and add up the sum. How can you ignore that? How can you ignore the likelyhood of our stars then preferring the money in Aussie. How can you encourage Aussie stars talking our money? Why should anybody anywhere take any notice of anything to do with RL any time if no one can be bothered to pay to watch it.
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    Harry IMO you are underestimating the Wolfpack if you feel they would struggle to survive with their current squad. I agree it certainly needs strengthening to push on but some of the squad are proven players at a higher level. At present I would rate them as better than relegation fodder should they gain promotion .
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    It's the cup final for the u 19s and first grade, this Sunday live on via occitane. Luc nitard Toulouse v xiii catalans Lord derby carcassonne v xiii catalans at 18h30 French time. Its available on the via occitane website too Very nice trophy given to the French fédération by the queens cousin apparently
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    Customers are important to all businesses. Bums on seats are not just a vanity thing, those people attached to those bums are the ones that you can sell merchandise to, refreshments, offer to your sponsors etc. I'm all for looking at different ways to get those bums on seats, or different ways to capitalise on them, but we should be constantly focusing on customer numbers and trying to get a) more, and b) the right types of customers. I think point B is very important.
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    Or another way of putting it is our clubs need to explore and implement new business models
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    I don't think we should deny her justice or due process simply because she may be able to mount a decent defence. And this is one of the issues here. The reality is that she was a 15 year old British girl who was groomed to join a death cult. That should be looked at objectively, and would be in a court - maybe it is why some people don't want it to go to court. And once she was there, we know that going there isn't like a fancy hotel where you can just check out and come home if you don't like it. We have read all sorts of stories about how these brides are treated. So I suspect she could mount a reasonable defence to any bad things she did as being forced into it. And then there is the issue of whether there is really any decent evidence. Remember the words from the UK government for a while were that if she was guilty of any crimes she would be charged on her return. Why did that suddenly become the wrong approach? If there was genuine evidence and not just newsaper allegations, maybe it would have been easy to just bring her back and lock her up. Or maybe the evidence was weak/not present, and the defence possible due to the fact that she was a minor when she left. I am supportive of coming down hard on terrorist activity, I don't think washing our hands of suspected terrorists is doing that.
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    https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1722/first-womens-rugby-league-games-held-in-burundi History has been made in Burundi, with the first women’s games being held in Bujumbura. In all, over 200 women and girls have been introduced to the sport over the period and the selected sides included players from Muha Rugby League, Ntahangwa Rugby League, Burambi Rugby League in Rumonge Province, with activity also in Gatara.
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    Goes to show what Bernard can do with one match i get annoyed at the sl chairmen and. Others who decry Catalans and their presence in sl they clearly bring a lot not only to the game in the U.K. but to their own back yard too Toulouse would boost that if they could get in sl
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    Spanish (Catalan) company - they sponsored the recent Dragons game in Barcelona too.
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    But, let's face it Avon was the boss.
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    Ah, you mean Macbeth
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    Paul Darrow was an absolute legend and I’ve been fortunate enough to see him twice on stage, once playing the title role in the Scottish Play, and the other playing Sam Vimes in the stage adaptation of Guards Guards! obviously I’ll always remember him as Kerr Avon but he was a great actor outside of that and could light up the stage.
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    Teams set up in my region from 1936 to 58 There's only at most 10 teams now!
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    I don't care what anyone else thinks, but I would love to see a Batley team play at Wembley, that for me would be the best outcome - just as long as I could buy a ticket normally and not electronically!
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    I reckon the breeze has a bigger influence than the slope in all honesty but I'm with Piggy's Mate in thinking it is more psychological than physical. Particularly when Harrison was in charge, we always seemed to score more points uphill than down. The Barrow game is one that particularly sticks in the memory, not least for Ash Linsday's wonder try from the base of the scrum inside his own half.
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    An open draw earlier (probably when league one teams enter) would fix it and give more of a chance of smaller teams making it through to later rounds.
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    Just going to post the same. Seems like yesterday when I met him behind Rotterdam Central Station when Simon came to his first international tournament.I even had the privilage to referee Germany v KOB Regiment in Heidelberg in the early days. Without people on the ground in Europe (back in the day), doing the hard yards with nothing but a love for the game , then the game would not be where it is today regarding developement. A real pioneer and despite what he faces in the future the RL world owes him a great deal. Keep safe Lounge Room Lizzard we are all fighting for you marra .
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    Note to self - Never travel with Spidey!
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    Nice to see the Londoncentric, metropolitan elites want to remain in the UK - thats money well spent!
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    Not a problem. These forums aren't just for arguing, after all.
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    If your hoping it is the site of a Neanderthal barrow, your very close... Try the South stand bar it's full of em, and a few are still breathing!!
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    https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/rising-rugby-league-star-tragically-passes-away-aged-20/ Promising New Zealand rugby league player Zae Wallace has died after being struck down with the flu. The former New Zealand Secondary School and Under-18s representative returned to Auckland this year following a spell with Gold Coast Titans’ Under-20s and had been in an induced coma for four weeks. At the beginning of the 2017 season, Wallace signed a professional contract with the Titans to play in the NYC Under-20s competition. Wallace enjoyed a season with the Titans and then joined Burleigh Bears in the Intrust Super Cup. The 20-year-old half-back was named Auckland Rugby League’s College Player of the Year in 2016.
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