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  1. Been a bit quiet of late Ray.Hope all is OK.Excellent post!
  2. There are very few Europeans playing league in Auckland and the same in union. A fortnight ago I watched Glenora playing Marists there was one in the Marist's team and a couple in the Glenora side. It's only a matter of time and there won't be any. Different tale in the South Island though, with the lower grades having plenty Europeans.
  3. Forget about a second Brisbane team, what's required first are teams in Perth and Adelade.A second team in Brisbane will only split the Bronco's gates.
  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's going on in RL Pom.
  5. Most probably the reason for lack of improvement is both French clubs are stacked with Aussies and English guys.
  6. Much of it depends on SL.The way they made it difficult for the Pack and others following could hold back development in Canada.Union would have accepted these teams immeadiately.These Canadian teams are at no cost to SL.
  7. Could not have summed up SL and and some people on this forum better. Although some SL bosses have cash behind them, they have not got the kind of cash that Argyle has and they intend to have some of it.The tv money that the Pack should have got, most probably has been spent on some has been Aussies. If the pack stay in SL forget your tv money for next season.
  8. These SL chairmen have their heads in the sand ,they need to cut some slack for the Pack, make it a level field instead of placing obstructions in the way..If the WP fails in their attempt to remain in SL then it's only a matter of time before SL can't sustain themselves financialy They need more new clubs in the comp to give it a lift Looking at the crowd today the stadium looked three parts empty. Personally if the Pack fail I hope the whole rotten show collapses
  9. I've been involved with league for a h-ll of a long time but would not pick a best player because I never new the ones who preceded me.
  10. I was going to say read between the lines but there is only one.
  11. It's alright to have certain beliefs but others don't share them.
  12. You can average out any crowd,the Woolfpack were drawing around 7000 a game early in the season but considerable more at the end.Now they are Sl the gates will be much higher.They will certainly be a major club and others will benefit.
  13. Rugby League is almost 100%Polynesian in NZ,Union IS quickly heading that way the N/Island is almost Polynesian but the S/Island is a way behind maybe 50-50.
  14. After the World Cup fiasco why would you want to play a game in Aussie? I wouldn't bet that they turn up for the next one.
  15. These players need to play a decent standard of footy if they want higher wages etc
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