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  1. Well that's it in regard to Our League. Pity really! I sent two emails to the following with no replies. Email@RugbyLeagueontv.co.uk ourleague@streamingamg.com
  2. Hi Roger, I've sent them an email. Let's see what their reply is tomorrow, if no joy I will do what you suggest. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Bob. DO you know there e-mail address?
  4. Still nothing doing when I click on buy now. Pity really, because the game is on at a good time here 11-45PM.
  5. Despite what ones say about Argyle, he did a great job and invested a h-ll of a lot of money in getting the WP of the ground. WPs demise can be put down to inward looking SL.
  6. Thanks Roger will keep at it.
  7. Anyone having problems with Our League? I've tried yesterday and today to buy a ticket for the Newcastle game. When I log in and try to buy this is the message I get. There was a minor problem. There is an issue accessing the payment page. Log out of your account then retry.
  8. Just been on line. Pink Telegraph and Argus Green. Yorks Evening News. Buff. Yorks Evening Post.
  9. Sorry guys but I remember going and getting the Buff it was the best of the three and was creamy in colour. Maybe someone may recall it.
  10. And the Buff, Sorry about the Double post.
  11. And the Buff if I remember correctly.
  12. To be fair, any team entering SL under the same conditions that Leigh did would be struggling.
  13. Perez could be right. SL is not in a healthy state and who knows what it will be like down the track. If it remains like it is all the clubs will still be struggling . Leeds, St Helens and not sure about Wigan will still be taking all the S/W. If this NARL takes off ,it could attract some of the best talent and the above comp which is on it's knees will really suffer.
  14. Thanks guys for the link. It's on at 11-45pm here so I will stay up and watch it. I watched the Cup game against Featherstone and there wasn't much between the teams. A couple of mistakes at the back end of the game was the difference.
  15. Any chance of a link to the game?
  16. Same old knockers at it again. These new teams have to take more or less what they can to get set up ,they can be more selective when they are established. In regard to talking big why not? Perez has done more to establish teams in NA than the RL have ever attempted. The guys a breath of fresh air to the game.
  17. frank


    I suppose that this link will disappear shortly. Just like to say all you WP supporters and those that posted blogs on here, all the best in your new venture. A pity SL never realised what you brought to their comp.
  18. This comp needs to be developed mainly by Canadians and Americans. No need for them to hurry things along, nice and steady is the way. Finances need to be used sparingly to sustain this venture.
  19. Finance is the main thing. If the comp can break even or makes a profit there should be no problems. Some teams may drop out in the early stages but others may apply to enter.
  20. It all depends on finance of course, but in regard to recruiting, for those that are starting the NARLA a trip to Papua New Guinea would be worth while. There are hundreds of League players there who would jump at the chance to play in the USA . A sprinkling of these player in these teams would certainly lift the standard. No need to raid the RFL or the NRL where the cost would be too prohibitive.
  21. Don't think they do April fools day in the States.
  22. In regard to officials, if your playing your games in one venue your only going to need a couple of refs. League has been played in the US and Canada for some time so must be some decent officials around. In regard to players, none of these new clubs would have entered if they thought they could not muster a team. Pleased to hear the WP are back. They will be a dig player in this comp.
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