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  1. Despite what some may say, they had the chance for change with the Canadian clubs coming on the scene. With the demise of the WP I think all of that is lost. I remember in the past all clubs had a board and they decided what was to be. These one man outfits are holding their game back and also the lower leagues who should be getting some of the Sky money. Cannot see any change until the above set up changes.
  2. According to the commentators it appeared the that way. Some great defence though Roger.
  3. Just listened to the game on Radio Leeds. Great win for the Dogs but those Halifax forwards seemed to have it over the Dogs set. They put Halifax in some good positions o n the Dogs line but they could not capitalize. Really made my day.
  4. The Bulldogs have a pretty good record against Halifax. Hope it continues on Saturday.
  5. No! There are a few other negative posters on here, when it comes to expansion.
  6. How the h-ll can you say someone is small minded when they can see what you can't? If Toronto had been given a f air go at it, it would have been a different outcome. A number of teams now in SL,will find they cannot afford to be there before long. Who is going to replace them?
  7. There are practicaly no Europeans playing senior RL in NZ now and very few playing Union in the North Island but getting fewer by the year. The South Island seems not too badly affected and hanging on. European kids have gone over to soccer. Polynesian kids are a lot bigger than euro kids ,this has tended parents not to let their kids play either of the handling codes, fearing they may get injured This despite the kids being graded.
  8. Like I've said before, try being a ref when your a pom..You would not know what abuse is. But it's a great to take it up and I always enjoyed it.
  9. An NRL team would do quite well in Christchurch . Been to games there (internationals) that were well attended. Forget about Wellington.
  10. frank


    Very Interesting! Looking forward to how it turns out.
  11. In the recent Kiwi Tag National Club Challenge (under sixteens) a record number 78 teams took part, involving over a thousand players . Due to Covid I think the vast majority would have been from Auckland.
  12. Some of these teams that deprived Toronto from the TV money( and to a lesser extent Leigh)are on the bones of their ---- and will not be able to afford to be in Sl before long. Be interesting to see how they fare financialy when thing get back to normal.
  13. Yes! We learned that the majority of SL clubs are only interested in themselves. This situation may never have developed if the WP had not been deprived of their share of TV money. That being the case SL is mainly responsible for that fiasco.
  14. Auckland and Christchurch are the main centers for League in NZ. All the clubs in Auckland have good facilities and club rooms. Auckland RL receive a large income from properties that were built on Carlaw Park and are not short of cash. The West Coast of the SI was a real strong hold for League but is in decline, due to industries and mines closing and guy s that played the game moved on. The Aussies haven't helped the game here, they take all the best players. They could help out playing more tests but don't seem interested.
  15. After the Toronto fiasco not much chance of that happening.
  16. Yes it is an international comp Eddie but that's is not what I was getting at. It was all the travel involved with those teams and these guys get upset if they have to travel to Canada. I think the Wolfpack long term would have been good for the game in the UK and for Canada. Where else could you get 10,00o new fans in such a short period
  17. I can't see how it was a logistical/n. You in the UK seem easily put off if it upsets your routine. Down here the RU have a comp going over a few weeks. It includes NZ, Australia, Japan,S Africa and Argentina. Imagine the amount of travel in that. Also there is no bitching from players and fans that choose to travel for those games.
  18. Be excellent if some of that cash the Chinese seem to have plenty of, could be used to help foster the the game in Africa. The guys setting up the game in these countries appear to be very keen to get involved. I can't see the RL or SL getting involved financialy, with the game there being in a not too good a state. SL missed a great opportunity for expansion with Toronto ,If that venture had been successful it could have given new life to that competition. I hope the game gets established In Africa. If it does, SL will first in to strip it of the best talent.
  19. Be good to see the WP back. Most probably, less agro about the WP on these boards from the Leigh posters now they are in SL.
  20. More money down the drain signing Inglis . Great player in his day but really. No wonder SL is a second rate competition.
  21. There is a Dewsbury in South Africa Colin.
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