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  1. Not really, it'll just double the moaning from some.
  2. IF Wakefield can defend like they did against Warrington they'll give themselves a chance, so on that basis Wakefield by 4
  3. Has as already been said, it is not officially known yet how the money will be used. It may all be for the ground and surrounding land or may be split between the purchase price of ground and other works in and around it.
  4. I think it was a Dewsbury v Saints cup game game when it all kicked off, A saints player (Warlow?) was getting belted so the landlady from his digs ran on and gave the Dewsbury lads a handbagging. Something like that, although I'm sure a Saints fan of a certain vintage will have more info.https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/11136840.saints-fans-poem-was-her-parting-message/
  5. 1. Wakefield till I die 2. Always had a soft spot for Dewsbury from games in the Jack Austin, Keith Mason, Johnny Wolford era 3. Favourite Amateur team. Sharlston Rovers 4. Australian Team Rabbitohs and Queensland in SoO
  6. It's called a 'Sale', most retailers have them. Clearing out stock from the old supplier as next year there is a new one. A similar sale happened a couple of years ago when they changed suppliers (Kooga) to the present one. Move along, nothing to see in this one.
  7. Think he had a short spell at Fev towards the backend of his career when he was around forty.
  8. Point of order. We have Touch Judges in Rugby League not linesmen.
  9. I seem to remember the late Geoff Clarkson had a few, anybody remember how many?
  10. Agree with you about Club Wembley. Dave Woods was spot on when he described it as "The Ring of Indifference". Empty seats were probably those bought by wendyball fans who wouldn't know a decent sport if it hit them on the head.
  11. But surely there'll be at least 250,000 of them.
  12. Is the Challenge Cup worth it? Just ask every team in the two lower leagues and every Super League club.
  13. Graham Swales of Huddersfield (?) I believe was the culprit. Wakey at home to Widnes in the early eighties. We were getting a right tonking when the fog came rolling in and the game was abandoned at half time. We beat them in the replay.
  14. Easy. It's whatever the various 'sages' on this forum decide.
  15. As usual we will drop our trousers and bend over for Huddersfield.
  16. Not quite true as Wakefield weren't in Super League at the start. Their first season was 1999.
  17. Ah yes, those wonderful "knowledgeable South Standers"
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