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  1. When Graham Mackay came from Australia for a short stint to be a star winger for the Northern, all the girl fans fancied him. When he signed full time for the Bulls some years later he'd lost his hair, switched to the forwards and looked like the sort of heavy that Jason Statham beats up in the first ten minutes of a typical Jason Statham film.
  2. Please God, not Rio Ferdinand, Fred Flintoff or a right-on comedian. Mark Chapman would be a good host and Bradley Wiggins would be a good captain. You need someone with a sense of humour who can lose with good grace ... not common commodities in sportsmen and sportswomen.
  3. Brutal day in the mountains today. The riders don't even hit them till the've done 100km in a temperature estimated at high twenties. I think big minutes will be won and lost. My Superbru picks are: Team Leader: Adam Yates Climber: Nicolas Roche Climber: Danny Martinez Wildcard: Hugh Carthy
  4. Her first name was Enid. Now that's a rugby league sort of name.
  5. Adrian Peterson has gone to Detroit. 13 years, 5 teams and still no-one wants to tackle him.
  6. Banned new "70" car registration numberplate registrations. Boo! Hiss! https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/number-plates-banned-dvla-rude-18910817
  7. Just a reminder that crime doesn't pay: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18711320.bradford-drug-dealer-ordered-pay-back-261-ill-gotten-gains/
  8. That's okay. We fans know that Nigel Wood has our interests at heart.
  9. There's a terrific Sky documentary on the Go-Gos.
  10. Interesting to hear Bernie Eisel on Eurosport tonight. He criticised this year's route, saying it's been much too hard and riders aren't getting enough relaxing stages between hard-slog stages. He is veteran road-captain and thinks domestiques could get burnt out by the workload. Today's flat-profile stage followed a rest day, and the veteran sprinter Andre "the Gorilla" Greipel finished fifth in a bunch sprint. This was great for me because Andre's always been my favourite sprinter. However Andre, who's built like a tank but lost a lot of speed and has stitches after a crash, should never have finished that high. It sounds like Bernie Eisel has a point. The battle in the alps should be fascinating.
  11. 1. Pontypool Park 2. Station Road 3. Kirklees 4. Fartown 5. Keepmoat
  12. Fine Job! Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles. Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings. Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Las Vegas Raiders Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Atlanta Falcons Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans
  13. I do the Superbru one, so I won't enter this, because I don't envy Irish Saint the huge task of collating the results and maintaining the table. The NFL's going to be a surprise package this year. Much switching of star players and all teams having had a disrupted pre-season. My team, the Chiefs, still look strong but I think that the Vikings and Buffalo could be strong contenders. I'd love Cleveland, Detroit and Cincinnati to have winning seasons. Their fans deserve it.
  14. From an aside on telly the other day, I think he fancies playing fullback
  15. 15th apparently ... behind Kenya and Spain! In fairness, they operate the team at semi-junior level before the players transfer to one of the regions or go semi-pro.
  16. Roglic showed his team is stronger than Ineos and Mitchelson Scott. Still not guaranteed to be between these two because there's still the alps to come. The climbs are longer and hotter than in the Pyrenees, though not as steep. Martin and Yates are still live contenders and the top 11 all have a chance. Two days in the Pyrenees: Yesterday: Nans Peters won after a fantastic breakaway. Today: Nans Peters finished 139th. Rest day tomorrow and Tuesdays stage is on the flat. I'll make my selections on the day because I think the weather conditions may make a difference.
  17. There was an article in the Western Mail this week about a Wales Sevens player working as a labourer. The worldwide sevens competition hasn't run this season because of Covid and the WRU has ditched its entire squad. If RL was in a better shape, there would be some good young players on offer that wouldn't count against the salary cap.
  18. The NRL had a few UK teams over to play each other a few years ago. I seem to remember the commentators being very impressed by Liam Watts. I'm not English but I can't see how the likes of George Burgess and Chris Hill get picked in front of him. (not that I'm complaining )
  19. Let's hope the Giants decide to ( a ) stick to British coaches and ( b ) offer it to John Kear. Obviously, we'd want compensation.
  20. Bit of a disappointnting end today; all the main candidates played it safe and Ineos led the procession up the mountain behind the breakaway. Stage 7 has a few bumps along the way, but nothing major and a long flat finish. Again, Superbru only allows one sprinter-selection. Without any confidence, I've gone for: Team Leader: Adam Yates Sprinter: Alexander Kristoff Attacker: Baulke Mollema Attacker: Matej Mohoric
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