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  1. Already taken by the Major League Baseball team (in Arlington) Also the Longhorns are the University of Texas college football team (in Austin) Given the President's immigration policy I'm surprised there isn't a San Antonio Wallbuilders.
  2. Possibly an award for "dumbest question of the month" coming my way, but how much depth is actually in Yorkshire and Lancashire? If the first-choice squads are far beyond anything the rest of England can produce, there's nothing stopping them fielding reserves or some kind of "representative" side. Think of football pre-season friendlies where you see a "Liverpool XI" against a non-league side which everyone knows will be a main core of fringe/youth players with one or two stars. Also, dare I bring RU into this? Argentina field their 'B' team in the South American Championship against other countries' 1st teams, I think South Africa also had some form of amateur/club rep side playing the African Championship along the same lines. There was also the Churchill Cup where the Home Nations fielded their 'A' teams against the full USA and Canada sides. Lancashire v. London = blowout, but Lancashire B? Or maybe have some restriction in the open age like Lancs/Yorks having to field (for example) Under-23 sides?
  3. Thanks to the mighty Boxrec, you're right. SBW won his title against Clarence Tillman, who had a record of 11-8-2. My guess is he was probably the only other NZ heavyweight with a winning record.
  4. I'd buy Toronto Wolfpack and move them to the middle of Lancashire, because we don't need this "expansion" nonsense.
  5. Badly. In theory you're meant to have straight P+R between the Premiership and the Championship, in practice what you get is a constant yo-yo cycle between a handful of bottom-end Prem and top-end Champ clubs (Exeter being the obvious exception as they've established themselves in the top flight) who get relegated from the Prem but have resources that then dwarf their Champ rivals so they bounce straight back - this can be in the form of much bigger attendances, varied streams of revenue or reliance on a rich owner. This is part of the reason why there's now a call to scrap the idea and have a "ring-fenced" top division. If these things don't exist, you get situations like London Welsh (who went bust and have started again in something like London Division 3) or the lower-end of the Championship with clubs like Jersey and Richmond whose sole ambition is to stay in the Championship and budget for that accordingly - they have no desire to win promotion, and probably wouldn't be allowed in the Prem even if they did (stadium issues for Jersey, semi-pro status for Richmond). You also have TV issues skewing things - all Prem clubs (bar Saracens I think?) are loss-making and so rely on TV money to prop up their finances, whereas the second-tier receives next to no coverage at all. Actually, that reminds me of another sport...
  6. One advantage may be that the Nigerian football league is a ###### standard and wages are very low if they're paid at all. An RL league where you know you'll at least get paid on time would be an organisational step up. Whether Lagos could afford a 500,000 Naira bond to enter the Challenge Cup is another question though. East African expansion would be good - the Mogadishu Murder Squad, Somali colours of white shorts, light blue shirt with a Saints "red V" design which in this case helps to conceal the gunshot wounds.
  7. In case anyone is wondering how RL wound up under the authority of Modern Pentathlon, here's the link to the Greek national federation. Greek Federation Notice who the President is?
  8. The way the RFL are going about things I think Alan Partridge would do a better job!
  9. I should also add the Perpignan RU are marooned at the bottom of the Top 14 and is severe relegation danger, so you'd think RL would be able to steal some of their thunder. In a way it has - for all the wrong reasons!
  10. At this rate, in a few decades time when people ask "who killed French RL", the Vichy regime will be knocked down to 2nd place by the RFL! Seriously, the knock-on effect could be disastrous. Catalans and Toulouse are the main pipeline for French players to get top-level match exposure, and for France to (maybe) regain some of the prestige that it had in the international game - so the governing body's response is to destroy this because a foreign club dared to win the Cup? Speaking of France, it becomes even more of a joke when you consider the football Coupe de France involves teams from the overseas territories and this is seen as exciting and/or exotic by the fans. French football gives a chance for teams halfway round the world to participate in their flagship competition, yet English RL is spooked by a team a short flight away. In a dream world, you could have a Challenge Cup covering the UK, alongside Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto,. Red Star, give the Lord Derby winners a place, Elite 1 champs get a place, weaker nations like Spain and Germany get to send a rep. national team ("Federation 13" or something). Key word of course being "dream"
  11. This quote shows that if RL wants to get back into Russia, it will be 10x more difficult than the previous attempt. Enisey Krasnoyarsk became the first Russian team to qualify for European RU competition (Challenge Cup) and despite suffering some blowout losses. their mere presence in the event is a boost to the sport nationally in terms of exposure/coverage they get. Then of course you have the fact that Russia are in next year's World Cup. With respect, if you had to pick between Krasnoyarsk v Top 14 rep. or Dinamo Moscow RL v. Yorkshire Men's League rep. (forced to play away of course) It's fairly obvious which match would gain the most exposure. Now if Salisbury fielded an RL team that may be a different story...
  12. Quick question - does Australia have any kind of national schools competition or are the State sides the first truly representative rugby that gets played? Also, is the talent spread out fairly evenly or do you find 1 school in each local area that smashes everybody and the rest just make up the numbers?
  13. I can't think of anything like that in the UK - maybe non-league football is where you'd find an example? The problem is, the usual punishment for a club leaving the league is to start again being demoted somewhere down the structure. The problem for RL is there's no real way to do this - you can't drop Keighley into something like the National Conference as there's no P+R route back, yet keeping them in League 1 looks embarrassing to those outside RL as it appears as though a club can just jump straight back to where they were without any visible punishment - and who's to say that the financial problems won't hit again several years down the line? The closest example I can think of comes from handball (strange I know but bear with me). There was a German club called Tarp-Wanderup who up until their demise were playing in the Second Division. They'd overstretched their budget, were playing in a crumbling stadium and by the end were only attracting around 300-400 crowds (sounding familiar). In the end they couldn't continue and withdrew but then reformed the club - but the German federation demoted them to the Third Division (regionalised instead of national) and also made them ineligible for promotion in their first season back.
  14. I would say it has to happen, as they can hopefully get a Serbian broadcaster on board sharing the footage but with their own local language commentary team. Let me think... https://www.tvarenasport.com/ Given they show Serbian league football (featuring Red Star) and Adriatic League basketball (featuring Red Star), the chance to make some history with the first big time RL TV broadcast in Serbia would sound like a good opportunity, no?
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