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  1. I can imagine it was along the lines off "###### off back to Poland" screamed by someone who couldn't even point out Poland on a map. It shows how thick this "fan" must be that he thinks racist abuse is perfectly fine yet at the same time proudly supports a team containing Jake Mamo, Sitaleki Akauola and Eribe Doro. Slight disconnect in the brain?
  2. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the current situation is regarding which code holds sway where? As I (very vaguely) understand it, the traditional split was like this: NSW and Queensland - solid RL Victoria and Tasmania - solid Aussie Rules Sharp dividing line between them where the one sport is an obsession and the other doesn't get a look in. South Australia - not sure but get the feeling that Aussie Rules WAS dominant? Western Australia - again I assume Aussie Rules was the main code but no idea if there's a Perth v. interior or White v. Indigenous split in terms of what people are watching and/or playing. Northern Territory - seems to an outsider to be divided in to two districts - Darwin and Emptiness. Have they ever had ANY professional team based there (and I don't just mean for guesting/pre-season matches)? As things stand now... NSW - Still pretty solid RL but Sydney Swans and GWS encroaching on media coverage and fan interest where before they were just an afterthought? Queensland - Brisbane Lions seem to be picking up though looking at AFL forums it seems this is more people who actually live in Brisbane whereas smaller towns and country areas are still solidly RL? Tasmania - what's this strange "Rugby League" you speak of? Victoria - not sure what kind of coverage Melbourne Storm get as it seems AFL is an utter obsession (and it appears some fans would dearly love it if the league shrank back to being a glorified VFL) WA - Looks like AFL dominates although whether that's genuine popularity and love for the sport or a reaction to the idiocy of the NRL and especially the ARU in how they treat Perth, I don't really know South Australia - SEe above - do fans like Aussie Rules for the sport or just because there's no pro RL to watch? NT - I assume this is where Aussie Rules completely dominates because of the Indigenous population? Any truth or am I just clueless and should stop embarrassing myself?
  3. One point the NRL also seem to be missing is that not only will postponing the RLWC to 2022 clash with the football World Cup, but that Australia have a VERY good chance of qualifying for it. Their Asian final round group for Qatar contains China, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam with the top three qualifying. Japan and Saudi may be tricky, especially away, but you can't tell me they don't have the quality to beat the likes of Oman and Vietnam. The NRL might be focused on knocking the AFL from the number 1 spot in states where Aussie Rules is the main code, but surely a strong national football team and the exposure and fan support that would come with that is what BOTH of them are terrified of.
  4. This could arguably be seen as worse than France because that was the destruction of one sport to benefit another - in the case of the NRL they are wrecking their own sport from the inside.
  5. He comes across as so thick he probably read it as "Aussie man dies" and blocked you for issuing a personal threat.
  6. Stuff like "Invitational" and "President's" teams just make me think either of RU and cricket tours where you play thrown-together squads like this as a warm-up before the real internationals, or events like basketball All-Star games where, even though It's nice to be selected, the game itself ends up having next to no real competitive element and in the case of basketball, just looks like a giant 3-point shooting and dunk contest spread out over the length of a full game. Replace Aus and NZ with actual nations.
  7. There are a few on here in favour of Maori and Aboriginal teams filling the slots, personally I'm against it simply because it runs the risk of making the WC look completely tinpot if one of them wins, or worse we get a NZ Maori vs. Aus Indigenous final. Plus you know the Aussie press would just love it if the Indigenous side won because they can then spin the line that RL in the wider world is so ###### that teams can't even beat a side that isn't even the "real" Australian squad.
  8. The way the NRL are going about this makes me think their plan for international RL is a Tri-Nations series - of New Zealand, New South Wales and Queensland. On a serious note though, one point that nobody seems to have mentioned is that not only does this harm top level international sides, but It's a complete kick in the balls for sides like Jamaica and Serbia, not only in that they have enthusiastic coaches and supporters who built their teams and the game's presence in these countries from virtually nothing, but for the players who, in the case of the domestic Jamaican players for example, are living in rough areas and most likely in financially tough situations, if not outright poverty. This could go for domestic Easetern European and Lebanese players also. What was the appeal of RL? The same thing that motivates someone to chase a football or NFL dream - here's a sport that just might offer a way out to something better. I remember someone posted the interview with the Jamaican RL head when they qualified for the WC and the theme he kept hammering home was that here was a chance to make something of yourself, potentially have an overseas career, if nothing else, everyone could see YOU representing the nation. And now all that is potentially taken away because Gus Fool and Peter V'Wankdys think the world ends not at the borders of Australia, but at the internal state borders of Queensland and NSW. I could see some of the developing nations thinking "why should we even bother any more?"
  9. That could definitely work for the women's game because the coverage could nick the SOO promo slogan. Instead of "mate against mate, state against state" It'll be "girl against girl, world against world" Taking the ultra-pessimistic view (as this is an RL forum and I want to fit in properly)... If things don't change quickly, I could see RL dwindling to the level of a sport like bandy or floorball, where the pro/semi-pro game, such as it is, only exists in a handful of countries (Finland, Sweden, Russia for bandy, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep. and Switzerland for floorball if you were wondering) with other countries simply making up the numbers and once in a (long) while producing a star player or shock result. Even in the "professional countries" It's only the absolute elite handful who can be classed as full-time pro, and even then they may choose to work a regular job alongside their sport. So in the RL case, I can see an English structure where the pro/semi-pro game is two divisions only and much of that involves players who are semi-pro or who are full-time sportsmen but only on a "regular job" kind of wage (think something like Scottish Championship football). The elite handful may be "marquee players" on decent money but no more than that. You then have a sharp distinction between this and the NCL/amateur game. Catalans, seeing the financial reality, cut their cloth accordingly and leave Super League to become the dominant force in Elite 1. In the Southern Hemisphere, the bandy/floorball scenario I listed plays out with Australia and New Zealand the only options if you really want to be a well-paid truly full-time RL player. This give the NRL the whip hand over how the world game should be run, and their preferred scenario is a six-team World Cup which consists of Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain (as the NH sport will have shrunk back to not being able to field separate home nations), PNG and two qualifiers from a "Pacific Cup" of Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Cook Islands. After much wailing and complaints of ignoring the game's rich history, France are belatedly included but to even up the numbers, an Indigenous Australia or NZ Maori (depending on host nation) team is also invited to compete. Super League loses its Sky presence but is snapped up by the BBC...who proceed to put the matches on Internet streaming and the Red Button. Seriously though, the J. McGillivray BBC article that other posters have linked to, yes I've read it, and the comments below. Honestly, if most of those people aren't just trolling and those opinions are what they genuinely believe then maybe RL really does deserve to wither on the vine. Who needs London and Toronto when you can have Keighley and Dewsbury? The old chestnut about the "traditional heartlands". The deflection tactic of "yeah well how many pro RU clubs in the North?" to which I'll say Sale and Newcastle and counter with "how many pro RL clubs in the whole of Scotland, whole of Wales or whole of England below Cheshire?" ...and my absolute favourite, the one numbskull who was mystified about why Super League ever "expanded to France", as though French RL just popped into existence overnight! Time for a lie down...
  10. Meanwhile, in South Korea... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24140705
  11. At this rate TotalRL is going to be the only Rugby League site in existence that lost its Cross-Code forum but gained a Cross-Dressers one.
  12. Not true - look again at the last paragraph. "Toulouse are now deemed to have played two matches...and London Broncos one." So what the RFL have done is awarded Toulouse a win that counts towards the percentage of completed fixtures that need to be played. London, owing to their forfeit, won't have this game count in their completed fixtures so not only do they earn no points, they've also reduced their percentage of games played, so if they just miss the 70% threshold, the RFL can just turn around and say "Well, It's your own fault for not fulfilling the Toulouse match."
  13. I think this would be a great idea as a warm-up match for the WOMEN'S RL World Cup. You can call them the Slags (Southern Ladies and Girls Select).
  14. It's just a shame Brazil and Cook Islands aren't in the same group, because I would have liked to seen "Baz & Tez" as the commentary team then laugh at them butchering the surnames for 80 minutes.
  15. Just to add to the Serbian Fed. not messing about, according to the statement the minimum fine the player can expect is 50,000 dinars. To put that in perspective, the minimum wage in Serbia is 30,000 dinars.
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