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  1. Surely Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett go close to holding that title .
  2. Because Donny beat us twice in the league , they played the same game again , and because we had a higher grade ref who stood no nonsense at the play the ball we were able to get a quick play the ball ,which suited us down to the ground ,That made a big difference , and fair play to Donny they slugged it out without resorting to spoiling tactics , just after half time they blew a couple of tries , or Town pressured them into poor passes , whichever version you prefer otherwise it would a have been a bit closer ....Just a word for the RFL , Rugby League needs a good Div 1 and its got one , 6 points between the top 6 Teams tells me it was the most competitive league of the lot and needs looking after .UTT.
  3. Brilliant effort all round , kicking game spot on ,some of the individual performances were immense ,but we played as a Team .Was a bit worried at half time as Donny had hardly been in the game , yet were only 6 points down .Second half bar the the first 15 mins , we were playing some good stuff and ran out good winners .Pleased to see Holroyd get his try if that was his last game for us ,but special word for Carl Forber never missed a kick , tackled like a demon , how old are you really Carl? , theres another 5 years left surely .....word for the ref also , amazing how we play better when allowed a quick play the ball .UTT .
  4. Massively disappointed with the 3 new episodes of Endeavour recently , very contrived story lines that barely hung together ,
  5. ivans82


    Last time Donny were here they scored nearly all their tries close to the line using their big men .On most occasions we piggy backed them down the field giving penalties away , we need to cut those out , Need a good kicking game and discipline , if we play rugby like we can then we should be ok . UTT.
  6. Enjoyed the game , Haven never gave up , agreed with Ford who was doing the Summing up on Sky , that the ball steal rule clearly needs changing as was perfectly illustrated with the one on Morrison .
  7. Thought the tackle previous to the one the pen was awarded for was worse and maybe the ref thought 2 running was too much . Made up for their equalising try anyway , looked a double knock on to me , 2 players competing for the ball and knocking it forward .Ref kept the game flowing , but awarded them 5 or 6 tackle restarts for very little in my opinion , one of which led to a try . Thought our defence won us the game , as we hardly got in their half for most of the 2nd half , seemed to take a few knocks as well , hope everyones fit for the final .UTT .
  8. Speaking as a true Town fan , a Haven victory , just waiting for Skybet to put the odds up .
  9. That was the one , got my games mixed up .
  10. Was that the match where Ian Wright stopped a try at the end with an interception on our line and ran diagonally the length of the field to score in the corner , or was that a later league game ?
  11. Teams playing Town now are using their biggest forwards to go up the middle , dominate our guys and get a quick play the ball .our lighter forwards drive it in well but can`t shake off the bigger men in the tackle and so we get a slow play the ball.Unfortunately this wont change in the play offs .Also agree with some posters about our last tackle kicks , we seem to get better results with the chip and chase than just kicking downfield as we never turn the full backs/wingers round .With our lack of size we are where we are , but like a few have said a Plan B is needed .Good luck to the boys going forward , we have done far better than anyone expected , effort is always 100% , we just need to get the job done .UTT.
  12. Take 10% of the Sky money from the Super League Clubs for the next 3 years , spread it down the other 2 Leagues , work towards having the same number of teams in Championship and Division 1 after this period ,and then with their reduced money the Super League Clubs would have to develop more British born players , which surely should be the main aim anyway , instead of throwing most of their money at bang average overseas players !
  13. Regardless of conditions and despite what both the Captains said about the toss , unless you are a very confident batting side , i would never put the other side in , your 2nd innings is always going to be on a worn wicket , and i have very little confidence in England chasing a decent total down .
  14. Just shows you how tight this league is . If you have a few missing and maybe don`t have the right mindset you could lose . No one can be taken lightly or you might get bitten .
  15. Massive result for the boys in London , thought it would be a lot closer .With such a young Team and injuries i would have taken that result all day long .Need to get the points next week , re-group for the play offs (other results dependant) ,and with all games at home it`s up to us to get the boys over the line .UTT .
  16. RL has many problems , but the London question is fairly easy to explain . Most people in London pre RL are attached to some football team or other sporting side which they have been born into , they might watch RL for a change but their real allegiances lie elsewhere , initially Fulham had good crowds which dwindled with time ,even when the Broncos got to the Challenge Cup Final there was barely a thousand people sporting their colours , ....in short if a person like Richard Branson couldn`t make a go of it , it`s a tough job . Cardiff likewise , drew good crowds to start with , then they turned their backs .
  17. Agree with most posters on here , North Wales were very well drilled and just to big and dominant for us............would have been nice to see some officials with eyes though , only one Team penalised for offsides , and forward passes being ignored all game , i think their day was summed up when North Wales led 26-12 and had a conversion , it seemed to be going wide and then curled in , both touches flagged it wide , everyone where i stood thought it went over .No one thought we would be top at this stage of the season and the Team have done a great job so far , lets hope we have a few back next week and can have a real go at Donny .UTT .
  18. Love the start of that concert when David Byrne comes out alone with a cassette player , switches it on for a bit of background music , and does an acoustic version of psycho killer........if thats the same concert .
  19. I can see no reason for not extending the season and completing the fixtures , Clubs in this division need the revenue from home games , some just to survive due to the drop in Sky money .
  20. Yes but our home game with Barrow could possibly generate about £30,000 if we could pull in 3,000 as Barrow did , which is desperately needed cash for a Club in our position .
  21. Once the RL come to their senses and cancel the World Cup , they can extend the season and fit the rest of the games in anyway .
  22. I know these are different times but just don"t get why matches can"t be played midweek .Picked out one season at random from 1973/74 , all played with part time players ,in March of this season Town played 9 games in 31 days , 5 at home and 4 away to Blackpool ,Hull,Keighley and Doncaster .Lancs cup games semi finals were always midweek , as were the County games , apart from loss of corporate surely some money coming in is better than none , it isn"t that long ago we were expected to play at Sheffield on a Thursday night also , so lets find a way forward if possible .
  23. Too much cricket being played as it is , never mind inventing artificial Teams for another slog fest , the more you water a sport down the weaker it gets .
  24. New Boots and Panties and Do It Yourself are great albums , The Blockheads were a top band .
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