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  1. I think everyone is delighted to have Blain Marwood back on board after the way he has been messed about with in the past , needs to be given a long run in the side , next season there is no pressure on the Team , so let the young lads have their heads .
  2. If the selected game was marketed properly , yes i think it would work , the venue is immaterial really .There would be certain provisions like a target crowd to be acheived and if the whole match day thing didn`t work , well that venue wouldn`t be considered for the next fixture .The onus would be on the Club concerned to make sure it was done to a certain standard .
  3. Total non starter and again thinking of the smaller Clubs i am more in favour of when the Super League clubs first enter the draw , the Super League Team if drawn at home to a lower league Club , should have to play the game away from home or at least the lower Club should be given the opportunity to host it .
  4. Speaking as a Cumbrian and also realising any aspirations of a Super League club in Cumbria are all but impossible , i think there is a case to be made that some Super League games go on the road to give Rugby League fans who follow their local Team a chance to watch a Super League game on their doorstep , if you take away any real chance of promotion for all but a few ,its not much to ask .Or do we just keep the game in house and let the rest lose interest and go to the wall?
  5. All that matters is we get to see a team in the Cumbrian jersey again . Really looking forward to the game and the great added bonus in watching a game played under floodlights as well , the main thing i miss with summer rugby . Always seems a better atmosphere playing under lights .
  6. Convoluted money making FIFA gimmick , a competition no one is interested in , the top Countries only target the World Cup and European Champs ,far too much football being played anyway .
  7. Personally think we need a change in the way we attack ,So much these days seems to come from a good kicking game and a good link between the halves and full back .For whatever reason we had neither last season , in fact in a lot of games their just seemed to be a lot of arguing about who was doing what , whether that was down to not liking Chris`s game plan i dont know , but think we need to change that whole area .
  8. They certainly couldn`t survive under the contract system where money just pours out whether you play ,are suspended , injured etc. They would have to go back to proper part time players who just got paid to train and play and thats it .
  9. When the seagulls follow the trawler , its because they think sardines will be thrown to the sea . Jose .
  10. Don`t exactly know , but i was told a previous board member who left handled the contracts , so i might be wrong .
  11. What is more baffling is Haven finished 6th last year and made the play offs , so most of the Team had proved they were up to that level .If our budget was higher why did we think paying our players , who were all untried at that level ,much more in the hope they would click . Or was it our usual problem of having to pay players over the top wages just so as they would sign?.........Whatever happens next year the players contracts have to be performance related , we can no longer pay decent wages for not winning games .
  12. Might as well cancel scrums because anybody goes in there , nobody actually pushes these days , the "loose forward" hardly ever packs down , on some occasions even the "second rowers " barely get their heads down and sometimes the Ref even has to tell the players to join the scrum because they can`t add up to six!
  13. Would have saved time and money if Chelsea and Liverpool just swapped managers .
  14. Great business by Graham Potter , a five year contract worth £50 million , we all know Chelsea managers are lucky to last 2 seasons , so well done son .
  15. The only things VAR should be used for in football are penalties ,dubious sending offs and offsides when their feet are offside as opposed to their shoulder/arm or whatever. .
  16. Refs might be bang average , but players constantly wailing , throwing their hands in the air appealing all the time doesn`t help either . The ref would never have his whistle out of his mouth if he gave a pen every time the players appealed for one .
  17. Ridley , new drama starring yer man Adrian Dunbar from Line Of Duty , passable detective viewing , but those songs he sings everyweek are toe curling ........after the likes of Alexander Armstrong , anyone see a CD about to be released ?
  18. Interestingly enough despite their recent upturn , the Bookies still had London at 7/4 at home to Batley last Sunday an amazing price considering .
  19. On the whole handling of the drinking incident , why didn`t they just fine them £200 quid each or something , give the money to a charity of their own choice , draw a line under the incident and move on , fairer all round .
  20. Hugely dissappointed with the result and performance yesterday but agree with another poster on here , best ref i`ve seen for a long time , barely noticed he was there , kept his whistle in his pocket and just let the game pan out .
  21. I think when you go for promotion you have to build to it , build a Team gradually , get the finances in place ( as Barrow have done) . Last year at the start of the season most fans didn`t expect to go up, if that sounds like rubbish have a look back at fans comments before last season started , we were therefore going up without everything in place .It will be interesring to see how Keighley go next season after having an extra 12 months to prepare .
  22. I am sure the Club will note from this season that we need to look to other ways of bringng income to the Club .We cannot rely on gate money to see us though . Apart from the Derbies , Fev and Leigh , the away support at Derwent Park has been nothing short of abyssmal .Even Halifax and Batley currently 3rd and 4th in the table only brought around 20 fans each .The home support obviously dwindled due to performances .Also the farcical fixture list we were given didn`t help cash flow , I don`t know what happens now , but years ago a provissional fixture list was put out to the Clubs to approve or object to .We should have had someone hounding the RFL to alter ours and realistically they would have had to change some of the early fixtures around . Harsh lessons have been learnt , lets hope we can move forward and put the Club back on track .
  23. My prediction for a Barrow win is being buoyed by me backing Barrow to win at Batley last week at 7/2 with Coral .Either way will be interesting to see how the bookies handicap the match .
  24. Barrow 29 Fev 20 Bradford 26 Haven 18 Halifax 44 Newcastle 0 Leigh 54 York 10 London 27 Batley 18 Widnes 22 Sheffield 18 Town 24 Dewsbury 16
  25. BBCs latest drama MARRIAGE any one who has recorded it delete it immediately . Nicola Walker , Sean Bean ,James Bolam...........looks good on paper , but it was the most mind numbingly boring hour i`ve spent for ages .
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