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  1. Thanks a lot TPH. Five years of therapy erasing them from my memory down the tubes. ???????
  2. Sorry about that. A red mist descended after that dodgy short kick off call from Mr Hewer. (I was sat on the 10m line). It's entirely possible that I lost the plot and shouted several words that my mother would disown me for. Repeatedly, right in his ear hole. ?
  3. Best team lost Fantastic effort from Fev. Just lacked a bit of composure when we went into the lead. Gutted
  4. As others have said, Pub O'Clock and Melting Pot are popular with Brits. Had a good crack last year with some visiting RUFC types from Bristol and this year with some ex-pat Airbus employees. Le Frog et Rosbif is a nice pub too, especially for food and is a bit less rowdy than these two.
  5. Last year the bus service was OK. With my limited GCSE (D Grade) french, I think one of the locals at the bus stop this year told me that it was suspended early because of the Gillets Jaunes.
  6. That's brilliant. Well done Wakey. First big, international sponsor in the game since Emirates.
  7. This year, hopeful Tornoto. It'll give the game some much needed publicity are help to shake off the whippet and cloth cap image. Following year Toulouse, big shot in the arm for French RL.
  8. There aren't any teams in Lancashire, so I'd guess it's a none starter.
  9. That bloke's a serial wind up merchant. If he told me the sky was blue, I'd check.
  10. Toulouse v Featherstone Rovers 46-16 (But I'll have a great time in Pub O'Clock before/after the game) Toronto Wolfpack v Sheffield Eagles 32-10 Batley Bulldogs v Widnes Vikings 22-28 Bradford Bulls v Dewsbury Rams 16-22 Leigh Centurions v Barrow Raiders 18-12 Rochdale Hornets v Halifax RLFC 22-8 York City Knights v Swinton Lions 42-18
  11. He's been to Biggies. You can never go home after that.
  12. Tough choice that one. Hewer sucks the life out of a game, I can't remember enjoying a game he was reffing. Smith on the other hand doesn't seem particularly well up on the knock on rule, especially when awarding tries.
  13. Only benefit this fixture gives us is a chance to blood some young 'uns. I really don't care if we throw/lose this game. Better to concentrate on the league and the other cup competition that we've a chance of winning. I'm on a work trip, so won't be there.
  14. Me neither. We're just knocking New York off the bucket list while we're over there. (It's only an hour and 1/2 from Toronto). I don't normally go any further than The Canaries.
  15. I'm going, it's cost about £1100pp, but includes 4 nights in Toronto and 3 in New York. I can't wait.
  16. Don't read too much into old crowd figures. The actual number of people present was always in my experience, significantly higher than the figure declared. There was usually a knowing chuckle when the attendance figure was announced. Back then it was an entirely cash economy. Undeclared attendees didn't attract a VAT payment to HM Customs and Excise (as was)?
  17. Featherstone, obviously. ? But in the real world, it's going to be Toronto, with Toulouse potential dark horses. Selfishly, I hope neither of them go up. I love the Toulouse away weekend and im sure I'll love Toronto later this year. ?
  18. Nah, Sheffield never looked like winning. Really nasty spear tackle. Definite red. Scrappy game, awful conditions. Fev dominant throughout.
  19. Some cracking tries from Toulouse there. Had a fiver on them, so happy days? From the highlights, Toronto looked terrible, unfit and dis-interested. Has McDermott lost the dressing room already?
  20. Good signing. Remember the bants last year, thought he played it well. He's one of our own, exactly the kind of player I like to see in blue and white
  21. To be fair to Oxy, Halifax do play an astonishingly boring and niggly kind of Rugby. It's worked reasonably well for them recently in terms of results, but their crowds are flatlining at best. They seem to be unable to build on the success they've had and their recruitment this year smacks of a club trying to be mediocre. Personally (as a Fev fan), I think Marshall and the BOD are doing a great job. Long may it continue ?
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