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Thursdays Officials


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The Co-operative Championship Play Offs

Featherstone Rovers v Halifax RLFC 7.30pm (SKY)

Ref R Hicks TJ S Wright TJ T Crashley RR G Dolan RTJ R Webb VR TBC MC T Randerson

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This might suite us as Halifax tend to like a quick tempo game and are not the most disciplined side. But must admit my gut reaction is to be sick :O

I think we like a quick tempo too though ,when weve been slowed down weve lost our only 2 home games

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As long as he's consistent towards both teams that'll do me. He's not the worst by far. Although he reffed in SL the other week and was absolutely slaughtered by both coaches, players, fans and everyone else.


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According to this Hicks has been reffed us 9 times in the championship - we have won 4 lost 4 and drawn 1


We have also had him 7 times in NL2 where we won 5 times losing 2, we have 1 loss in the NRC and we lost to Warrington in the challenge cup with him at the helm. Interestingly we haven't lost in the championship with Leahy in charge - 9 wins we did however lose our only 2 games in NL2

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This year we have had hicks three times. Beat Batley at home 36 10 leigh away 24 16 and lost at home to sheffield 30 32

I remember bluebeard following him off the pitch after the sheffield game telling him what a stinker he had


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Sorry Robin I don't agree with you. Leahy has his faults, many to be honest but he is the same whoever he referees. Hicks is a different animal and I firmly believe that his selection by the RFL sends out a message. We will lose on Thursday now.You can say that it's up to the players to not give Hicks the chance to penalise us but i'm afraid it's a lost cause. I'll still go because the team deserve the support, they don't deserve Hicks.

Oh Dear.......Talk about pessimistic conspiracy theories. Lets hope the players don't take the same view!! With that attitude don't think the team will miss your support TBH so may be better for you to give it a miss!!

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The referee can and of course is an important factor in the result of a game, however, if we play the game and don't give away silly penalties, we don't transgress on the field, then we can win. Without referee's we have no game, and I admit to being a friend of Robert Hicks, so would many of you if you met him socially, he's a good guy. He admitted to me when I met him at the Sheffield game, that he and his colleagues got things wrong, and they do not go out to right a wrong, but given the circumstances of today's fast moving game, they get most things right. The Video ref is almost certain to be Stuart Cummings so he is under scrutiny from the start. If we play as we can do, then the referee is superficial and we should be concentrating on supporting the team from start to finish.

Having said that I hope we don't hear any comments about the referee on Friday.

To be a ROVER is a privilege not to be taken lightly, with fans like ours, we will always be honoured.

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