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Incredible Prices

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The pre war RLCC Finals 1929 - 1939 range from £450 - £150 depending on condition.

I've seen various 1910 - 1930 programmes go for £500 - £900 at auction.

With medals, caps and shirts i guess it will come down to who owned them and the market.


Other on here may have seen items go for £1000+ or even spent that?


I agree though, it's hard to see RL items matching football prices which means we can all afford to indulge in our hobby!


my biggest outlay was £235 for the 1931 RLCC Final Programme.

My prized possession is a Liverpool Stanley share certificate from 1934.

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Bit late to this conversation, but I'm just working on the Liverpool Stanley shareholder lists and David James was listed as a junior clerk.

If you ever look to sell that or anything else, please contact Rugby League Cares and offer it to the RFL Archive. 

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