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TRL Expansion Club

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On 28/10/2019 at 09:50, Eddie said:

How about us TRL forum contributors set up a new expansion club, we clearly know what we’re talking about and what everyone else has done wrong. 

I’m thinking Montevideo because there is already a rugby culture there, cost of living is low and the weather is nice but am open to other suggestions. If we’re staying in Europe then maybe Krakow. The aim will be to get into League One in 2021 and reach SL by 2028. 

I’m an accountant so am happy to run the finance department. Who’s in and what will you bring to the table? A billionaire or two would be handy.

Amazingly I've heard there isnt a club in Bradford.

The locals seem to love their RL so how about we set it up there - we just need to find an empty stadium now - not too big, we can even just use the main stand if the rest of the ground Is in poor shape.

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21 hours ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

Would be a better twenty20 team name coz you could have 

Kabul Bulls hit 6

Mexico City , just so we can develop talent and eventually have a Mexican Stand Off

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On 28/10/2019 at 11:37, marklaspalmas said:

Las Palmas.

Fev should relocate.

Come on Fev need to stay within spitting distance of The Rhinos or they'd have no players.

Maybe Halifax could move to Nova Scotia - no name changes and local derbies with Toronto


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