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Rugby League Scholarships

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In an ideal world we would have a set up,not just for rugby league, but for all sports. America does it, so why shouldn't we give it a try? The government are all for kids staying in education,so if they are good at a sport,why not encourage them.

There should be schools where you can play sport,gain a qualification and socialising skills, not to mention learning about respect and values.

Imagine being able to play rugby and receive proper funded training in facilities from age 11 ( maybe younger,it would have to be trialed) on the provision that you do well in maths and English.

Not everyone is academic and as a society in education we tend to focus on this rather than developing talents that young people have.

Any thoughts people?

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There are schools that do this. I referee a school that is a sports college, but mainly football. Others I’m sure concentrate on other sports, cricket etc. They get a good all round education, but also do specialised sports subjects. Physio, sports science etc. Not sure how many do league or union as “their sport”. It’s where funding should go to. 

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I work at Newcastle University and know that we do Sports Scholarships where the Student receives up to £10k funding a year (pay your fees with a little left over). To get it you need to have achieved senior or age group representative honours at national and/or regional level within the previous 12 months. On top of the funding they get things like strength and conditioning sessions, access to medical services like physios and sports massage, performance video analysis and a bunch of other stuff. One of the sports that they list this as being available for is Rugby League.


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