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Ottawa - try outs for Canadians.

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11 hours ago, TboneFromTO said:

They don't want to win league one by 70+ points most matches like the pack did. It seems from Mr Perez's interviews they want to have a mix of Canadians and experienced professionals, and have stated if they stay in league one for a few years while the Canadians develop then fine by them.

I cannot see a more financially responsible model of doing this , nore can I see a quicker model of doing this.

That doesn't quite answer the question, but let's just assume that their goal is to get some Canadian players up to SL standard as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Then what Ottawa should be looking into doing is getting in contact with clubs in Australia and England (I'd probably target Australian ones because the talent pool is deeper, there's more competition, and there's just generally a lot more money and resources going into junior leagues in Australia), and find one, or more, that are willing to do a joint development deal with you.

Then go out and sign as much of the best Canadian talent from other sports that you can find.

Ideally you'd want to get kids at around 15-16 years old, but that might not be possible because of visa issues, and it's more expensive with their families and organising scholarships and the such. So if you can't get them that young then just try to get them as young as possible, but really they should be younger than 20.

Once they've done that the Aces just send them off Australia and/or England and let those clubs do the developing for a few years.

Doing it that way will achieve two things:  firstly, the clubs overseas have established juniors systems where it'll be possible to place the players in teams and competitions that are suitable for their skill level, so you're not just throwing the players into the deep end and hoping they float.

Secondly, it means that Ottawa can have juniors on the boil without them being a liability by taking up spaces on their first grade roster. So they can build the best first grade team possible, make a name for themselves back home by winning games, and when they are ready in a few years time, hopefully, some of the Canadian players will start to trickle through to their first grade team.

That plan is a win-win where Ottawa gets the best of both words, but I should note that unless you have broader infrastructure in place (i.e. junior clubs of your own with a pathway to professionalism) any plan to convert talent from other sports is only a short term solution, that can't be maintained long term because it's very expensive. So no matter what they do in the short term their long term goal should always be to build a nursery back home in Canada.

12 hours ago, TboneFromTO said:

I hope they will sort out local development sooner rather than later (unlike the wolf pack) and we should be mindful that could look different to what exists in the UK

It's not possible to sort out local development quickly.

It'll take years just to get all the infrastructure in place, and decades before they start regularly producing players.

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