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Rugby league raw

Keep The Faith

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On 01/06/2020 at 16:35, Keep The Faith said:

give it a watch... a certain josh Taylor talking to Ned kelly 

BRILLIANT....Being trying to find this for ages..Priceless...see 1:21....

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55 minutes ago, Hugh Jarce said:

I think this did show what a good coach Neil is, and what team spirit he created.

it also reminded me that many of us forgot  Sean Richardson when listing our best second rowers.   Was a massively important cog in that team.  
Pity RL raw disappeared.  There’s nothing like it around now which is surprising given that the format is completely different and thoroughly entertaining. 

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5 hours ago, coolie said:

Does this one David hulme (widnes coach) ranting about Jamie Rooney (featherstone) in it??? 

Cos that was priceless ???

Yes I remember that one, it was an eye opener. 

I caught a glimpse of my late dad and me in the crowd in RL Raw episode. He and my uncle took me to my first game v Castleford in January 1974. My mum wanted us out if the house so we went and I remember the result 14-12 win and Jeff Grayshon scored two tries. Might not be true but that's how I remember it.

We went to matches together for nearly 30 years and it was always a time we were guaranteed to see each other despite work, family and other commitments. He passed away 17 years ago  but at least he got to see the 2000 Grand Slam. My son comes with me now, strange how times move on without you really appreciating it.

So many thanks to Keep The Faith for posting that, brought back some happy memories.

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