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Covid media coverage - biased to scare people?

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This amongst other carefully selected cases of people under 60 with a nasty dose

I notice they never do features about the enormous number of athletes getting tested positive after routine testing. All of whom had absolutely no idea they had it! 

Along with myself I know loads of people who have had it with symptoms and it isn't that bad. My kids barely registered it when they caught it from me - both had an early night with temperature then right as rain! 

The routine athlete testing for me is showing that we are hugely underestimating how many people have it/have had it and also over estimating how dangerous it really is to the vast majority of people 

I feel the BBC just pumps out scare cases to force people to lockdown who don't need to

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1 hour ago, JohnM said:

I have put myself into political sub forum self isolation to avoid exactly this sort of nonsense, rubbish. Don't defile the decent forums with ######.

I agree, wrong forum. I’ll leave it to the thread author to decide whether to stick it on the COVID or BBC threads in Politics.

"When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt; run in little circles, wave your arms and shout"

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